When is 'Black Clover' Coming Back? - Updates on the Return of the Popular Anime Series

When is ‘Black Clover’ Coming Back? – Updates on the Return of the Popular Anime Series

When is ‘Black Clover’ Coming Back? – Updates on the Return of the Popular Anime Series

Are you eagerly awaiting the return of the popular anime series ‘Black Clover’? If so, you’re not alone. Fans around the world have been eagerly awaiting news on when the series will resume. In this article, we will provide updates on the return of ‘Black Clover’ and everything you need to know about its comeback.

The Hiatus

‘Black Clover’ first premiered in 2017 and quickly gained a dedicated fanbase. However, in 2021, the series went on an indefinite hiatus, leaving fans wondering when they would be able to see their favorite characters and storylines again. The hiatus was unexpected and left many fans disappointed.

Reason for the Hiatus

The reason for the hiatus is still unclear. Various rumors and speculations have circulated, but there is no official statement from the creators or production team regarding the exact cause. Some fans speculate that the hiatus is due to production issues, while others believe it may be a creative decision to allow the manga to progress further. Whatever the reason may be, fans are eagerly waiting for the series to resume.

Expected Return Date

As of now, there is no confirmed return date for ‘Black Clover.’ The production studio and creators have not made any official announcements regarding the future of the series. This has caused frustration among fans who are eager to continue following the adventures of Asta and the Black Bulls.

However, it’s important to note that the hiatus does not necessarily mean the end of the series. Many anime series take breaks, especially those based on ongoing manga. ‘Black Clover’ is based on a popular manga series that is still ongoing, which indicates that the anime will likely return once there is enough source material to adapt.

Anticipation and Speculation

Despite the lack of concrete information, the anticipation and speculation amongst fans continue to grow. Social media platforms are filled with discussions and theories about the future of ‘Black Clover.’ This shows the dedication and love fans have for the series.

Some fans believe that the hiatus will allow the production team to improve the animation quality and create an even better viewing experience in the future. Others hope for the introduction of new story arcs and characters that will surprise and delight audiences.

Staying Updated

If you want to stay updated on the return of ‘Black Clover,’ there are a few things you can do. Firstly, follow official social media accounts of the anime and manga series. This will ensure that you receive any official announcements or updates directly from the source.

Additionally, keeping an eye on reputable anime news websites and forums will provide you with the latest news and speculations about the return of ‘Black Clover.’ These platforms often have dedicated sections for ongoing anime series and are a great place to connect with fellow fans and discuss the series.

Patiently Awaiting

While waiting for the return of ‘Black Clover’ may be frustrating, it’s important to remember that good things come to those who wait. The hiatus may be a sign of a bigger and better future for the series.

In the meantime, you can revisit your favorite episodes or read the manga to keep yourself immersed in the world of ‘Black Clover.’ This will help you stay connected to the story and characters you love while eagerly awaiting the anime’s return.


In conclusion, the return date for ‘Black Clover’ is still uncertain, leaving fans eagerly awaiting any news or updates. The hiatus may be disappointing, but it also brings anticipation and the hope for an improved and exciting future for the series. In the meantime, staying connected with official social media accounts and anime news platforms will help fans stay updated on any developments. So, stay patient and continue supporting ‘Black Clover’ as we all eagerly await its highly anticipated return.


1. When did “Black Clover” go on hiatus?

The “Black Clover” anime series went on hiatus after its 170th episode, which aired on March 30, 2021.

2. Why did “Black Clover” go on hiatus?

The hiatus was primarily due to the fact that the anime had caught up to the ongoing manga series, and the production team needed time to create a sufficient gap between the two.

3. Is “Black Clover” coming back for another season?

Yes, “Black Clover” will be returning for another season. The hiatus was only temporary, and there are plans to continue the anime series.

4. When can we expect “Black Clover” to return?

The exact date for “Black Clover’s” return has not been announced yet. However, it is expected to come back sometime in the future, possibly after a gap of several months.

5. Will there be any changes in the production of “Black Clover” upon its return?

As of now, there have been no official announcements regarding changes in the production of “Black Clover.” However, it is always possible that adjustments or improvements may be made.

6. How many episodes are expected in the next season of “Black Clover”?

The episode count for the next season has not been confirmed. However, considering the show’s popularity, it is likely that it will continue for a significant number of episodes.

7. Will the next season of “Black Clover” follow the manga storyline?

“Black Clover” has generally stayed faithful to the manga, so it is expected that the anime will continue to follow the manga storyline in the next season as well.

8. Are there any new developments or surprises planned for the upcoming season of “Black Clover”?

Specific details about new developments or surprises in the upcoming season have not been disclosed yet. Fans will have to wait for official announcements or trailers for more information.

9. Will the main cast and characters return for the next season of “Black Clover”?

Most likely, the main cast and characters from the previous seasons will be returning to voice their respective roles in the next season of “Black Clover.”

10. Where can fans stay updated on the return of “Black Clover”?

To stay updated regarding the return of “Black Clover,” fans can follow official sources such as the anime’s official website, social media accounts, or news outlets specializing in anime updates.