Why is Outer Banks Rated MA: Unveiling the Mature Rating Behind the Series

Why is Outer Banks Rated MA: Unveiling the Mature Rating Behind the Series


Outer Banks, the popular Netflix series, has garnered a substantial fan base due to its gripping storyline and compelling characters. However, many viewers were surprised to discover that the show is rated MA (Mature Audience), meaning it is not suitable for all audiences. In this article, we will delve into the reasons why Outer Banks carries a mature rating and explore the elements that contribute to its classification.

Elements of Outer Banks

Outer Banks is an action-packed teen drama that revolves around a group of friends on a treasure hunt in a small coastal town. The show incorporates various elements that contribute to its mature rating. These include:

1. Violence and Intense Action

The series features several intense and violent scenes, often involving physical altercations, fights, and confrontations. These scenes are depicted vividly, showcasing the harsh realities of the characters’ circumstances. The graphic nature of the violence is a significant factor in the show’s mature rating.

2. Strong Language

Outer Banks includes the use of strong language throughout its episodes. Profanity and explicit dialogue are not uncommon, further emphasizing the maturity of the content. The frequent presence of such language plays a significant role in the show’s rating.

3. Drug and Alcohol Use

The characters in Outer Banks are frequently seen engaging in drug and alcohol use. This aspect of the series contributes to its mature rating, as it portrays substance abuse and its consequences realistically. The show doesn’t shy away from highlighting the negative effects of such behavior, but its inclusion still warrants a mature audience warning.

4. Sexual Content

Sexual content is another element that justifies Outer Banks’ mature rating. While the show primarily focuses on the treasure hunt and friendships, there are instances of sexual situations and innuendos. These scenes are not overly explicit but are enough to warrant caution for younger audiences.

Impact of the Mature Rating

The mature rating of Outer Banks serves a crucial purpose: to ensure that viewers are aware of the content’s suitability for different age groups. With the rating, parents and guardians can make informed decisions about allowing their children or teenagers to watch the series. It also serves as a reminder for adult viewers that the content may not be suitable for all viewers.


Understanding why Outer Banks is rated MA provides valuable insight into the content of the series and ensures that viewers approach it with the necessary awareness. The violent scenes, strong language, drug and alcohol use, and sexual content all contribute to the mature rating. By being mindful of these elements, viewers can make informed decisions and enjoy the series responsibly. Remember, the mature rating is in place to protect viewers and guide them in choosing appropriate content for their age group.


1. What does the MA rating stand for?

The MA rating stands for “Mature Audience.”

2. Why is Outer Banks rated MA?

Outer Banks is rated MA due to its mature content, including intense violence, drug use, and strong language.

3. Is Outer Banks suitable for teenagers?

No, Outer Banks is not suitable for teenagers due to its mature themes and content. It is intended for mature adult audiences.

4. Can children watch Outer Banks with parental guidance?

While parental guidance is always recommended, Outer Banks is not recommended for children due to its mature content.

5. Are there any advisory warnings for Outer Banks?

Yes, Outer Banks has advisory warnings for intense violence, drug use, and strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.

6. How does the MA rating affect parental control settings?

The MA rating means that parental control settings should be adjusted to prevent children from accessing or watching Outer Banks.

7. What is the designated age for the MA rating?

The designated age for the MA rating is 17 years or older. It is meant for adult viewers.

8. Are there any educational benefits to watching Outer Banks for adults?

While Outer Banks may offer entertainment value for adult viewers, it does not have specific educational benefits.

9. Are there any positive themes explored in Outer Banks despite the mature rating?

Yes, Outer Banks explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and adventure alongside the mature elements.

10. What other TV shows or movies have a similar rating as Outer Banks?

TV shows and movies with similar ratings as Outer Banks include “Breaking Bad,” “Narcos,” and “Sons of Anarchy,” among others.