Why is Good Boys Rated R? Exploring the Age Rating of the Movie

Why is Good Boys Rated R? Exploring the Age Rating of the Movie

Why is Good Boys Rated R?

In the world of film and entertainment, age ratings play a crucial role in determining the appropriateness of a movie for different audiences. One such film that has garnered attention due to its rating is Good Boys. Released in 2019, Good Boys is a coming-of-age comedy that follows a group of young boys as they navigate adolescence and the challenges that come with it. Despite its seemingly innocent premise, the movie is rated R. So, why exactly is Good Boys rated R?

The Plot and Themes

Good Boys centers around a group of 12-year-old boys who embark on a misadventure to retrieve a drone and navigate a series of adult situations along the way. The movie tackles mature themes such as drug use, sexuality, and profanity, which can make it inappropriate for younger audiences. The inclusion of these themes, even in a comedic context, contributes to the movie’s R rating.

Language and Dialogue

One of the primary factors influencing Good Boys’ rating is its explicit language and dialogue. The young characters in the movie often use profanity and engage in explicit conversations, which reflect the realities of adolescence but may not be suitable for younger viewers. The consistent use of strong language throughout the film contributes to its R rating.

Depictions of Drug Use

In its exploration of the pitfalls of adolescence, Good Boys features scenes depicting drug use. While these scenes are portrayed in a comedic manner, they still contribute to the movie’s mature content. The explicit presence of drugs and substance abuse in the film contributes to its rating.

Sexual Content

Another factor that led to Good Boys’ R rating is the inclusion of sexual content. The movie features discussions about topics such as consent and explores the curious world of pre-teen sexuality. While handled in a humorous manner, these themes make the movie unsuitable for younger audiences.

Parental Guidance

Ultimately, the rating of a movie like Good Boys rests on the discretion of the filmmakers, who aim to authentically portray the challenges of adolescence. However, it is important for parents and guardians to exercise caution when deciding if the movie is age-appropriate for their children. The R rating suggests that the content of the film may not be suitable for viewers under 17, unless accompanied by an adult.

Understanding the reasons behind Good Boys’ R rating allows viewers to make informed decisions about whether it is suitable for their own consumption or for younger family members. By addressing mature themes, explicit language, depictions of drug use, and sexual content, the film aims to offer a realistic portrayal of adolescence while catering to a more mature audience.

While it is important to allow for creative expression and explore complex themes in film, it is equally important for viewers to be aware of the content and its potential impact. Good Boys’ R rating serves as a reminder of the responsibilities of filmmakers to accurately represent their intended audience, as well as the responsibilities of parents and guardians to guide their children’s entertainment choices.


1. What is the age rating of the movie “Good Boys”?

The movie “Good Boys” is rated R.

2. Why did “Good Boys” receive an R rating?

“Good Boys” received an R rating due to its strong language, crude sexual content, and drug use involving minors.

3. What does the R rating mean?

The R rating signifies that the movie is intended for viewers who are 17 years old or above. It suggests that the content may not be suitable for younger audiences.

4. Can children and teenagers under 17 watch “Good Boys”?

Children and teenagers under 17 may only watch “Good Boys” if accompanied by a parent or adult guardian. The R rating indicates that the content is not recommended for this age group.

5. Why is language a factor in the movie’s age rating?

Language plays a role in the age rating because “Good Boys” contains profanity and strong language, which may not be appropriate for younger viewers.

6. How does the movie’s crude sexual content contribute to its rating?

The inclusion of crude sexual content adds to the movie’s R rating. It includes explicit references and discussions about sexual topics that are inappropriate for a younger audience.

7. Does the drug use involving minors affect the age rating?

Yes, the drug use involving minors is a significant factor in determining the R rating. It portrays the characters using drugs, which is unsuitable for younger viewers.

8. Are there any violent scenes or graphic content in “Good Boys”?

While “Good Boys” does not primarily focus on violence, it may contain mild to moderate violence in certain scenes. However, these elements are not the primary reasons for its R rating.

9. Can parents override the age rating for their children?

Parents have the discretion to allow their children to watch movies with higher age ratings. However, it is recommended that parents consider the content before making a decision and ensure it is suitable for their child’s maturity level.

10. Is the R rating for “Good Boys” consistent with other movies in the same genre?

Yes, the R rating for “Good Boys” is consistent with other movies within the comedy genre that contain similar levels of strong language, crude content, and drug use. The rating helps viewers have a reasonable expectation of the content they will encounter.