Why is Jurassic World Rated PG-13? Exploring the Age Rating and Its Impact on Moviegoers

Why is Jurassic World Rated PG-13? Exploring the Age Rating and Its Impact on Moviegoers

Why is Jurassic World Rated PG-13? Exploring the Age Rating and Its Impact on Moviegoers

The Popularity and Impact of the Jurassic World Franchise

Jurassic World, the fourth film in the popular Jurassic Park franchise, was highly anticipated by fans around the world. This science fiction adventure film, directed by Colin Trevorrow, once again brought dinosaurs back to the big screen, captivating audiences with its thrilling action and special effects.

The Question of Age Rating

When Jurassic World was released, many people were curious about its age rating. The Motion Picture Association (MPA) rated the film as PG-13, which means that some material may be inappropriate for children under 13 years old. This raised questions and concerns among parents and moviegoers who were considering watching the film with their families.

Reasons for the PG-13 Rating

The decision to rate Jurassic World as PG-13 was based on several factors. Firstly, the film contains intense sequences of science fiction violence and peril, which can be too frightening or overwhelming for younger children. The action-packed scenes, including dinosaur attacks and chase sequences, may be too intense for sensitive viewers.

Additionally, the film includes some mild language and references to adult themes, making it more suitable for teenage audiences. The MPA takes into account not only the level of violence but also the overall tone and context of the film when determining its age rating.

The Impact on Moviegoers

The PG-13 rating of Jurassic World had a significant impact on moviegoers, especially families with young children. Some parents were disappointed that they couldn’t bring their children to see the film, as they were eager to share the experience of the Jurassic Park franchise with them.

However, the rating also helped set appropriate expectations for audiences. By indicating that the film may not be suitable for young children, it allowed parents to make informed decisions about whether or not to expose their children to the intense and potentially frightening elements of the movie.

Alternative Viewing Options

For families who still wanted to enjoy the Jurassic World franchise but were concerned about the age rating, there were alternative viewing options available. Some theaters offered special “family-friendly” screenings, where they would adjust the sound and lighting to make the experience less intense for younger viewers. Additionally, parents could choose to watch the film first and then decide whether their children could handle it or wait until they were older.


The PG-13 rating of Jurassic World serves as a reminder that age ratings are in place to help guide parents and moviegoers in making informed decisions and to ensure that the content is appropriate for the intended audience. While it may be disappointing for some families, it ultimately helps maintain the movie’s impact by creating a thrilling and intense experience for older viewers.


1. What does the PG-13 rating mean in relation to Jurassic World?

The PG-13 rating for Jurassic World indicates that some material may be inappropriate for children under 13 years of age and parental guidance is suggested.

2. What factors contributed to Jurassic World’s PG-13 rating?

The factors that contributed to Jurassic World’s PG-13 rating include intense sequences of science-fiction violence, brief strong language, and some mild sensuality.

3. Can children under 13 watch Jurassic World with parental guidance?

Yes, children under 13 can watch Jurassic World with parental guidance as suggested by the rating. Parents are encouraged to assess the suitability of the movie for their child and decide if it aligns with their values and maturity level.

4. Are there any content warnings associated with Jurassic World’s PG-13 rating?

While there are no specific content warnings listed with the PG-13 rating for Jurassic World, it is advisable for parents to consider their child’s sensitivity to violence and language before allowing them to watch the movie.

5. Is Jurassic World suitable for all age groups above 13?

Jurassic World’s suitability may vary depending on an individual’s preferences. Some adults and older teenagers may enjoy the movie, while others might not find it appealing. It is ultimately up to each viewer to decide if the movie aligns with their personal interests.

6. Does the PG-13 rating affect the movie’s box office success?

The PG-13 rating may have some impact on the movie’s box office success. Since it restricts the youngest audience, there might be a slight decrease in potential ticket sales. However, Jurassic World’s overall appeal and popularity can largely compensate for this limitation.

7. What other movies have a similar rating to Jurassic World?

Other movies with a similar PG-13 rating include popular franchises like the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, Star Wars movies, and other action-packed blockbusters that cater to a broad audience while maintaining a certain level of intensity.

8. How can parents determine if a PG-13 movie is suitable for their child?

Parents can determine if a PG-13 movie is suitable for their child by researching the movie’s content, reading reviews, and considering their child’s maturity, sensitivity, and individual preferences. Additionally, viewing the movie together or discussing it beforehand can help parents make an informed decision.

9. Are there any specific educational benefits associated with Jurassic World’s PG-13 rating?

While the PG-13 rating itself does not guarantee specific educational benefits, Jurassic World’s scientific elements and portrayal of technology can spark curiosity and interest in paleontology, biology, and related fields among young viewers. However, it is important to note that the primary purpose of the rating is to inform parents about potentially inappropriate content.

10. How does the PG-13 rating contribute to the overall moviegoing experience?

The PG-13 rating contributes to the overall moviegoing experience by providing viewers with a general understanding of the movie’s content and ensuring that it aligns with their personal preferences and comfort level. It helps create a safe and appropriate environment for different age groups, allowing them to enjoy the movie without encountering material that might be unsuitable for their age.