When Does the Ninjago Movie Come Out? Get Ready to Immerse Yourself in the Exciting World of Ninjas and Adventure

When Does the Ninjago Movie Come Out? Get Ready to Immerse Yourself in the Exciting World of Ninjas and Adventure

When Does the Ninjago Movie Come Out? Get Ready to Immerse Yourself in the Exciting World of Ninjas and Adventure

Are you a fan of ninjas and adventure? If so, get ready to be thrilled because the highly anticipated Ninjago movie is about to hit theaters!

The Release Date

The release date for the Ninjago movie is rapidly approaching. Fans all over the world are eagerly waiting for September 22nd, the day when they can finally immerse themselves in the exciting world of ninjas and embark on an epic adventure.

What to Expect

The Ninjago movie promises to deliver non-stop action, captivating storytelling, and unforgettable characters. Boasting a star-studded cast that includes Jackie Chan and Dave Franco, this animated film is set to be a visual and audio treat for audiences of all ages.

The movie takes place in the bustling city of Ninjago, where a group of young ninjas, led by their wise mentor Master Wu, must defend their city from the evil warlord Garmadon. Along the way, they uncover their true power and learn valuable life lessons about friendship, teamwork, and courage.

Why You Should Watch It

If you’re a fan of the Lego Ninjago franchise, then you definitely shouldn’t miss this movie. It’s a chance to see your favorite characters come to life on the big screen, and to witness their incredible martial arts skills in jaw-dropping action sequences.

Even if you’re new to the world of Ninjago, the movie offers a perfect introduction to the franchise. With its engaging storyline and charismatic characters, it’s a film that appeals to both children and adults alike.

How to Prepare for the Movie

Before you head to the theater, it’s worth brushing up on your Ninjago knowledge. Dive into the world of Ninjago by watching the TV show or reading the graphic novels. This will give you a better understanding of the characters, their abilities, and the universe they inhabit.

Additionally, keep an eye out for promotional material and merchandise related to the movie. Collectibles such as action figures, posters, and clothing can enhance your movie experience and serve as mementos of your journey into the Ninjago world.

In Conclusion

The Ninjago movie is set to be an action-packed adventure that will transport audiences into a world of ninjas, bravery, and excitement. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer, this film promises to be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

So mark your calendars for September 22nd and get ready to be captivated by the exhilarating world of Ninjago!


1. When does the Ninjago Movie come out?

The Ninjago Movie was released on September 22, 2017.

2. What is the Ninjago Movie about?

The Ninjago Movie is an animated action comedy film based on the popular Lego Ninjago toy line. It follows the story of six young ninja warriors who must defend their home, Ninjago City, from the evil warlord Garmadon.

3. Who are the main characters in the Ninjago Movie?

The main characters in the Ninjago Movie are Lloyd, Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Nya, and Master Wu. Lloyd is the Green Ninja and the focus of the film, while the others are fellow ninja warriors.

4. Is the Ninjago Movie part of the Lego Movie franchise?

Yes, the Ninjago Movie is part of the Lego Movie franchise. It is the third installment in the series, following the original Lego Movie and the Lego Batman Movie.

5. Who directed the Ninjago Movie?

The Ninjago Movie was directed by Charlie Bean, Paul Fisher, and Bob Logan. They co-directed the film, bringing their creative vision to life.

6. Is the Ninjago Movie suitable for children?

Yes, the Ninjago Movie is suitable for children. It is rated PG (Parental Guidance) and is generally considered family-friendly. However, parents should use their own discretion based on their child’s sensitivity and age.

7. Are there any famous actors voicing the characters in the Ninjago Movie?

Yes, there are several famous actors who lend their voices to the characters in the Ninjago Movie. Dave Franco, Justin Theroux, Michael Peña, Olivia Munn, Fred Armisen, and Jackie Chan are among the talented cast.

8. Is the Ninjago Movie based on a TV series?

Yes, the Ninjago Movie is based on the TV series called “Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.” The movie brings the characters and world of the TV series to the big screen in a cinematic adventure.

9. Is the Ninjago Movie available in 3D?

Yes, the Ninjago Movie is available in 3D. The filmmakers wanted to enhance the visual experience and bring an extra level of depth to the animated world of Ninjago.

10. Does the Ninjago Movie have any sequels or spin-offs?

As of now, there are no direct sequels or spin-offs announced for the Ninjago Movie. However, the Ninjago toy line and TV series continue to captivate fans, so future projects are always a possibility.