When Did 'Friday After Next' Release: Exploring the Timeline of the Hilarious Film on Our Actors and Movies Blog

When Did ‘Friday After Next’ Release: Exploring the Timeline of the Hilarious Film on Our Actors and Movies Blog

When Did ‘Friday After Next’ Release: Exploring the Timeline of the Hilarious Film


‘Friday After Next’ is a comedy film that has entertained audiences worldwide with its hilarious storyline and memorable characters. As fans of the movie, many of us are curious about its release date and the timeline surrounding its development. In this article, we will delve into the details of when ‘Friday After Next’ was released, providing you with all the information you need to satisfy your curiosity.

The Release Date of ‘Friday After Next’

‘Friday After Next’ was released on November 22, 2002. It was the third installment in the popular ‘Friday’ film series, following the success of ‘Friday’ in 1995 and ‘Next Friday’ in 2000. The film was directed by Marcus Raboy and written by Ice Cube and DJ Pooh.

The Plot of ‘Friday After Next’

In ‘Friday After Next’, we follow the hilarious misadventures of Craig Jones (played by Ice Cube) and his cousin Day-Day (played by Mike Epps). The storyline revolves around the duo’s attempt to catch a thief who broke into their apartment and stole all their Christmas presents. Set during the holiday season, the film takes us on a comedic journey as Craig and Day-Day navigate through various funny and sometimes absurd situations.

The Cast of ‘Friday After Next’

‘Friday After Next’ boasts a talented cast that brought the characters to life with their comedic skills. In addition to Ice Cube and Mike Epps, the film features performances by Terry Crews, Katt Williams, and Clifton Powell, among others. Each actor brings their unique style and humor to the film, contributing to its overall comedic success.

The Reception of ‘Friday After Next’

Upon its release, ‘Friday After Next’ received mixed reviews from critics. While some praised its humor and performances, others felt that the film fell short compared to its predecessors. Despite the varying opinions, the movie gained a loyal fanbase and has become a cult classic over the years.

The Legacy of ‘Friday After Next’

Although ‘Friday After Next’ was released almost two decades ago, its impact still resonates with fans today. It has become a staple in the comedy genre, with memorable quotes and scenes that have stood the test of time. The film’s success also paved the way for future projects and collaborations for its cast members.


In conclusion, ‘Friday After Next’, released on November 22, 2002, continues to entertain audiences with its hilarious storyline and talented cast. Despite receiving mixed reviews upon its release, the film has achieved cult classic status and remains highly regarded in the comedy genre. Whether you’re a fan of the ‘Friday’ film series or simply looking for a good laugh, ‘Friday After Next’ is definitely worth watching.


1. When was the film ‘Friday After Next’ released?

The film ‘Friday After Next’ was released on November 22, 2002.

2. Who directed ‘Friday After Next’?

‘Friday After Next’ was directed by Marcus Raboy.

3. Who wrote the screenplay for ‘Friday After Next’?

The screenplay for ‘Friday After Next’ was written by Ice Cube and DJ Pooh.

4. What genre does ‘Friday After Next’ fall into?

‘Friday After Next’ falls into the genre of comedy.

5. Who are the main actors in ‘Friday After Next’?

The main actors in ‘Friday After Next’ are Ice Cube, Mike Epps, and John Witherspoon.

6. Is ‘Friday After Next’ a sequel to any other movie?

Yes, ‘Friday After Next’ is the third installment in the ‘Friday’ film series, following ‘Friday’ (1995) and ‘Next Friday’ (2000).

7. What is the storyline of ‘Friday After Next’?

‘Friday After Next’ follows the misadventures of best friends Craig and Day-Day as they try to raise rent money after a thief in a Santa Claus costume robs their apartment.

8. Where was ‘Friday After Next’ primarily filmed?

‘Friday After Next’ was primarily filmed in Los Angeles, California, USA.

9. How did ‘Friday After Next’ perform at the box office?

‘Friday After Next’ grossed over 33 million dollars worldwide, making it a commercial success.

10. Has ‘Friday After Next’ received any awards or nominations?

No, ‘Friday After Next’ did not receive any notable awards or nominations. However, it remains a fan favorite in the comedy genre.