When Does Dinozzo Depart NCIS? A Recap of the Season that Marked the Exit

When Does Dinozzo Depart NCIS? A Recap of the Season that Marked the Exit

When Does Dinozzo Depart NCIS? A Recap of the Season that Marked the Exit


Throughout the long-running crime drama series “NCIS,” fans grew to love Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, played by Michael Weatherly. However, there came a heartbreaking moment when it was announced that Weatherly would be leaving the show after the thirteenth season. This article aims to recap the season that marked Dinozzo’s departure, exploring the reasons behind the actor’s exit and the impact it had on the beloved character and the show as a whole.

A Farewell to DiNozzo: Exploring Michael Weatherly’s Departure

After portraying Special Agent DiNozzo for thirteen seasons, Michael Weatherly made the difficult decision to bid farewell to the beloved character and embark on new career opportunities. Weatherly wanted to explore different creative ventures and challenge himself with fresh acting projects. Despite the heartache it caused among the fans, the departure was amicable, leaving the door open for possible future appearances.

The Impact of DiNozzo’s Exit on NCIS

DiNozzo’s departure had a profound impact on the dynamics of the show. His character brought wit, charm, and humor to the team, and his absence was felt deeply by both the characters and the audience. The producers and writers had to navigate this significant change and find a way to fill the void left by DiNozzo’s departure, which was no easy task.

A Season of Emotional Goodbyes: Dinozzo’s Last Cases

The thirteenth season of “NCIS” was a rollercoaster of emotions as fans prepared to say goodbye to DiNozzo. Before his departure, the writers crafted compelling storylines to honor his character’s contribution to the team. They explored DiNozzo’s personal life, relationships, and growth, providing closure to his narrative arc and giving fans a chance to bid farewell to their favorite agent.

DiNozzo’s Legacy: The Impact and Influence of the Character

Special Agent DiNozzo left an indelible mark on “NCIS” and its fan base. His witty one-liners, endearing personality, and memorable character development earned him a special place in fans’ hearts. DiNozzo became an iconic figure within the show and left a lasting legacy for the future of “NCIS.” His departure became a turning point in the series, presenting an opportunity for fresh storylines and new character dynamics.


While the departure of Special Agent DiNozzo was undoubtedly a challenging moment for both the cast and fans of “NCIS,” it opened the door to new possibilities and allowed the show to evolve. Michael Weatherly’s decision to leave the show after thirteen seasons marked the end of an era, but the impact of DiNozzo’s character will forever be etched in the hearts of loyal viewers. As the show continues, fans eagerly anticipate what lies ahead and how the remaining characters will adapt to this significant change.


1. When did Dinozzo depart NCIS?

Dinozzo departed NCIS in the 13th season.

2. Was Dinozzo’s departure a gradual exit or a sudden departure?

Dinozzo’s departure was a gradual exit, with hints and foreshadowing leading up to it.

3. Why did Dinozzo decide to leave NCIS?

Dinozzo decided to leave NCIS to take care of his daughter, who had been revealed to him during the course of the series.

4. How did Dinozzo’s departure impact the dynamics of the team?

Dinozzo’s departure had a significant impact on the dynamics of the team, as he was a key member and his absence left a void that needed to be filled.

5. Did Dinozzo’s departure result in any conflicts or unresolved storylines?

Yes, Dinozzo’s departure resulted in several unresolved storylines, notably the fate of a major character that was left hanging.

6. Did Dinozzo’s departure affect the show’s ratings?

Yes, Dinozzo’s departure had an impact on the show’s ratings, with some fans expressing disappointment and decreased viewership following his exit.

7. Were there any memorable moments leading up to Dinozzo’s departure?

Yes, there were several memorable moments leading up to Dinozzo’s departure, including emotional scenes and heartfelt conversations with other characters.

8. How did the show handle Dinozzo’s departure?

The show handled Dinozzo’s departure by giving his character a proper send-off and allowing for closure in his storyline.

9. Did Dinozzo’s departure open up new storylines for the remaining characters?

Yes, Dinozzo’s departure opened up new storylines and allowed for the development of other characters within the series.

10. What are some fan theories surrounding Dinozzo’s departure?

Some fan theories surrounding Dinozzo’s departure include the possibility of a future return, either as a guest star or for a special storyline. Others believe his departure was necessary for character growth and to keep the show fresh.