When Did Sam and Colby Get Arrested? Exploring the Controversial Incident Involving the Popular YouTubers

When Did Sam and Colby Get Arrested? Exploring the Controversial Incident Involving the Popular YouTubers

When Did Sam and Colby Get Arrested?

Samuel Colby Brock and Colby Derek Oliveira, better known as Sam and Colby, are popular American YouTubers known for their adventurous vlogs, exploration videos, and paranormal investigations. However, their content took a controversial turn when they were involved in an incident that led to their arrest.

The Controversial Incident

In May 2020, Sam and Colby were arrested for trespassing in an old abandoned hotel in Gary, Indiana. The incident took place during the COVID-19 pandemic, when many cities were under lockdown and non-essential activities were prohibited.

Sam and Colby’s main focus is exploring haunted and abandoned locations, documenting their experiences and sharing them with their millions of viewers. While their videos usually attract a large audience, this particular incident drew significant attention due to the legal consequences they faced.

The Trespassing Charges

As a result of their trespassing, Sam and Colby were charged with misdemeanor trespassing on school property. They pleaded guilty and were sentenced to probation and community service.

This incident sparked a debate among their fans and the online community regarding the ethics of their content. Some argued that their actions were irresponsible and disrespectful to the property owners and the law, while others defended them, stating that they were simply exploring and sharing their experiences with their audience.

Lessons Learned

This incident served as a wake-up call for Sam and Colby, prompting them to reevaluate their approach to creating content. In their subsequent videos, they expressed remorse for their actions and emphasized the importance of respecting private property and laws.

They acknowledged that their influence extends beyond entertainment and that they have a responsibility to be mindful of the impact their actions may have on their viewers. They pledged to focus on creating more responsible and educational content, respecting the boundaries and laws of the locations they visit.

The Future of Sam and Colby

Despite the backlash they received, Sam and Colby have continued to create content on YouTube. They have diversified their content by incorporating challenges, collaborations, and motivational videos alongside their exploration and paranormal investigation videos.

They have also taken steps to ensure that their content is more responsible and educational. They provide disclaimers and safety reminders in their videos, encouraging their audience to explore within the limits of the law and respect the properties they visit.

Sam and Colby’s goal is to entertain and inspire their viewers while ensuring that their content promotes ethical exploration. They have learned from their mistakes and are committed to using their platform to spread positivity and awareness.

In Conclusion

The arrest of Sam and Colby for trespassing in an abandoned hotel sparked controversy and raised questions about the ethics of their content. However, they used this incident as an opportunity to reflect on their actions and make changes to their approach.

While the incident brought negative attention to their channel, it also led to important discussions about responsible exploration and the influence of YouTubers on their audience. Sam and Colby have taken these lessons to heart and are now focused on creating more ethical and educational content, aiming to inspire and entertain their viewers while respecting the law and the properties they visit.


1. When did Sam and Colby get arrested?

The controversial incident involving popular YouTubers Sam and Colby occurred on May 27, 2019.

2. What led to the arrest of Sam and Colby?

Sam and Colby were arrested for trespassing and possession of burglary tools while exploring an abandoned amusement park.

3. Where did the incident involving Sam and Colby take place?

The incident took place at Six Flags New Orleans, an abandoned amusement park in Louisiana, United States.

4. Were Sam and Colby the only ones arrested?

No, Sam and Colby were not the only ones arrested. Two other individuals, Colby’s brother and a friend, were also taken into custody.

5. What were Sam and Colby and their friends doing at the abandoned amusement park?

Sam and Colby, along with their friends, were urban exploring and capturing footage for their YouTube channel, which focuses on paranormal investigations and thrilling adventures.

6. Did Sam and Colby have permission to be at the abandoned amusement park?

No, Sam and Colby did not have permission to be at the abandoned amusement park. They entered the premises without authorization.

7. How did the arrest and subsequent controversy affect Sam and Colby’s YouTube career?

The arrest and controversy surrounding the incident brought significant attention to Sam and Colby’s YouTube channel. While it did negatively impact their reputation initially, it ultimately increased their popularity and subscriber count.

8. What were the legal consequences faced by Sam and Colby?

Following their arrest, Sam and Colby were charged with misdemeanor trespassing and possession of burglary tools. They were required to complete community service and pay fines as part of their sentence.

9. Have Sam and Colby returned to Six Flags New Orleans after the incident?

No, Sam and Colby have not returned to Six Flags New Orleans since the incident and their subsequent arrest. They have emphasized the importance of learning from their mistakes and focusing on legal and safe adventures.

10. How did Sam and Colby address the controversy surrounding their arrest?

Sam and Colby publicly acknowledged their wrongdoings and expressed remorse for their actions. They used the incident as a learning opportunity and have encouraged their fans to prioritize safety and legality in their own adventures.