When Can We Watch 'The Polar Express' on TV in 2016?

When Can We Watch ‘The Polar Express’ on TV in 2016?

When Can We Watch ‘The Polar Express’ on TV in 2016?

The Polar Express: A Holiday Classic

One of the most beloved holiday movies of all time, ‘The Polar Express’ continues to capture the hearts of audiences young and old. Based on the book by Chris Van Allsburg, the film tells the magical story of a young boy’s journey to the North Pole on a magical train. Released in 2004, this heartwarming tale has become a staple of holiday television programming.

Anticipation for ‘The Polar Express’ on TV

As the holiday season approaches, many fans are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to watch ‘The Polar Express’ on TV. The film’s beautiful animation, enchanting story, and memorable characters make it a must-watch for families looking to get into the holiday spirit. But when can we catch this holiday classic on television in 2016?

TV Schedule for ‘The Polar Express’

To ensure you don’t miss the chance to watch ‘The Polar Express’ on TV, it’s important to stay up to date with the TV schedule. While the exact dates and times may vary depending on your location and TV provider, here are some potential airings to look out for:

1. **Holiday Movie Marathons:** Many networks like ABC Family and Hallmark Channel dedicate entire days or weekends to airing holiday movies, including ‘The Polar Express.’ Keep an eye out for announcements regarding these marathons during the holiday season.

2. **Prime Time Broadcasts:** Some channels may choose to air ‘The Polar Express’ during prime time slots closer to Christmas. Check your local listings for specific dates and times.

3. **On-Demand and Streaming Services:** In addition to traditional TV broadcasts, ‘The Polar Express’ may also be available on-demand or through popular streaming services. Keep an eye out for it in the holiday movie section of your favorite streaming platform.

Tips for Enjoying ‘The Polar Express’ at Home

Watching ‘The Polar Express’ at home can be a cozy and memorable experience for the entire family. Here are some tips to enhance your viewing:

1. **Set Up a Movie Night:** Create a festive atmosphere by dimming the lights, turning up the Christmas decorations, and preparing some tasty holiday treats.

2. **Snuggle up with Hot Chocolate:** Just like in the movie, enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows while watching ‘The Polar Express.’

3. **Pajama Party:** Encourage everyone to wear their coziest pajamas to make the experience even more special.

4. **Prepare for the Magic:** Be ready for the enchantment of ‘The Polar Express’ by encouraging children to believe in the holiday spirit and the magic of Christmas.


The wait for ‘The Polar Express’ on TV in 2016 is almost over. As the holiday season approaches, keep an eye out for TV schedules, holiday movie marathons, and on-demand options to ensure you don’t miss the chance to enjoy this timeless holiday film. Set up a cozy viewing environment and make it a memorable experience for the whole family. Grab your hot chocolate, put on your pajamas, and join the magical journey to the North Pole with ‘The Polar Express.’


1. When will ‘The Polar Express’ be aired on TV in 2016?

The Polar Express is scheduled to be aired on TV in 2016 during the holiday season.

2. Which TV channel will broadcast ‘The Polar Express’?

The broadcasting rights for ‘The Polar Express’ have not yet been announced. Please check your local TV listings for more details.

3. Can we stream ‘The Polar Express’ online in 2016?

Yes, depending on the availability, ‘The Polar Express’ might be available for streaming on various platforms and websites. Check popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu to see if it is available.

4. Is ‘The Polar Express’ available for purchase or rental on digital platforms?

Yes, ‘The Polar Express’ is available for purchase or rental on various digital platforms such as iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Video. You can check these platforms for availability and pricing.

5. Will ‘The Polar Express’ be broadcast in 3D?

Currently, there is no information available regarding a 3D broadcast of ‘The Polar Express’ in 2016. It is advisable to check with your local theaters or TV listings for any special screenings.

6. Are there any edited versions of ‘The Polar Express’ for TV?

Sometimes TV channels might air edited versions of movies, but it is unclear if ‘The Polar Express’ will be edited for TV. To experience the movie in its entirety, you may consider purchasing or renting the original version.

7. How can I find out the specific air date and time for ‘The Polar Express’?

The exact air date and time for ‘The Polar Express’ in 2016 will be announced by the respective TV channel closer to the holiday season. Keep an eye on TV listings or official announcements for this information.

8. Are there any age restrictions to watch ‘The Polar Express’ on TV?

‘The Polar Express’ is generally considered a family-friendly movie and does not have any specific age restrictions for TV viewing. Parents or guardians can use their discretion based on the content and suitability for their children.

9. Can we find ‘The Polar Express’ on free-to-air TV channels?

While it is possible that ‘The Polar Express’ may be broadcast on free-to-air TV channels, it is not guaranteed. It is recommended to check local TV listings or contact your cable/satellite provider for more information.

10. Are there any alternative movies similar to ‘The Polar Express’ that will be aired on TV in 2016?

As the holiday season approaches, several TV channels may air movies with similar themes or styles to ‘The Polar Express.’ It is advisable to check TV listings or search online for holiday-themed movies during this time of the year.