What Movies Is Austin Butler in? Exploring the Rising Star's Filmography

What Movies Is Austin Butler in? Exploring the Rising Star’s Filmography

Austin Butler: The Rising Star in Hollywood

If you’re a fan of movies or TV shows, chances are you’ve come across the talented actor Austin Butler. With his boyish charm and undeniable acting skills, Butler has been making waves in Hollywood in recent years. In this article, we will explore the rising star’s filmography and discover what movies he has been a part of.

From Child Actor to Leading Man

Austin Butler began his acting journey at a young age, starting with roles in various television shows and films. He quickly garnered attention for his talent and charisma, which led to bigger opportunities in the industry. Over the years, Butler has transformed from a child actor to a leading man, showcasing his versatility and range in a variety of roles.

High School Musical: The Musical – The Series

One of Austin Butler’s most notable projects is his portrayal of Nini’s ex-boyfriend, E.J. Caswell, in the hit Disney+ series, “High School Musical: The Musical – The Series”. The show, which is a spin-off of the popular “High School Musical” franchise, has gained a large following and has solidified Butler’s status as a rising star.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

In 2019, Austin Butler starred alongside Hollywood heavyweights Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt in Quentin Tarantino’s critically acclaimed film, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”. Butler portrayed the role of Tex Watson, a member of the Manson Family. His performance was met with praise from both critics and audiences, further establishing him as a talented actor to watch out for.

The Dead Don’t Die

Another noteworthy film in Austin Butler’s filmography is “The Dead Don’t Die”, a zombie comedy directed by Jim Jarmusch. Butler played the role of Jack, a young hipster who becomes a victim of the zombie apocalypse. His comedic timing and ability to bring his character to life added depth to the film’s ensemble cast.


One of the most highly anticipated projects in Austin Butler’s career is his upcoming portrayal of Elvis Presley in Baz Luhrmann’s biographical drama film, simply titled “Elvis”. The film will explore the life and career of the legendary musician, and Butler’s casting has generated excitement among fans and critics alike. This role is expected to further propel the actor’s career and showcase his talents on a grand scale.


Austin Butler’s filmography is a testament to his growing success as a Hollywood actor. From his early beginnings as a child actor to his breakthrough roles in High School Musical: The Musical – The Series and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Butler has consistently delivered captivating performances. With his upcoming portrayal of Elvis Presley, the rising star is set to cement his status as one of Hollywood’s brightest talents. Keep an eye out for Austin Butler, as his star continues to rise in the world of cinema.


1. Which movies has Austin Butler appeared in?

Austin Butler has appeared in several movies, including “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, “The Dead Don’t Die”, “Yoga Hosers”, “Aliens in the Attic”, and “Ruby & The Rockits”.

2. What role did Austin Butler play in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”?

In “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, Austin Butler played the role of Tex Watson, a member of the Manson Family cult.

3. When was Austin Butler’s first movie released?

Austin Butler’s first movie, “The Faithful”, was released in 2007.

4. Which movie did Austin Butler star in alongside Selena Gomez?

Austin Butler starred alongside Selena Gomez in the comedy film “Monte Carlo”.

5. Has Austin Butler acted in any horror movies?

Yes, Austin Butler has acted in horror movies like “The Dead Don’t Die” and “Aliens in the Attic”.

6. What is the genre of Austin Butler’s movie “Yoga Hosers”?

“Yoga Hosers” is a comedy horror film.

7. Which movie did Austin Butler appear in with his real-life father?

Austin Butler appeared in the TV series “Ruby & The Rockits” with his real-life father, David Butler.

8. Did Austin Butler receive any awards for his movie roles?

As of now, Austin Butler has not received any major awards for his movie roles. However, he has been praised for his performances.

9. Has Austin Butler worked with any renowned directors?

Yes, Austin Butler has worked with renowned directors like Quentin Tarantino and Jim Jarmusch.

10. Are there any upcoming movies starring Austin Butler?

Yes, Austin Butler will be seen in the upcoming movie “Elvis”, where he will portray the role of Elvis Presley.