Why Did They Kill Off Allison in Teen Wolf: Analyzing the Impact on the Show and Fans

Why Did They Kill Off Allison in Teen Wolf: Analyzing the Impact on the Show and Fans

Teen Wolf was a popular teen drama TV show that aired on MTV from 2011 to 2017. The show gained a massive following thanks to its supernatural themes and compelling characters. One character, in particular, captured the hearts of fans worldwide – Allison Argent, played by actress Crystal Reed. However, much to the dismay of fans, Allison’s character met a tragic end during the show’s third season. The decision to kill off Allison stunned viewers and had a significant impact on the show and its fanbase. In this article, we will analyze the reasons behind Allison’s departure and examine the impact it had on both the show and its fans.

The Shocking Death of Allison Argent

Allison Argent’s character was one of the main protagonists in Teen Wolf. Known for her strength, wit, and exceptional archery skills, Allison played a crucial role in the fight against supernatural creatures. Her on-screen romance with the show’s lead character, Scott McCall, added depth to her character and kept fans invested in their relationship.

However, in the 23rd episode of the third season, titled “Insatiable,” the unthinkable happened. Allison was fatally stabbed while protecting her friends from a mythical Japanese demon, the Nogitsune. The sudden and unexpected death of such a beloved character left fans devastated and questioning why the show’s creators decided to kill her off.

The Impact on the Show

Allison’s death had a profound impact on the trajectory of the show. Her departure meant that one of the main characters, who played a vital role in the storylines, was no longer part of the narrative. This forced the remaining characters to reevaluate their roles and relationships, causing the dynamic of the show to shift significantly.

Furthermore, Allison’s death provided an opportunity for other characters to step up and take on more significant roles. It allowed for the development of new storylines and character arcs, giving the show a fresh and unexpected direction. While some fans mourned Allison’s loss, others were excited to see how the show would continue without her.

The Emotional Impact on Fans

The death of a beloved character can have a profound emotional effect on fans who have invested time and emotion into their journey. Allison’s death was no exception. Fans took to social media, expressing their disbelief, sadness, and anger at the decision to kill off such a beloved character.

The impact of Allison’s death extended beyond the show’s storyline. Many fans admired Allison’s strength, courage, and determination, making her a role model for young viewers. Losing such a positive and inspiring character left a void in the hearts of fans, who found solace in sharing their grief with fellow fans online.

The Creative Decision Behind Allison’s Death

Behind the scenes, the decision to kill off Allison was a creative one. Crystal Reed, the actress who portrayed Allison, had expressed a desire to explore other opportunities outside of the show. The writers and producers saw this as an opportunity to create a memorable and impactful storyline surrounding Allison’s departure.

By killing off Allison in such a dramatic and unexpected manner, the show garnered significant attention and generated buzz among fans and the media. This decision served to keep the show fresh and unpredictable, ensuring that viewers remained engaged and invested in the storyline.

The Legacy of Allison Argent

Though Allison’s character may no longer be part of the Teen Wolf storyline, her impact on the show and its fans will not be forgotten. Her bravery, resilience, and unwavering dedication to protecting her loved ones left a lasting impression on viewers.

Even after her death, Allison’s memory and influence lived on in the hearts of the characters and fans. Her legacy served as a reminder of the strength and determination needed to fight against supernatural forces, making her an integral part of the Teen Wolf universe.

In conclusion, the decision to kill off Allison Argent in Teen Wolf had a significant impact on the show and its fans. Her unexpected death shocked viewers and caused a shift in the show’s dynamics. However, it also provided an opportunity for new storylines and character development. The emotional impact on fans was immense, with many expressing their grief and admiration for the character. Ultimately, Allison’s legacy continues to resonate, reminding viewers of the strength and courage needed to face whatever challenges lie ahead.


1. Why did the creators of Teen Wolf choose to kill off Allison Argent?

The creators of Teen Wolf made the decision to kill off Allison Argent, played by actress Crystal Reed, as a way to shake up the show’s dynamic and propel the storyline in a new direction.

2. How did Allison’s death impact the overall plot of Teen Wolf?

Allison’s death had a significant impact on the overall plot of Teen Wolf. It created a sense of danger and heightened stakes for the remaining characters, forcing them to confront their own mortality and step up to fill the void left by her absence.

3. How did Allison’s death affect the other characters on the show?

Allison’s death had a profound emotional impact on the other characters on the show. It led to feelings of grief, guilt, and revenge, pushing them to evolve and grow as they dealt with the loss of their friend and loved one.

4. What was the reaction from fans when Allison’s death was announced?

When Allison’s death was announced, fans of Teen Wolf were shocked and devastated. Many expressed their sadness and disappointment online, while others speculated on the potential impact her death would have on the show’s future.

5. Did the decision to kill off Allison contribute to the show’s popularity or decline?

The decision to kill off Allison had mixed effects on the show’s popularity. While it did generate a lot of buzz and discussion among fans, some viewers were upset and felt it was a negative move. Ultimately, the impact on the show’s popularity is subjective and may have varied among different audience members.

6. Did Crystal Reed, the actress who played Allison, have any say in her character’s death?

There is no publicly available information to suggest that Crystal Reed had any say in her character’s death on Teen Wolf. The decision was ultimately made by the show’s creators and writers.

7. Were there any alternative storylines considered instead of killing off Allison?

While it is unclear if any specific alternative storylines were considered, it is common for show creators and writers to explore various options before making major decisions. It is possible that alternative paths were discussed, but ultimately, the decision to kill off Allison was chosen for its desired impact on the show.

8. Did Allison’s death lead to any significant changes in the show’s direction or tone?

Yes, Allison’s death led to significant changes in the show’s direction and tone. It marked a shift towards darker and more intense storylines, as well as the exploration of grief and its consequences on the characters. The loss of Allison also served as a catalyst for character growth and development.

9. Did the death of Allison affect the show’s ratings?

It is difficult to determine the exact impact of Allison’s death on the show’s ratings. While some fans may have been unhappy and stopped watching, others were drawn in by the increased suspense and emotional depth. Overall, the show continued for several more seasons after her death, suggesting that the impact on ratings was not detrimental.

10. How did the writers handle the aftermath of Allison’s death?

The writers of Teen Wolf handled the aftermath of Allison’s death with care and sensitivity. They portrayed the characters’ grief realistically and allowed them to mourn and heal over time. The loss of Allison was acknowledged throughout subsequent seasons, shaping the arcs and relationships of the remaining characters.