Why is 'Risky Business' Rated R: Decoding the Film's Mature Content and Parental Guidance Advisory

Why is ‘Risky Business’ Rated R: Decoding the Film’s Mature Content and Parental Guidance Advisory

Risky Business: Decoding the Reasons Behind its R-Rating

The Intriguing Plot and Parental Advisory

Risky Business, a cult classic film released in 1983, is a coming-of-age story that revolves around the adventures of Joel Goodson, played by Tom Cruise. This film gained popularity for its insightful portrayal of teenage rebellion and its impact on a young boy’s life. However, the movie’s mature content and parental guidance advisory of an R-rating has left many wondering why it received such a classification.

Raunchy Scenes that Push Boundaries

One of the primary reasons behind Risky Business’ R-rating is its inclusion of raunchy and sexually explicit scenes. These scenes feature nudity, strong language, and depict sexual encounters. While these scenes do contribute to the authenticity and rawness of the story, they also push the boundaries of what might be considered suitable for younger audiences.

The Necessity of Mature Language

Another factor that influenced the film’s R-rating is its use of mature language. Risky Business showcases a realistic depiction of how teenagers commonly communicate, including the use of profanity. Such language is utilized to accurately portray the protagonist’s emotional state and provide an authentic portrayal of the characters and their surroundings.

Drug Use and its Consequences

Drug use is also prevalent throughout Risky Business, contributing to its R-rating. The film depicts scenes where characters consume drugs, specifically marijuana and cocaine, and explores the consequences that follow. The inclusion of these scenes was crucial to the film’s narrative, highlighting the allure and dangers of experimenting with drugs.

Addressing Teenage Sexuality

One crucial aspect of Risky Business that requires a mature audience’s understanding is its exploration of teenage sexuality. The film sheds light on the protagonist’s sexual awakening, showcasing how a combination of curiosity and peer pressure can lead to interesting and sometimes uncomfortable situations. Although somewhat controversial, these scenes serve as a powerful commentary on adolescent struggles and self-discovery.

Parental Guidance Advisory: A Necessity for Viewer Discretion

Given the film’s exploration of mature themes and its depiction of explicit content, the parental guidance advisory for Risky Business is essential. The movie’s R-rating serves as a warning to parents and guardians that the content may not be suitable for younger viewers. It is crucial to abide by these guidelines and ensure that the movie is watched responsibly and with appropriate supervision.


Risky Business received an R-rating due to its inclusion of raunchy scenes, mature language, drug use, and exploration of teenage sexuality. While these aspects contribute to the film’s authenticity and its insightful depiction of adolescent experiences, they also warrant viewer discretion. Parents and guardians should consider the maturity levels of their children before allowing them to watch Risky Business, ensuring that they are old enough to understand and handle its content responsibly.


1. What is the rating of the movie “Risky Business”?

The movie “Risky Business” is rated R.

2. What does the R rating signify?

The R rating signifies that the movie contains material that may not be suitable for viewers under the age of 17 without parental or guardian supervision.

3. Why is “Risky Business” rated R?

“Risky Business” is rated R due to its mature content, including strong language, sexual situations, and drug use.

4. What type of language can be found in the movie?

The movie contains strong language, including profanity and explicit dialogue.

5. Are there any sexual situations depicted in the film?

Yes, “Risky Business” features several sexual scenes and situations, including nudity and explicit content.

6. Does the movie depict drug use?

Yes, the film includes scenes involving drug use, specifically the use of drugs such as marijuana.

7. Can children watch “Risky Business” without parental guidance?

No, children should not watch “Risky Business” without parental or guardian guidance due to its mature content.

8. What should parents be aware of before allowing their teenagers to watch the movie?

Parents should be aware that “Risky Business” contains explicit language, sexual content, and drug use, and consider whether it is appropriate for their teenagers.

9. How can parents decide if their child should watch “Risky Business”?

Parents can decide if their child should watch “Risky Business” by considering the film’s mature content, discussing it with their child, and determining what is suitable based on their family’s values and guidelines.

10. Is there any additional information available in the movie’s Parental Guidance Advisory?

Yes, the movie’s Parental Guidance Advisory provides more detailed information about the reasons behind the R rating and specific content that parents may find objectionable or inappropriate for younger viewers.