Why Wasn't Justin in Alex vs Alex? Unraveling the Mystery Behind His Absence

Why Wasn’t Justin in Alex vs Alex? Unraveling the Mystery Behind His Absence

Unraveling the Mystery Behind Justin’s Absence in Alex vs Alex


One of the most puzzling aspects of the hit Disney Channel series, Wizards of Waverly Place, was the absence of one of the main characters, Justin Russo, in the show’s TV movie, Alex vs Alex. Fans were left wondering why David Henrie, who portrayed Justin Russo, did not appear in this highly anticipated follow-up to the popular series. In this article, we will delve into the mystery surrounding Justin’s absence and explore the possible reasons behind it.

The Plot of Alex vs Alex

Alex vs Alex brings back the Russo family for an exciting adventure when Alex inadvertently splits herself into two versions – an evil version and a good version. As the evil Alex wreaks havoc, the good Alex and her family must find a way to stop her. However, the absence of Justin Russo makes this epic battle feel incomplete.

David Henrie’s Busy Schedule

One plausible explanation for Justin’s absence in Alex vs Alex is David Henrie’s demanding schedule during the period of filming. He may have had prior commitments or other projects that prevented him from participating in the TV movie. Actors often have a multitude of commitments, such as movie roles or personal endeavors, which can conflict with their availability for certain projects.

A Possible Spin-Off Opportunity

Another speculation is that Justin’s absence was intentional, with the aim of setting up a potential spin-off series starring David Henrie. This strategic decision could have been made to gauge viewers’ interest in a separate show centered around Justin’s character. By leaving a void in Alex vs Alex, the creators may have been testing the waters for a spin-off and exploring different storylines.

A Creative Direction

The absence of Justin Russo in Alex vs Alex could also be attributed to a deliberate creative choice. The writers and producers of Wizards of Waverly Place may have decided that the story they wanted to tell in the TV movie did not align with Justin’s character arc or development. Perhaps they felt that Justin’s presence would overshadow the narrative they intended to convey.


While the true reason behind Justin Russo’s absence in Alex vs Alex may still remain a mystery, it is evident that there are several possible explanations for this decision. Whether it be due to scheduling conflicts, a potential spin-off opportunity, or creative considerations, the absence of Justin Russo adds an intriguing layer to the plot of the TV movie. As fans continue to speculate, the legacy of Wizards of Waverly Place and the characters it introduced will continue to captivate audiences for years to come.


1. Why wasn’t Justin Russo in “Alex vs Alex”?

Justin Russo, the character played by actor David Henrie, was not a part of the special episode “Alex vs Alex” because the storyline focused primarily on Alex Russo, portrayed by Selena Gomez. This decision was made by the show’s creators and writers to give more prominence to Alex’s character development.

2. Did the absence of Justin in “Alex vs Alex” affect the plot?

No, Justin’s absence did not significantly impact the main plot of “Alex vs Alex”. The storyline revolved around Alex’s internal conflict and her journey to reconcile her good and evil side. While Justin’s character was missed by fans, his absence did not have a major impact on the overall narrative.

3. Was the absence of Justin due to an actor’s availability issue?

No, David Henrie’s absence from “Alex vs Alex” was not due to any availability issues. The decision to exclude Justin’s character was a creative choice made by the show’s producers and writers, and David Henrie was not involved in the episode.

4. Did the show provide any explanation for Justin’s absence?

No, the show did not explicitly address Justin’s absence in “Alex vs Alex”. The episode focused solely on Alex, her actions, and the consequences of her choices, without mentioning Justin or providing an explanation for his non-appearance.

5. Did David Henrie express any thoughts or feelings about not being in “Alex vs Alex”?

While there is no public statement from David Henrie specifically addressing his absence from “Alex vs Alex,” he has expressed his gratitude for his time on the show and has fondly reminisced about his experiences playing Justin Russo in other interviews and social media posts.

6. Did the absence of Justin affect the overall reception of “Alex vs Alex”?

The absence of Justin Russo did disappoint some fans who were hoping to see the entire Russo family together in the special episode. However, it did not significantly impact the overall reception of “Alex vs Alex,” which was generally well-received by viewers.

7. Has David Henrie made any appearance in other Wizards of Waverly Place specials?

Yes, David Henrie reprised his role as Justin Russo in the Wizards of Waverly Place reunion special, titled “The Wizards Return: Alex vs Alex.” This special aired in 2013 and featured the Russo family facing new challenges during a family vacation in Italy.

8. Did Justin Russo appear in all episodes of the main “Wizards of Waverly Place” series?

Yes, Justin Russo appeared in all episodes of the main “Wizards of Waverly Place” series. David Henrie played the character of Justin from the pilot episode to the series finale, contributing to the show’s success with his portrayal of the eldest Russo sibling.

9. Were there any plans for Justin’s character in “Alex vs Alex” that changed?

There is no information or evidence to suggest that there were specific plans for Justin’s character in “Alex vs Alex” that ultimately changed. As mentioned earlier, the decision to focus solely on Alex’s narrative and exclude Justin was a creative choice made by the show’s creators.

10. Was Justin Russo referenced or mentioned in “Alex vs Alex”?

No, Justin Russo was neither referenced nor mentioned in “Alex vs Alex.” The episode solely revolved around Alex’s story, and the absence of any mention of Justin emphasized the focus on Alex’s personal journey and the conflict within herself.