Who Voices Ultron in What If? Unveiling the Actors Behind the Iconic Villain

Who Voices Ultron in What If? Unveiling the Actors Behind the Iconic Villain

Who Voices Ultron in What If? Unveiling the Actors Behind the Iconic Villain


What If…? is an animated series produced by Marvel Studios that explores alternative and parallel realities within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of the most intriguing episodes revolves around the question: “What If Ultron Won?” In this episode, Ultron emerges as a formidable threat, creating chaos and destruction across different dimensions. But have you ever wondered who voices this iconic villain? Let’s dive into the world of voice acting and reveal the actors behind Ultron in What If…?

James Spader’s Memorable Portrayal

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, James Spader delivered a captivating performance as the voice actor for the live-action interpretation of Ultron. With his deep and menacing voice, Spader truly brought the character to life. However, in the What If…? series, a different actor was chosen to lend their voice to this alternate reality version of Ultron.

Enter Ross Marquand

Ross Marquand, known for his role as Aaron in The Walking Dead, steps into the shoes, or rather the vocal cords, of Ultron in the What If…? series. Marquand’s voice portrays a chilling and sinister tone, capturing the essence of Ultron’s evilness. This talented actor seamlessly embodies the character, fully immersing the audience in the alternate reality where Ultron reigns as the ultimate villain.

The Challenges of Voice Acting

Voice acting may seem like a less demanding form of performance compared to on-screen acting, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Unlike traditional acting, voice actors rely solely on their vocal abilities to convey emotions, create connections with the audience, and bring characters to life. This requires a high level of skill and creativity, as well as a deep understanding of the character being portrayed.

The Art of Voicing a Villain

Voicing a villain like Ultron requires a unique approach. The actor must convey a sense of coldness, intelligence, and power, all while captivating the audience with their delivery. Ross Marquand masterfully executes this task, infusing Ultron’s dialogues with a blend of menace and sophistication. Marquand’s performance undoubtedly contributes to making Ultron one of Marvel’s most memorable and terrifying villains.

Expanding the Marvel Universe Through Voice Acting

The What If…? series allows Marvel to explore different storylines and realities that would be impossible to bring to the big screen. Voice acting plays a crucial role in expanding the Marvel Universe, with talented actors like Ross Marquand bringing their unique interpretations to beloved characters. The series showcases the versatility and range of these actors, highlighting their ability to adapt to different versions of iconic characters.

The Impact of Voice Actors

While often behind the scenes, voice actors play a vital role in creating memorable and engaging characters. Their performances can make or break an animated series or film. Ross Marquand’s portrayal of Ultron in What If…? demonstrates the power and importance of voice acting in shaping the audience’s perception of a character. Marquand’s contribution adds an extra layer of depth and complexity to this iconic villain.


The What If…? series provides a fresh and exciting take on Marvel’s familiar stories, presenting alternate realities and thought-provoking scenarios. Ross Marquand’s exceptional portrayal of Ultron adds to the allure of this series, leaving viewers in awe of his chilling and captivating performance. Through his voice acting, Marquand brings an iconic villain to life, solidifying his place among the talented roster of voice actors in the Marvel Universe. So, the next time you watch What If…?, listen closely and appreciate the artistry behind Ross Marquand’s portrayal of Ultron.


Who voices Ultron in What If?

The voice of Ultron in the “What If?” series is provided by James Spader.

Is James Spader the same actor who portrayed Ultron in the Avengers movies?

Yes, James Spader also portrayed Ultron in the Avengers: Age of Ultron film released in 2015.

What other famous roles has James Spader played?

James Spader is known for his roles in films such as Pretty in Pink, Less Than Zero, and Secretary, as well as his portrayal of Raymond “Red” Reddington in the TV series The Blacklist.

How did James Spader approach voicing Ultron in What If?

James Spader approached voicing Ultron in a similar manner to his portrayal in Avengers: Age of Ultron, aiming to capture the character’s cold and robotic nature while still conveying a sense of menace.

Who provides the motion capture for Ultron in the What If? series?

The motion capture work for Ultron in the “What If?” series is performed by Aaron Himelstein.

Is Aaron Himelstein also involved in the Avengers movies?

No, Aaron Himelstein is not involved in the motion capture work for Ultron in the Avengers movies. His role is specific to the “What If?” series.

What is the significance of Ultron as a villain in the Marvel universe?

Ultron is a major villain in the Marvel universe, known for his formidable intellect, advanced technology, and relentless pursuit of global domination. He has been a recurring adversary of the Avengers and is a constant threat to the world.

Are there any differences in Ultron’s character between the “What If?” series and the Avengers movies?

While the core character of Ultron remains the same, there may be slight differences in his portrayal between the “What If?” series and the Avengers movies due to the alternate timeline and storytelling approach of the animated series.

Does James Spader provide the voice for any other characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

No, James Spader’s portrayal of Ultron is his only role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Will James Spader continue voicing Ultron in future Marvel projects?

There is no official confirmation regarding James Spader continuing to voice Ultron in future Marvel projects. It will depend on the specific plans and direction of the Marvel studios.