Why Can Only Targaryens Ride Dragons: Mysteries of Dragon Bonding in Game of Thrones Explained

Why Can Only Targaryens Ride Dragons: Mysteries of Dragon Bonding in Game of Thrones Explained

Dragons have always been a central element of the Game of Thrones series, capturing the imagination of viewers around the world. These majestic creatures possess immense power and are considered the ultimate weapon in Westeros. However, one question has remained unanswered throughout the series: why can only Targaryens ride dragons?

The Blood of Old Valyria: An Ancient Connection

The origins of dragon bonding can be traced back to Old Valyria, the ancient civilization where the Targaryens originated. During the height of their power, the Valyrians perfected the art of dragonriding, forming a unique bond with these mythical beasts.

According to the lore, the Targaryens are descendants of dragonlords from Old Valyria who escaped the Doom, a cataclysmic event that destroyed the city and its inhabitants. It is believed that the blood of the Valyrians contains a special magical quality that allows them to bond with dragons on a deep, almost elemental level.

The Dragonlords’ Legacy: Inheritance of Power

The Targaryens brought their dragons to Westeros when they conquered the Seven Kingdoms, establishing their rule and leaving a lasting legacy. Over the centuries, dragonlords born in the Targaryen bloodline were able to ride dragons with ease, while others could not.

This suggests that dragon bonding is not solely determined by the bloodline itself but also by the strength and purity of the Targaryen bloodline. Only those with a strong enough connection to their Valyrian ancestry are able to access the dormant dragon bond within them.

Dragonlords and Dragonseeds: The Exception to the Rule

Throughout history, there have been rare instances where individuals outside of the Targaryen bloodline have been able to ride dragons. These individuals are known as dragonseeds and are believed to possess a small trace of Valyrian blood.

Dragonseeds were usually bastards or common-born individuals, who through a combination of luck and innate ability, were able to establish a bond with a dragon. While not as strong as the bond experienced by Targaryens, it still allowed them to ride and command these fearsome creatures.

The Bonding Ritual: Taming and Training

Dragon bonding is not a natural talent that manifests automatically. It requires a deep connection and understanding between dragon and rider, which can only be achieved through a strict and rigorous training process.

The bonding ritual starts with hatching a dragon egg and imprinting the rider’s scent on the young dragon right from birth. As the dragon grows, the rider gradually gains its trust and respect, learning to communicate and synchronize their movements. This process often involves long hours of flying and intense physical and mental training.

The Mysteries of Dragon Bonding: The Power of Emotion

While the exact mechanism of dragon bonding remains mysterious, there are hints that emotional connections play a crucial role. Dragons are known to be highly intelligent creatures, capable of sensing the emotions of those around them.

It is believed that Targaryens, with their Valyrian blood, possess a unique aura or resonance that dragons can instinctively recognize. This resonance may be influenced by emotions such as trust, confidence, and love, further strengthening the bond between dragon and rider.


The ability to ride dragons remains a defining characteristic of the Targaryen bloodline. While the exact reasons behind this phenomenon remain shrouded in mystery, it is clear that the ancient connection between Valyrians and their dragons, as well as the strength of the Targaryen bloodline, play crucial roles in establishing the powerful bond necessary for dragon riding. Understanding the intricacies of dragon bonding adds a new layer of depth to the Game of Thrones universe and further enhances the awe-inspiring power and majesty of these magnificent creatures.


1. What is dragon bonding in Game of Thrones?

Dragon bonding is the magical connection between a dragon and its rider, allowing them to communicate and trust each other in battle.

2. Why can only Targaryens ride dragons?

Only Targaryens can ride dragons because they have a genetic trait called “dragonblood” that allows them to bond with these mythical creatures.

3. What is the significance of dragonblood in Targaryens?

Dragonblood in Targaryens is a sign of their Valyrian heritage, as they are descendants of the ancient Valyrian dragonlords who first tamed and rode dragons.

4. Can anyone else attempt to bond with a dragon?

While anyone can attempt to bond with a dragon, only Targaryens have a natural affinity for dragon bonding. Others may face rejection or even hostility from the dragons.

5. Are there any exceptions to the Targaryen-only dragon bonding rule?

There have been rare exceptions throughout history where non-Targaryens managed to ride dragons, but these instances are extremely uncommon and often involve unique circumstances or magical influences.

6. How does dragon bonding work?

Dragon bonding involves a process of mutual trust and understanding. The rider must establish a strong mental and emotional connection with the dragon, often starting from an early age, to forge the bond between them.

7. Can dragon bonding be forced or artificially created?

Dragon bonding cannot be forced or artificially created. It is a natural, inherent ability found only within certain bloodlines. Attempts to artificially create dragon bonds have always ended in failure.

8. Are all dragons bondable?

Not all dragons are bondable. Dragons are highly intelligent creatures, and they have their own preferences and personalities. Some dragons may be more open to bonding with humans, while others may be fiercely independent or reject any attempts at bonding.

9. Can dragon bonding be broken or severed?

Dragon bonding can be broken or severed if the trust between the dragon and rider is damaged or lost. Trauma, betrayal, or significant changes in the rider’s behavior may lead to the dissolution of the bond, making it difficult or impossible to reestablish.

10. Are there any advantages to dragon bonding in Game of Thrones?

Dragon bonding provides numerous advantages in Game of Thrones. Riders can access the aerial mobility and devastating firepower of dragons, making them formidable forces in battles. Additionally, dragons often exhibit a protective instinct towards their riders, enhancing their safety and survival.