When Does Maddie Leave Dance Moms? Exploring the Journey of a Rising Star in Film and Television

When Does Maddie Leave Dance Moms? Exploring the Journey of a Rising Star in Film and Television

When Does Maddie Leave Dance Moms? Exploring the Journey of a Rising Star in Film and Television

The Early Beginnings and Rise to Fame

Maddie Ziegler, a talented young dancer, captured the hearts of viewers around the world with her stunning performances on the popular reality TV show Dance Moms. Starting at just eight years old, Maddie quickly became a standout performer, catching the attention of not only her dance instructor, Abby Lee Miller, but also the show’s dedicated fan base.

The Decision to Leave Dance Moms

As Maddie’s star continued to rise, many fans wondered when she would eventually leave Dance Moms and pursue other opportunities in the entertainment industry. While the show provided a platform for her early success, Maddie’s ambitions extended beyond the reality TV world.

New Chapters in Film and Television

After leaving Dance Moms in 2016, Maddie wasted no time in pursuing her dreams in film and television. She landed the opportunity of a lifetime when she was cast as the lead dancer in Sia’s hit music video for “Chandelier.” This iconic role propelled Maddie into the mainstream spotlight and showcased her exceptional talent on a global scale.

The Evolution of a Rising Star

Since her departure from Dance Moms, Maddie has gone on to achieve remarkable success in the entertainment industry. She has appeared in multiple music videos for Sia, cementing herself as the renowned singer’s muse. Maddie has also starred in various television shows, including her own reality series, “Maddie’s Next Step,” which follows her journey as a dancer and aspiring actress.

Exploring Maddie’s Filmography

In addition to her work in music videos and television, Maddie has made her mark in the world of film. She made her acting debut in the critically acclaimed movie “The Book of Henry” and has since continued to take on diverse roles in both independent films and mainstream productions. This versatility has solidified Maddie’s presence not only as a prominent dancer but also as a talented actress.

The Impact on Dance Moms and Beyond

Maddie’s departure from Dance Moms marked a significant turning point for the show. Many viewers questioned whether the show could continue without its star performer, but the legacy she left behind has undeniably influenced the future of the series. Maddie’s success has also inspired countless aspiring young dancers to pursue their dreams, serving as a role model for those who aspire to make a name for themselves in the industry.


In the journey of a rising star like Maddie Ziegler, the decision to leave Dance Moms was just the beginning. Her talent, dedication, and ambition have propelled her to new heights in the world of film and television. With each new project, Maddie continues to captivate audiences and prove that her early success was just the beginning of a remarkable career.


1. When did Maddie leave Dance Moms?

Maddie left Dance Moms in 2016.

2. What led to Maddie’s decision to leave the show?

Maddie decided to leave Dance Moms to focus on her budding career in film and television.

3. Did Maddie’s departure impact the show?

Yes, Maddie’s departure had a significant impact on the dynamics of Dance Moms, as she was one of the show’s most popular and talented dancers.

4. What projects has Maddie pursued after leaving Dance Moms?

After leaving Dance Moms, Maddie has ventured into acting, starring in films such as “The Book of Henry” and “Music,” as well as appearing in TV shows like “Austin & Ally” and “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors.”

5. How has Maddie’s career progressed since leaving Dance Moms?

Maddie’s career has soared since leaving Dance Moms. She has received critical acclaim for her acting abilities and has collaborated with notable artists such as Sia in the music industry.

6. Has Maddie continued to dance professionally?

Although she has shifted her focus towards acting, Maddie still participates in dance projects and occasionally collaborates with choreographers and dancers.

7. Is Maddie still in contact with her Dance Moms castmates?

Yes, Maddie maintains relationships with some of her Dance Moms castmates, and they have occasionally reunited for special projects or events.

8. Has Maddie expressed any regrets about leaving Dance Moms?

Maddie has not publicly expressed any regrets about leaving Dance Moms. She has been grateful for the opportunities the show provided but also acknowledges the need to explore other avenues.

9. How has Maddie’s success impacted her personal life?

Maddie’s success has brought her fame and recognition, but she has managed to maintain a relatively grounded and humble demeanor. She has a supportive family and continues to prioritize her education.

10. What can we expect from Maddie in the future?

Given her immense talent and drive, it is likely that Maddie will continue to thrive in the entertainment industry. Fans can anticipate more acting roles, dance collaborations, and possibly even her own projects as she continues to grow as a rising star.