When Can I Watch Hairspray Live on TV?

When Can I Watch Hairspray Live on TV?

When Can I Watch Hairspray Live on TV?

Are you a fan of musicals and can’t wait to watch the live adaptation of Hairspray on TV? Well, you’re in luck! Here is all the information you need to know about when and where you can watch Hairspray Live on TV.

What is Hairspray Live?

Hairspray Live is a television special that brings the beloved Broadway musical to life on the small screen. It is a live performance featuring a talented cast of actors, singers, and dancers who bring the story of Tracy Turnblad and her dreams of becoming a star to life.

When is Hairspray Live airing?

The live broadcast of Hairspray Live is scheduled to air on [insert date] at [insert time]. Make sure to mark your calendars and set a reminder so you don’t miss it!

Which channel will air Hairspray Live?

Hairspray Live will be broadcasted on [insert channel]. Check your local listings to confirm the channel number and make sure you have access to it.

Who is in the cast?

The cast of Hairspray Live includes some notable names from the world of entertainment. [Insert names of cast members]. These talented individuals will bring the beloved characters of Hairspray to life and showcase their singing and dancing skills.

How can I watch Hairspray Live if I don’t have cable?

If you don’t have cable, don’t worry! There are alternative ways to watch Hairspray Live. [Insert options for streaming platforms or online services that will be broadcasting the show]. Make sure to have a stable internet connection and a compatible device to enjoy the live performance.

Is there a way to watch Hairspray Live after it airs?

If you couldn’t catch the live broadcast of Hairspray Live, you might still have a chance to watch it after it airs. [Insert information about any on-demand options or platforms where the show will be available for streaming]. Keep an eye out for these options to ensure you don’t miss the chance to watch this fantastic musical.

Don’t miss this spectacular live performance!

Hairspray Live is a must-watch for any musical fan. With its catchy songs, energetic choreography, and powerful performances, it promises to be an unforgettable experience. So mark your calendars, set your reminders, and prepare to be entertained by the live adaptation of Hairspray.


1. When is Hairspray Live scheduled to air on TV?

The live broadcast of Hairspray Live is scheduled to air on Wednesday, December 7, 2022.

2. What channel will be airing Hairspray Live?

Hairspray Live will be aired on NBC, the official broadcasting network for the event.

3. What time will Hairspray Live start?

Hairspray Live is set to start at 8:00 PM Eastern Time (ET), so make sure to tune in on time!

4. Can I watch Hairspray Live on demand after it airs?

Yes, after the live broadcast, Hairspray Live will be available for On Demand viewing on NBC’s streaming platforms.

5. Is Hairspray Live only available in the United States?

While Hairspray Live will primarily air in the United States on NBC, international viewers may have the opportunity to catch the show through local broadcasting networks or streaming platforms.

6. Are closed captions available for Hairspray Live?

Yes, closed captions will be available during the live broadcast of Hairspray Live to ensure accessibility for viewers with hearing impairments.

7. Can I watch Hairspray Live online?

Yes, NBC will be providing a live stream of Hairspray Live on their official website, allowing viewers to watch the show online.

8. Will there be any encore presentations of Hairspray Live?

While there might be encore presentations of Hairspray Live on NBC or other affiliated channels, it is recommended to check your local TV listings for additional airings.

9. How long is the runtime for Hairspray Live?

The approximate runtime for Hairspray Live is about two and a half hours, including commercials.

10. Can I watch Hairspray Live with a cable subscription?

Yes, if you have access to NBC through a cable or satellite subscription, you can watch Hairspray Live on TV without any additional fees.