When Does Picard Season 3 Start? Everything You Need to Know About the Release Date

When Does Picard Season 3 Start? Everything You Need to Know About the Release Date

When Does Picard Season 3 Start? Everything You Need to Know About the Release Date

Star Trek: Picard has become one of the most popular shows in the Star Trek franchise. Fans are eagerly awaiting the third season of this beloved series, and many are wondering when it will be released. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about the release date of Picard Season 3.

Release Date

As of now, CBS has not announced an official release date for Picard Season 3. However, it is expected to premiere sometime in 2022. This is based on the production schedule and previous release patterns of the show. While fans will have to wait a bit longer for the new season, the anticipation is only growing.

Production Schedule and Filming

The production schedule and filming of Picard Season 3 have been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The ongoing global situation has caused disruptions in the entertainment industry, and Star Trek: Picard is no exception. However, the production team is working hard to bring the new season to life while ensuring the safety of the cast and crew.

Filming for Season 3 began in February 2021 and is expected to conclude in late 2021. The post-production process, including editing and visual effects, will then take place before the season is ready for release.

Plot and Storyline

While details about the plot and storyline of Picard Season 3 are being kept under wraps, fans can expect another exciting and thrilling adventure. The previous seasons left viewers with many unanswered questions, and it is anticipated that Season 3 will provide the long-awaited answers.

One of the key elements of Picard Season 3 will be the exploration of the aftermath of Season 2’s finale, which saw major changes in the Star Trek universe. The show will continue to delve into complex themes, character development, and the exploration of the human condition, which have been the hallmarks of Star Trek.

Returning Cast and New Additions

Patrick Stewart will reprise his iconic role as Jean-Luc Picard in Season 3. Alongside him, several other familiar faces from the previous seasons are expected to return. This includes Alison Pill as Agnes Jurati, Isa Briones as Soji Asha, and Santiago Cabrera as Cristobal Rios.

Additionally, new cast members are joining the ensemble for Season 3. John de Lancie will make a highly anticipated return as Q, a beloved character from Star Trek: The Next Generation. This has excited fans and increased speculation about the storyline for the upcoming season.


While the exact release date for Picard Season 3 has not been announced, fans can look forward to its premiere sometime in 2022. The production team is working diligently to bring another thrilling season to viewers, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. With the returning cast and exciting new additions, the anticipation for Season 3 is higher than ever. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to embark on another extraordinary journey with Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: Picard Season 3.


1. When does Picard Season 3 start?

The official release date for Picard Season 3 has not been announced yet.

2. Has the production of Picard Season 3 begun?

As of now, there is no information available regarding the start of production for Picard Season 3.

3. Will the main cast from the previous seasons return for Season 3?

It is expected that the main cast, including Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard, will return for Season 3. However, official confirmation is yet to be made.

4. How many episodes will be there in Picard Season 3?

The number of episodes for Season 3 has not been confirmed. Previous seasons had ten episodes each, so a similar episode count can be expected.

5. Can we expect any new characters in Picard Season 3?

There is no information available about any new characters that may be introduced in Season 3 at the moment.

6. Will Season 3 continue the storyline from Season 2?

While the specific details of Season 3’s storyline have not been revealed, it is expected to continue the narrative from Season 2 and explore the aftermath of the events.

7. Is there a trailer or teaser available for Picard Season 3 yet?

As of now, no official trailer or teaser has been released for Picard Season 3.

8. Which network or streaming platform will air Picard Season 3?

Picard Season 3 will be available for streaming exclusively on Paramount+. The previous seasons were also aired on this platform.

9. Are there any major changes expected in Season 3?

There is no concrete information available regarding any major changes in Season 3 at this time.

10. Will Picard Season 3 be the final season of the series?

As of now, it is unclear whether Season 3 will be the final season of Picard or if the show will continue beyond it. No official announcement has been made regarding the show’s future.