Why Did Laurie Leave ‘That ’70s Show’? Exploring the Departure of an Iconic Character

The Departure of Laurie: Why Did She Leave ‘That ’70s Show’?

As fans of the hit sitcom ‘That ’70s Show’ know, Laurie Forman, played by Lisa Robin Kelly, was an iconic character who brought a lot of energy and laughter to the show. However, her sudden departure after the fifth season left many viewers wondering what led to her exit. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind Laurie’s departure and shed light on the behind-the-scenes events that unfolded.

The Struggles Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes of ‘That ’70s Show,’ there were numerous reports of tension and conflicts between the cast members. Unfortunately, Lisa Robin Kelly was no exception to this turbulent atmosphere. She struggled with personal issues, including substance abuse, which affected her ability to perform consistently on the show. These struggles ultimately led to her departure.

The show’s producers and fellow cast members attempted to support Kelly during her difficult times, but the situation became increasingly challenging. The decision to write off her character was made to allow her to focus on her personal well-being and seek the help she needed.

The Impact on the Show

Laurie Forman’s departure undoubtedly had an impact on the dynamics of the show. Her character provided a unique blend of comedic relief and sibling rivalry, which was loved by many fans. Losing Laurie created a void that needed to be filled.

The writers and producers of ‘That ’70s Show’ approached this challenge by introducing new characters and storylines to maintain the show’s momentum. The addition of new personalities injected fresh energy into the series and helped alleviate the absence of Laurie.

Life After ‘That ’70s Show’

Following her departure from ‘That ’70s Show,’ Lisa Robin Kelly faced both personal and professional struggles. She continued to battle with substance abuse, which significantly affected her career. Despite attempts at a comeback, including a return to ‘That ’70s Show’ in later seasons, Kelly was unable to regain her former success.

Tragically, Lisa Robin Kelly passed away in 2013 at the age of 43. Her untimely death marked the end of a troubled journey, but her contributions to the show will always be remembered.

A Legacy Remembered

Laurie Forman may have left ‘That ’70s Show,’ but her impact on the series and its fans will not be forgotten. The character brought laughter and entertainment to viewers for multiple seasons.

While her departure was a loss for the show, it allowed for new storylines and character developments to take place. It also highlighted the challenges that individuals, both in show business and in everyday life, can face and the importance of seeking help when needed.

In Conclusion

Laurie’s departure from ‘That ’70s Show’ was a mix of personal struggles and creative decisions made by the show’s producers. The behind-the-scenes tension and conflicts ultimately led to her exit, but the show continued to thrive despite her absence.

Today, ‘That ’70s Show’ is remembered as a classic sitcom of its time, with Laurie Forman being an integral part of its success. While her journey was cut short, her legacy will always remain in the hearts of the show’s dedicated fans.




1. Why did Lisa Robin Kelly, the actress who portrayed Laurie on ‘That ’70s Show’, leave the show?

The reasons for Lisa Robin Kelly’s departure from ‘That ’70s Show’ have been linked to personal struggles with substance abuse and legal issues. She was ultimately written out of the show after the fifth season.

2. How was Laurie’s absence explained within the show’s storyline?

Laurie’s absence was portrayed within the show’s storyline as her leaving town to attend beauty school. Her departure was mentioned sporadically by other characters but her physical presence was not shown on the show after the fifth season.

3. Did the departure of Laurie have a significant impact on the show and its remaining characters?

Yes, Laurie’s departure had a notable impact on the show and the dynamics of the remaining characters. Her character was often involved in various storylines and her absence created a noticeable void within the group of friends.

4. Were there any attempts to recast the character of Laurie after Lisa Robin Kelly’s departure?

Yes, there were attempts to recast the character of Laurie after Lisa Robin Kelly’s departure. Christina Moore was brought in for a few episodes in the sixth season but the character was ultimately written out of the show without a proper recasting.

5. Was Lisa Robin Kelly able to return to ‘That ’70s Show’ after her departure?

No, Lisa Robin Kelly did not return to ‘That ’70s Show’ after her departure. She did make several attempts to return but those efforts were ultimately unsuccessful.

6. Did Laurie’s absence affect the overall viewership and popularity of the show?

While the departure of Laurie did affect the dynamic of the show, it did not noticeably impact the overall viewership and popularity. ‘That ’70s Show’ continued to enjoy a dedicated fanbase and remained a successful sitcom until its conclusion.

7. How did fans react to Laurie’s departure from the show?

Fans had mixed reactions to Laurie’s departure from ‘That ’70s Show’. Some viewers were relieved to see the character go, while others missed her presence and the comedic dynamic she brought to the show.

8. Did the departure of Laurie lead to any changes in the show’s future storylines?

Yes, the departure of Laurie led to changes in the show’s future storylines. The absence of her character allowed for new plotlines to develop and allowed other characters to take on more prominent roles within the show’s narrative.

9. Did Lisa Robin Kelly’s departure have any lasting effects on her acting career?

Unfortunately, Lisa Robin Kelly’s departure from ‘That ’70s Show’ marked a turning point in her acting career. She struggled with personal issues which hindered her ability to secure significant acting roles in the years following her departure from the show.

10. Is Laurie still considered a memorable and iconic character from ‘That ’70s Show’?

Yes, despite her departure, Laurie is still considered a memorable and iconic character from ‘That ’70s Show’. Her portrayal left a lasting impression and she remains an integral part of the show’s legacy.