Why is 'Enola Holmes' Rated PG-13? Exploring the Film's Rating and Content

Why is ‘Enola Holmes’ Rated PG-13? Exploring the Film’s Rating and Content

Why is ‘Enola Holmes’ Rated PG-13? Exploring the Film’s Rating and Content


Enola Holmes, released on Netflix in September 2020, is a movie that follows the adventures of the young detective Enola Holmes, the sister of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. Despite its seemingly family-friendly premise, the film has been given a PG-13 rating by the Motion Picture Association (MPA). In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the film’s rating by examining its content and themes.

The MPA Rating System

Before delving into the specific reasons for Enola Holmes’ PG-13 rating, it is crucial to understand how the MPA rating system works. The MPA rates movies based on their content to help parents determine the suitability of a film for their children. The ratings are as follows: G (General Audience), PG (Parental Guidance Suggested), PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned), R (Restricted), and NC-17 (No One 17 and Under Admitted).

The Content of ‘Enola Holmes’

Enola Holmes’ PG-13 rating can be attributed to several factors. The film contains elements of danger, violence, and mild language that may not be suitable for young children. While it is not excessively violent or explicit, these elements contribute to the higher rating.


One of the primary reasons behind Enola Holmes’ PG-13 rating is its inclusion of violence. Throughout the film, viewers witness physical confrontations, action sequences, and instances of characters being physically harmed. While the violence is not overly graphic, it is enough to warrant a higher rating to ensure younger viewers are not exposed to potentially disturbing content.

Themes of Danger

Enola Holmes also explores themes of danger, which add to its PG-13 rating. The film depicts situations where the main character finds herself in perilous circumstances, requiring her to navigate through various challenges and threats. The portrayal of such risks heightens the tension and may be overwhelming or confusing for younger children.

Mild Language

While not a major factor in the film’s rating, Enola Holmes does contain mild language. Although the use of profanity is infrequent, it is still present, and the MPA deems it necessary to caution parents about its inclusion. This ensures that viewers of an appropriate age can make informed decisions about whether the film aligns with their values and preferences.

Why the Rating is Important

The PG-13 rating assigned to Enola Holmes serves an essential purpose in guiding parents and viewers in making informed choices about the film’s suitability for their children. It alerts parents to the presence of potentially intense or unsuitable content, allowing them to determine whether to watch it with their children or restrict access to a more age-appropriate audience.


Enola Holmes’ PG-13 rating is a result of its inclusion of violence, themes of danger, and mild language. While the rating may disappoint those expecting a more family-friendly film, it is crucial for viewers to understand and respect the MPA’s rating system. By providing detailed information about the film’s content, the MPA ensures that individuals can make informed decisions about whether Enola Holmes is suitable for themselves or their children.


1. What does the film rating PG-13 mean?

The film rating PG-13 means that some material may not be suitable for children under the age of 13 without parental guidance.

2. Who determines the film rating for ‘Enola Holmes’?

The film rating for ‘Enola Holmes’ is determined by the Motion Picture Association (MPA) based on its content.

3. Why did ‘Enola Holmes’ receive a PG-13 rating?

‘Enola Holmes’ received a PG-13 rating due to some violence, thematic elements, and brief strong language present in the film.

4. What kind of violence can be expected in the movie?

The violence in ‘Enola Holmes’ includes some action sequences, physical confrontations, and use of weapons like knives, but it is not excessively graphic or gory.

5. Are there any intense or frightening scenes in the film?

There are a few intense and suspenseful scenes in ‘Enola Holmes,’ but they are not excessively scary or horrifying.

6. Does ‘Enola Holmes’ contain any sexual or explicit content?

No, ‘Enola Holmes’ does not contain any sexual or explicit content. It is suitable for teenage audiences and above.

7. What are the thematic elements in ‘Enola Holmes’?

The thematic elements in ‘Enola Holmes’ revolve around feminism, personal growth, family dynamics, and the fight for justice.

8. Is there any use of drugs or alcohol depicted in the film?

No, there is no depiction of drug or alcohol use in ‘Enola Holmes.’

9. Is there any offensive language used in the movie?

Although ‘Enola Holmes’ contains some brief strong language, it does not include any excessively offensive or vulgar language.

10. Can children under 13 watch ‘Enola Holmes’ with parental guidance?

Yes, children under 13 can watch ‘Enola Holmes’ with parental guidance as the film’s PG-13 rating suggests. However, parents are advised to use their discretion based on the child’s maturity level.