When is Bad Santa 2 Coming Out: A Must-Watch for Movie Enthusiasts and Santa Comedy Fans

When is Bad Santa 2 Coming Out: A Must-Watch for Movie Enthusiasts and Santa Comedy Fans


Are you a movie enthusiast who loves a good comedy? If so, then you must be eagerly awaiting the release of the much-anticipated movie, Bad Santa 2. This hilarious sequel is set to bring back the mischievous and unconventional Santa Claus that we all fell in love with in the first film. In this article, we will explore all the details you need to know about the release date and why Bad Santa 2 should be on top of your watchlist this holiday season.

Release Date

The release date for Bad Santa 2 is something that fans have been eagerly waiting for. After years of anticipation, the movie is finally hitting the theaters on November 23, just in time for the festive season. Mark your calendars, as this date promises to be full of laughter and holiday cheer.

Returning Characters and New Additions

One of the major reasons why Bad Santa 2 is a must-watch is the returning cast of beloved characters. Leading the pack is Billy Bob Thornton, reprising his role as Willie Soke, the pessimistic and foul-mouthed Santa impersonator. Joining him is Tony Cox as Marcus, Willie’s loyal partner in crime. Brett Kelly also returns as the innocent and endearing Thurman Merman, who adds an extra layer of charm to the film.

In addition to the familiar faces, the movie has added some exciting new additions to the cast. Golden Globe winner Kathy Bates joins as Willie’s estranged and equally wicked mother, while Christina Hendricks plays the seductive love interest, adding intrigue and excitement to the story.

The Plot

As for the plot, Bad Santa 2 follows the charismatic yet morally bankrupt Willie Soke as he reunites with his misfit gang for another heist. This time, they aim to rob a Chicago charity on Christmas Eve. With his mother and love interest thrown into the mix, Willie’s plans are sure to go haywire, resulting in a series of hilarious and unexpected twists.


Bad Santa 2 promises to be a non-stop laugh riot that will keep you entertained from start to finish. The film combines raunchy humor, dark comedy, and heartwarming moments that make it a perfect choice for movie enthusiasts looking for a unique holiday-themed comedy. The brilliant performances by the cast, coupled with the sharp screenplay and witty dialogue, ensure that this sequel lives up to the hype and surpasses expectations.


In conclusion, Bad Santa 2 is set to hit the theaters on November 23, and it is a movie that cannot be missed. Whether you are a fan of the first film or simply enjoy comedies with a twist, this sequel is a must-watch this holiday season. With its talented cast, uproarious humor, and engaging plot, Bad Santa 2 guarantees an unforgettable cinematic experience filled with laughter and holiday spirit. Get ready to laugh your way through the holiday season with this hilarious Santa comedy.


1. When was the release date of Bad Santa 2?

The release date of Bad Santa 2 was on November 23, 2016.

2. Who directed Bad Santa 2?

Mark Waters directed Bad Santa 2.

3. Is Bad Santa 2 a sequel to a previous film?

Yes, Bad Santa 2 is a sequel to the original film, Bad Santa, released in 2003.

4. Who are the main actors in Bad Santa 2?

The main actors in Bad Santa 2 are Billy Bob Thornton, Kathy Bates, and Tony Cox.

5. What is the genre of Bad Santa 2?

Bad Santa 2 is a dark comedy and crime film.

6. What is the plot of Bad Santa 2?

In Bad Santa 2, the main character Willie Soke teams up with his sidekick Marcus to rob a Chicago charity on Christmas Eve.

7. Where is Bad Santa 2 set?

Bad Santa 2 is primarily set in Chicago, Illinois.

8. Is Bad Santa 2 suitable for children?

No, Bad Santa 2 is rated R for crude sexual content, language, and some nudity, which makes it unsuitable for children.

9. Did Bad Santa 2 receive positive reviews?

No, Bad Santa 2 received mixed to negative reviews from critics.

10. Can I watch Bad Santa 2 online?

Bad Santa 2 is available to stream or rent on various online platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and iTunes.