Why Is Rachel Covey Not Starring in 'Disenchanted'?: Unveiling the Mystery Behind Her Absence

Why Is Rachel Covey Not Starring in ‘Disenchanted’?: Unveiling the Mystery Behind Her Absence

The Mystery Behind Rachel Covey’s Absence from ‘Disenchanted’

The Highly Anticipated Sequel

Fans of the beloved Disney film “Enchanted” have been eagerly awaiting the release of its sequel, “Disenchanted.” The original film, which starred Amy Adams as the enchanting Princess Giselle, was a massive success and garnered a large following. Naturally, expectations for the sequel are high, with fans eagerly looking forward to seeing their favorite characters return to the screen.

Rachel Covey: A Familiar Face

One character that fans were hoping to see in “Disenchanted” is Morgan Philip, the adorable daughter of Giselle and Robert Philip. Morgan was portrayed by the talented child actress, Rachel Covey, in the original film. Covey’s performance was widely praised, and her chemistry with Adams was heartwarming, making her a fan favorite.

A Surprising Absence

However, much to the disappointment of fans, it was recently revealed that Rachel Covey would not be reprising her role in the sequel. This news left many wondering why Covey was not included in the cast of “Disenchanted.” The absence of Morgan Philip raises questions about the character’s role in the storyline and whether the film’s narrative will acknowledge her existence.

Age and Time Constraints

One possible reason for Covey’s absence could be her age. The original film was released in 2007, making Covey around 13 years old at the time. Now in her late twenties, Covey may have outgrown the role of Morgan Philip, whose character would have also aged. Additionally, filming schedules and the demands of other projects could be factors that prevented Covey from returning to play the role.

Storyline Considerations

Another reason for Covey’s absence could be found within the storyline of “Disenchanted.” Sequels often introduce new characters or shift the focus to different aspects of the original story. It is possible that the filmmakers felt Morgan’s character was not integral to the plot of the sequel and made the decision to exclude her from the script.

Exploring New Narratives

While Rachel Covey’s absence from “Disenchanted” may disappoint some fans, it is important to remember that sequels often take new creative directions. The filmmakers may have decided to focus on different characters or explore new narratives within the enchanted world, resulting in the exclusion of certain characters. This decision does not diminish Covey’s impact in the original film but rather highlights the possibilities that exist within a sequel.

Looking Forward to the Magic

As fans anxiously await the release of “Disenchanted,” it is paramount to approach the film with an open mind. While Rachel Covey’s absence may leave a void in the hearts of some fans, the sequel promises to captivate audiences with its magic and charm. The film brings back a talented cast, including Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, and James Marsden, who are sure to deliver captivating performances that will transport viewers back to the enchanted world once again.

In conclusion, the mystery behind Rachel Covey’s absence from “Disenchanted” remains unanswered, but there are several plausible reasons for her exclusion. Whether it be age constraints or narrative considerations, the decision to omit her character is a creative one. As fans, we should embrace the sequel’s new direction and eagerly anticipate the magic that awaits us when “Disenchanted” finally comes to the screen.


1. Why was Rachel Covey initially cast in ‘Disenchanted’?

Rachel Covey was initially cast in ‘Disenchanted’ because of her outstanding performance as Giselle’s daughter in the first movie, ‘Enchanted’. She received critical acclaim for her role and was a fan favorite among audiences.

2. What is the plot of ‘Disenchanted’?

‘Disenchanted’ is a sequel to the popular Disney movie ‘Enchanted’. It follows the story of Giselle and her magical friends from the animated fairytale world as they struggle to adjust to life in the real world.

3. When did fans realize Rachel Covey would not be starring in ‘Disenchanted’?

Fans realized that Rachel Covey would not be starring in ‘Disenchanted’ when the official cast announcement was made by Disney. Her absence from the list of returning cast members raised questions and disappointment among her fans.

4. Was there any explanation given for Rachel Covey’s absence?

No official explanation has been given for Rachel Covey’s absence from ‘Disenchanted’. Disney has not made any statements regarding her non-involvement in the sequel.

5. Are there any rumors circulating about why Rachel Covey isn’t starring in ‘Disenchanted’?

Yes, there have been rumors circulating about Rachel Covey’s absence from ‘Disenchanted’. Some speculate that her character might not have a significant role in the sequel, while others believe that scheduling conflicts or personal choices might have played a role. However, these rumors are purely speculative and not confirmed by any official sources.

6. Will Rachel Covey’s character be replaced in ‘Disenchanted’?

As of now, it is unclear whether Rachel Covey’s character will be replaced in ‘Disenchanted’. The details of the storyline and the casting decisions have not been made public yet.

7. How have fans reacted to Rachel Covey’s absence?

Fans have expressed disappointment and confusion regarding Rachel Covey’s absence from ‘Disenchanted’. Many have taken to social media platforms to voice their support for the actress and express their hopes of seeing her reprise her role in future projects.

8. Has Rachel Covey commented on not starring in ‘Disenchanted’?

Rachel Covey has not publicly commented on her absence from ‘Disenchanted’. She has maintained a relatively low profile since her breakthrough role in ‘Enchanted’ and has not addressed the topic of the sequel.

9. Are there any plans for Rachel Covey to return to the big screen?

It is uncertain what the future holds for Rachel Covey in terms of her return to the big screen. Since ‘Enchanted’, she has taken a step back from acting to focus on her education and personal endeavors. However, fans remain hopeful that she will make a comeback in the future.

10. Can we expect any surprises related to Rachel Covey and ‘Disenchanted’?

While it is always possible for surprises to occur in the world of entertainment, there is currently no information or hints about any surprising developments related to Rachel Covey and her involvement in ‘Disenchanted’. Fans will have to wait for official announcements to know more.