Why is Reid not in Criminal Minds Evolution? Exploring the absence of the beloved character and its impact on the show

Why is Reid not in Criminal Minds Evolution? Exploring the absence of the beloved character and its impact on the show

Why is Reid not in Criminal Minds Evolution?

Reid, the beloved character in the hit TV show Criminal Minds, has been noticeably absent from its recent spin-off, Criminal Minds Evolution. Fans have been left wondering why this fan-favorite character is missing from the new series, and the impact of this absence on the overall show.

The Evolution of Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds Evolution is a new chapter in the Criminal Minds franchise, showcasing a fresh team of agents solving complex criminal cases. While the show maintains the same thrilling and suspenseful atmosphere as its predecessor, it has made some notable changes. One of the most significant changes is the absence of Dr. Spencer Reid, brilliantly portrayed by Matthew Gray Gubler in the original series.

Reid’s Character Journey

Dr. Spencer Reid, a young and intelligent criminal profiler, has been a central character in Criminal Minds since its inception. With his extraordinary IQ and eidetic memory, Reid has become a fan favorite over the years. His quirky personality, vulnerability, and growth throughout the series have endeared him to viewers around the world.

Understanding the Absence

While fans may be disappointed by Reid’s absence in Criminal Minds Evolution, it is essential to recognize that showrunners often make difficult decisions when creating spin-offs. The absence of a well-loved character like Reid can be explained by various factors, including creative choices and actor availability.

One possible reason for Reid’s absence is the need to create a distinct identity for Criminal Minds Evolution. The spin-off aims to introduce new characters and storylines while maintaining its ties to the original series. By excluding Reid, the show’s creators may be attempting to provide a fresh perspective and avoid relying too heavily on established characters.

Another possible factor contributing to Reid’s absence could be actor availability. Matthew Gray Gubler, who portrays Reid, might have been unavailable due to other commitments or personal reasons. Actors’ schedules can often be complicated, making it challenging to include all beloved characters in spin-offs.

The Impact on the Show

Reid’s absence undoubtedly has an impact on Criminal Minds Evolution. Fans who have followed the character’s journey over the years may feel a void without his presence. However, it is crucial to give the new series a chance to shine on its own merits.

With the absence of Reid, Criminal Minds Evolution has an opportunity to delve into the stories of other characters and explore new dynamics within the team. This absence can create space for the development of fresh narratives and the introduction of compelling new characters that viewers can connect with.

Furthermore, a show’s success should not solely depend on one character. Criminal Minds Evolution has a talented ensemble cast that brings their unique strengths and perspectives to the table. By focusing on the capabilities and chemistry of the new team, the show has the potential to carve out its own niche in the Criminal Minds universe.

The Future

Although Reid’s absence in Criminal Minds Evolution may disappoint some fans, it is crucial to remember that spin-offs offer the opportunity for growth and exploration. The absence of a beloved character allows for the introduction of fresh ideas and the potential for new fan favorites to emerge.

As the series progresses, it will be interesting to see how Criminal Minds Evolution evolves and carves its path within the Criminal Minds franchise. Whether Reid eventually makes an appearance or not, fans can continue to enjoy his unforgettable moments in the original series and cherish the impact he had on the show.

As fans eagerly await the next episode of Criminal Minds Evolution, they can appreciate the show’s dedication to delivering thrilling and captivating storylines while exploring new territory within the Criminal Minds universe.


1. Why is Reid not in Criminal Minds Evolution?

According to the show’s creators, Matthew Gray Gubler, the actor who portrays Reid, wanted to take a break from the show to pursue other projects and explore new opportunities.

2. Will Reid ever return to Criminal Minds Evolution?

While there are no official announcements regarding Reid’s return, the show’s producers have left the door open for his comeback in future seasons or special episodes. Fans continue to hope for his return and have expressed their desire to see Reid back on the team.

3. How is Reid’s absence addressed in the storyline?

The show’s writers have incorporated Reid’s absence into the plot by mentioning that he is taking a sabbatical to focus on personal matters and to recharge. They have also introduced new characters and storylines to fill the void left by his absence.

4. How has Reid’s absence impacted the dynamics of the team?

Reid’s absence has undoubtedly affected the dynamics of the team. Known for his unique insights and exceptional profiling skills, his absence has created a void in the team’s investigative abilities. Other characters have had to step up and take on additional responsibilities to compensate for his absence.

5. How do fans feel about Reid not being in the show?

Opinions among fans are mixed. While some fans understand and support Matthew Gray Gubler’s decision to take a break, others feel that his absence has significantly impacted the show’s overall appeal. Many fans have expressed their desire for Reid’s return, as they consider him an integral part of the Criminal Minds Evolution experience.

6. Are there any plans to introduce a replacement character for Reid?

As of now, there are no confirmed plans to introduce a direct replacement for Reid’s character. However, the show’s creators have introduced new characters to bring fresh perspectives and maintain the show’s dynamic. These new characters, while not replacing Reid, contribute to the ever-evolving nature of the team.

7. How has Reid’s absence affected the development of other characters?

Reid’s absence has allowed other characters to shine and develop further. Characters like Garcia, Morgan, and Hotchner have had to take on additional responsibilities and showcase their own unique skills. This absence has given them more screen time and a chance to delve deeper into their storylines.

8. How has Matthew Gray Gubler’s absence impacted the audience?

Matthew Gray Gubler’s absence from the show has had mixed reactions from the audience. While some viewers understand and respect his decision to explore new opportunities, others miss his presence dearly. Many viewers have developed a strong emotional connection with Reid’s character and find it difficult to imagine the show without him.

9. Are there any spin-offs or special episodes planned to explore Reid’s story during his absence?

As of now, there haven’t been any announcements regarding spin-offs or special episodes specifically dedicated to exploring Reid’s story during his absence. However, the show’s creators have hinted at the possibility of incorporating his character’s developments into future storylines, should Matthew Gray Gubler return to the show.

10. Will the show’s ratings be impacted by Reid’s absence?

The impact on the show’s ratings due to Reid’s absence is subjective and depends on various factors such as the quality of the new storylines and characters introduced and viewers’ personal preferences. While some loyal fans may continue to watch and support the show regardless, others may find it challenging to maintain the same level of enthusiasm without Reid’s presence. Only time will tell how it will affect the show’s ratings in the long run.