Why Isn't Hyde in That '90s Show? Unveiling the Mysterious Absence of a Beloved Character

Why Isn’t Hyde in That ’90s Show? Unveiling the Mysterious Absence of a Beloved Character

Unveiling the Mysterious Absence of Hyde in That ’90s Show

That ’70s Show was a popular sitcom that aired from 1998 to 2006, entertaining audiences with its quirky characters and nostalgia for the 1970s. However, fans of the show couldn’t help but notice the absence of one beloved character in its spin-off, That ’90s Show – Steven Hyde, played by Danny Masterson. This article delves into the reasons behind this mysterious absence and explores the impact it had on the show’s dynamics.

The Controversial Departure

Danny Masterson’s departure from That ’90s Show was surrounded by controversy, stemming from allegations of sexual assault that surfaced in 2017. As a result, Netflix, the streaming platform airing the show, decided to cut all ties with the actor. This decision led to Masterson’s character, Hyde, being abruptly written out of the series, leaving fans puzzled and disappointed.

The Search for a Replacement

After Danny Masterson’s departure, the show’s creators faced the challenge of filling the void left by Hyde’s absence. They introduced a new character, named Bryce, who shared some similarities with Hyde. Bryce, portrayed by a different actor, brought a different dynamic to the show, but failed to capture the same charm and wit that made Hyde a fan favorite.

The Impact on Character Dynamics

Hyde was an integral part of the friend group in That ’70s Show, and his absence undoubtedly changed the dynamics between the characters in That ’90s Show. His rebellious nature, dry sense of humor, and unique perspective on life added a layer of complexity to the group’s interactions. Without Hyde, the group felt incomplete, and the chemistry between the characters suffered.

Filling the Void

While the absence of Hyde was felt throughout That ’90s Show, the creators attempted to compensate by focusing on the other characters’ storylines. Eric, Donna, Kelso, Jackie, Fez, and Laurie were given more prominent roles to fill the void left by Hyde. However, the absence of his presence still lingered, and fans couldn’t help but long for the return of their favorite character.

The Importance of Hyde’s Character

Hyde’s character in That ’70s Show represented the disillusioned youth of the ’70s, forging his own path and challenging authority. His unique perspective on life resonated with viewers and made him a relatable and beloved character. Hyde’s absence in That ’90s Show deprived fans of his rebellious spirit and insightful commentary.

The Legacy of Hyde

Despite the absence of Hyde in That ’90s Show, his legacy lives on through reruns and fan appreciation. His character continues to be celebrated for his wit, charm, and rebellious nature. While fans may never see Hyde’s return in the spin-off, his impact on the original series remains timeless.

In conclusion, the absence of Hyde in That ’90s Show can be attributed to the controversial departure of actor Danny Masterson. The decision to write out his character left a void in the show’s dynamics, altering the interactions between the characters. While attempts were made to compensate for Hyde’s absence, his unique presence was sorely missed. Despite this, Hyde’s character remains a beloved aspect of the original series, leaving a lasting legacy that continues to be celebrated by fans.


1. Why is Hyde not appearing in That ’90s Show?

Hyde’s absence in That ’90s Show can be attributed to Danny Masterson’s departure from the series, as he faced multiple allegations of sexual assault, which ultimately resulted in his firing from the show.

2. How did Hyde’s character impact That ’70s Show?

Hyde, played by Danny Masterson, was a central character in That ’70s Show. With his rebellious and sarcastic nature, Hyde brought a unique blend of humor and charisma to the show, making him a fan favorite among viewers.

3. Will Hyde’s character be recast in That ’90s Show?

So far, there has been no official announcement regarding the recasting of Hyde’s character in That ’90s Show. It remains uncertain whether the producers will introduce a new actor to fill the void left by Danny Masterson’s departure.

4. How are the creators addressing Hyde’s absence in That ’90s Show?

The creators of That ’90s Show have not released specific details on how they will address Hyde’s absence in the storyline. It is expected that they will provide a plausible explanation for his non-appearance or create new storylines that acknowledge the character’s departure.

5. Are there any legal reasons preventing Hyde’s appearance in That ’90s Show?

While there haven’t been any official statements addressing legal reasons for Hyde’s absence, it can be speculated that potential legal issues surrounding Danny Masterson’s firing might play a role in the decision to exclude the character from That ’90s Show.

6. Can viewers expect any references to Hyde in That ’90s Show?

Given Hyde’s significance in That ’70s Show, it is possible that That ’90s Show may include subtle references or mentions of the character. These nods could serve as a way to acknowledge Hyde’s legacy while still keeping the focus on the new cast and storylines.

7. Who are the main characters in That ’90s Show?

The main characters in That ’90s Show are rumored to be the children of the original cast members of That ’70s Show. Although specific details have not been confirmed, it is believed that the new show will feature a fresh ensemble cast reflecting the era of the 1990s.

8. How have fans reacted to Hyde’s absence in That ’90s Show?

Fans of That ’70s Show have expressed mixed reactions to the absence of Hyde in That ’90s Show. Some have expressed disappointment, feeling that the show won’t be the same without his character, while others understand and support the decision, considering the circumstances surrounding Danny Masterson.

9. Will other original cast members be returning for That ’90s Show?

While there have been no confirmed details about the returning cast members, it is rumored that several original members of That ’70s Show might make cameo appearances in That ’90s Show. However, it is uncertain whether they will reprise their original characters or play new roles.

10. When will That ’90s Show be released?

As of now, no official release date for That ’90s Show has been announced. Fans eagerly await further updates from the creators and network regarding the premiere date and available platforms for the show.