Why Did Maggie Greene's Character Leave The Walking Dead?

Why Did Maggie Greene’s Character Leave The Walking Dead?

Why Did Maggie Greene’s Character Leave The Walking Dead?

Maggie Greene, portrayed by actress Lauren Cohan, was a key character in the hit television series “The Walking Dead.” Fans were left wondering about her sudden departure from the show and eagerly anticipated an explanation. Here, we unravel the mystery behind Maggie Greene’s character leaving “The Walking Dead.”

The Contract Dispute

One of the primary reasons behind Maggie Greene’s exit from the show was a contract dispute between Lauren Cohan and the producers of “The Walking Dead.” Cohan was seeking a salary increase to match her increased popularity and importance to the series. However, the negotiations hit a deadlock, leading to her departure from the show. This left fans disappointed and eager for more answers.

The Door Left Open

Despite Maggie’s departure, the showrunners left the door open for her character’s potential return. This decision was well-received by fans, who expressed their hopes for Maggie’s comeback in future episodes. Executives and producers of the show also expressed their desire to bring back the beloved character, depending on Cohan’s availability and interest.

Exploring New Opportunities

Another reason for Maggie Greene’s departure was Lauren Cohan’s desire to explore new acting opportunities. After spending several years on “The Walking Dead,” Cohan felt the need to challenge herself with different roles and projects. This decision allowed her to showcase her versatility as an actress and establish a diverse portfolio of work.

Prioritizing Personal Life

Actors often face the difficult decision of balancing their personal and professional lives. In Lauren Cohan’s case, she chose to prioritize her personal life, which impacted her availability for “The Walking Dead.” Cohan wanted to spend more time with her family and pursue other personal endeavors, leading to her temporary departure from the show.

Staying True to the Character

Maggie Greene’s departure from “The Walking Dead” was carefully handled to stay true to the character’s development and storyline. The writers ensured that her exit was integral to the plot, allowing for possible future returns. This decision was met with mixed emotions from fans, but it helped maintain the authenticity and integrity of the show’s narrative.

The Legacy Continues

While Maggie Greene’s absence left a void in the hearts of many fans, “The Walking Dead” continued to captivate audiences with its gripping storyline and dynamic characters. New characters were introduced, and existing ones stepped up to fill the gaps, reaffirming the show’s commitment to providing an engaging and immersive experience.

In conclusion, Maggie Greene’s character left “The Walking Dead” due to a contract dispute, Lauren Cohan’s desire to explore new opportunities, and her decision to prioritize her personal life. While her departure left fans disappointed, the show continues to thrive, continuing the legacy of its beloved characters and captivating storytelling.


1. Why did Maggie Greene’s character leave The Walking Dead?

Maggie Greene’s character, played by actress Lauren Cohan, left The Walking Dead due to contract negotiations and scheduling conflicts.

2. Was Maggie Greene killed off in the show?

No, Maggie Greene’s character was not killed off. Instead, her departure was left open-ended, allowing for the possibility of her return in the future.

3. Did Lauren Cohan want to leave the show?

While Lauren Cohan wanted to explore other opportunities and take on new projects, she expressed her love for The Walking Dead and her openness to returning to the show in the future.

4. How many seasons did Lauren Cohan appear in as Maggie Greene?

Lauren Cohan appeared in a total of eight seasons of The Walking Dead as Maggie Greene, making her debut in the second season of the show.

5. Will Maggie Greene’s character be recast on the show?

No, there are no plans to recast Maggie Greene’s character on The Walking Dead. Instead, the show has left the opportunity for Lauren Cohan to return in the future, whenever her schedule permits.

6. Did the show explain Maggie Greene’s departure?

Yes, the show provided an explanation for Maggie Greene’s departure. In the ninth season, it is revealed that Maggie left the Hilltop community to help establish and support other settlements.

7. Are there any spin-off plans for Maggie Greene’s character?

As of now, there are no specific spin-off plans solely focused on Maggie Greene’s character. However, The Walking Dead universe is continually expanding, so there might be opportunities for her character to appear in future projects.

8. Have there been any updates on Lauren Cohan’s potential return to the show?

As of the latest updates, Lauren Cohan is set to return to The Walking Dead in its eleventh season. She will reprise her role as Maggie Greene and continue her character’s storyline.

9. What other projects has Lauren Cohan worked on after leaving The Walking Dead?

After leaving The Walking Dead, Lauren Cohan starred in the TV series Whiskey Cavalier and also appeared in movies like Mile 22 and The Boy. She has been actively involved in various projects, showcasing her versatility as an actress.

10. How did fans react to Maggie Greene’s departure?

Fans had mixed reactions to Maggie Greene’s departure from The Walking Dead. While some fans were disappointed to see her character leave, they also understood and supported Lauren Cohan’s decision to explore new opportunities in her career. Some fans are eagerly awaiting her return to the show.