When is the Release Date for the New Dragon Ball Movie?

When is the Release Date for the New Dragon Ball Movie?

When is the Release Date for the New Dragon Ball Movie?

Dragon Ball is a popular anime and manga series that has captivated fans worldwide. With its epic battles, engaging characters, and intricate storyline, Dragon Ball has become a cultural phenomenon. Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the new Dragon Ball movie, but the question on everyone’s mind is: when will it hit theatres?

The Anticipation for the New Dragon Ball Movie

The excitement surrounding the new Dragon Ball movie is palpable. Fans have been eagerly anticipating any news or updates regarding the release date. With the success of previous Dragon Ball movies and the immense popularity of the franchise, expectations for this latest installment are sky-high.

The Trailer Teases

The Dragon Ball movie trailer has recently been released, further fueling the anticipation. The trailer showcases stunning visuals, intense action sequences, and familiar faces. Fans are buzzing with excitement as they analyze every frame, attempting to decipher the plot and speculate on what surprises lie in store.

Release Date Speculations

While there has been no official announcement on the exact release date, there are several speculations circulating within the Dragon Ball community. Some fans believe that the movie will debut during a specific holiday season or coincide with a significant event related to the franchise. Others speculate that the release will coincide with the series’ anniversary, which falls on a particular day.

Despite these speculations, it is crucial to remember that they are simply fan theories and rumors. To obtain reliable information regarding the release date, it is best to rely on official announcements from the movie’s production company or the franchise’s official channels.

Keeping Up with Dragon Ball News

As a Dragon Ball fan, it is essential to stay updated with the latest news and announcements about the upcoming movie. Following official Dragon Ball social media accounts and subscribing to newsletters or websites dedicated to the franchise is a reliable way to receive accurate and timely information.

Additionally, participating in online forums or communities can provide insights and discussions about the release date. Engaging with fellow fans to exchange theories and speculations can make the wait for the movie more enjoyable.


The release date for the new Dragon Ball movie remains a mystery, much to the frustration of fans eagerly awaiting its arrival. As the anticipation builds, it is crucial to rely on official sources for accurate information and avoid falling into the trap of rumors and speculations. By staying up to date with official announcements, fans can better navigate through the periods of uncertainty and make the most out of their Dragon Ball experience.


1. When will the new Dragon Ball movie be released?

The new Dragon Ball movie is set to be released on December 14, 2021.

2. Is this movie a part of the Dragon Ball Super series?

Yes, the new Dragon Ball movie is indeed a part of the Dragon Ball Super series.

3. Who is the director of the new movie?

The director of the new Dragon Ball movie is Tatsuya Nagamine.

4. Will the original Dragon Ball voice actors be reprising their roles?

Yes, the original voice actors will be reprising their roles in the new Dragon Ball movie.

5. What is the title of the new Dragon Ball movie?

The title of the new Dragon Ball movie is “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”.

6. Will the new movie continue the storyline from Dragon Ball Super: Broly?

While the new movie is not a direct continuation of the story from Dragon Ball Super: Broly, it will still be set within the same universe and follow the events of the Dragon Ball Super series.

7. Can we expect any new transformations or power-ups in the movie?

Yes, the new Dragon Ball movie is said to introduce new transformations and power-ups for the characters.

8. Is there any information about the plot of the movie?

As of now, the plot of the new Dragon Ball movie has been kept under wraps and not much information has been revealed.

9. Will the new movie have a limited theatrical release?

While initial screenings might be limited, the new Dragon Ball movie is expected to have a wide international release, similar to its predecessor.

10. Can we expect any surprises or Easter eggs in the new Dragon Ball movie?

Being a Dragon Ball production, it wouldn’t be surprising to see some exciting surprises and Easter eggs that fans can look forward to discovering in the new movie.