When Did Mike Connors' Wife Pass Away? Exploring the Life and Legacy of the Actor on Film

When Did Mike Connors’ Wife Pass Away? Exploring the Life and Legacy of the Actor on Film

When Did Mike Connors’ Wife Pass Away?

Mike Connors, known for his role as Joe Mannix in the detective television series “Mannix,” had a long and successful career in the entertainment industry. However, his personal life was not without its sorrows. Connors’ wife, Marylou Connors, sadly passed away on September 10, 2017.

Exploring the Life of Mike Connors

Born on August 15, 1925, under the name Kreker Ohanian, Mike Connors grew up in Fresno, California. He started his acting career in the 1950s, appearing in various films and television shows. However, it was his role as the tough private investigator Joe Mannix in the hit series “Mannix” that made him a household name.

Connors’ portrayal of Mannix earned him widespread recognition and accolades, including a Golden Globe Award in 1970 and four Emmy nominations. The series ran for a total of eight seasons, from 1967 to 1975, and became one of the most popular crime dramas of its time.

The Legacy of Mike Connors

Throughout his career, Mike Connors left a lasting impact on the entertainment industry. His portrayal of Joe Mannix not only solidified his place as a talented actor but also paved the way for future crime dramas and detective shows. Connors’ portrayal of the tough yet sensitive investigator resonated with audiences, creating a beloved character that has stood the test of time.

Beyond “Mannix,” Connors continued to work in television and film, appearing in various roles throughout the years. His versatility as an actor allowed him to tackle a wide range of characters, showcasing his talent and versatility.

Remembering Marylou Connors

Mike Connors’ wife, Marylou Connors, was a significant part of his life. The couple had been married for over 67 years before Marylou’s passing. Their long-lasting love and partnership were a source of strength for Connors throughout his career.

Marylou Connors was known for her unwavering support of her husband’s career. She stood by him through the highs and lows of Hollywood, providing a loving and stable presence in his life.

The passing of Marylou Connors in 2017 was a great loss for Mike Connors and his family. They were together for many years, sharing a lifetime of memories and experiences. Her presence is deeply missed, but her memory lives on in the hearts of those who knew and loved her.

A Lasting Legacy

Despite the personal tragedy of losing his beloved wife, Mike Connors’ legacy lives on. His contributions to the entertainment industry and his iconic portrayal of Joe Mannix continue to be celebrated and remembered by fans worldwide.

Connors’ talent, dedication, and charm have left an indelible mark on the film and television industry. His work serves as an inspiration to aspiring actors and a reminder of the lasting impact one can have in the hearts and minds of audiences.

While the passing of Marylou Connors brought great sadness to Mike Connors’ life, his legacy and contributions to the world of entertainment will always be cherished.


1. When did Mike Connors’ wife pass away?

Mike Connors’ wife, Marylou Connors, passed away on September 10, 2017.

2. How long were Mike Connors and his wife married?

Mike Connors and his wife, Marylou Connors, were married for 68 years.

3. What were some of Mike Connors’ most notable film roles?

Some of Mike Connors’ most notable film roles include his portrayal of Joe Mannix in the TV series “Mannix” and his role in the film “Sudden Fear” alongside Joan Crawford.

4. What was the cause of Mike Connors’ wife’s death?

Marylou Connors passed away due to complications from leukemia.

5. Did Mike Connors have any children with his wife?

Yes, Mike Connors had two children with his wife, a daughter named Dana and a son named Matthew.

6. How did Mike Connors meet his wife?

Mike Connors met his wife, Marylou Connors, while they were both attending the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

7. Did Mike Connors’ wife have any professional accomplishments?

While Marylou Connors primarily focused on being a supportive wife and mother, she also had a successful career as a singer and actress in the 1950s.

8. What was the duration of Mike Connors’ acting career?

Mike Connors had a remarkable acting career that spanned over six decades, from the 1950s until his death in 2017.

9. How did Mike Connors cope with the loss of his wife?

After the passing of his beloved wife, Mike Connors found solace in his close relationships with family and friends, as well as in his lifelong passion for acting.

10. How is Mike Connors remembered today?

Mike Connors is remembered as a talented and versatile actor who brought captivating characters to life on both the small and big screens. His legacy as Joe Mannix in the TV series “Mannix” continues to resonate with audiences, ensuring his place in television history.