What's Wrong with Big Ed? Exploring the Controversial Character on Screen

What’s Wrong with Big Ed? Exploring the Controversial Character on Screen

What’s Wrong with Big Ed? Exploring the Controversial Character on Screen

The Rise of Big Ed

Big Ed Brown, a reality TV star known for his appearance on the hit show “90 Day Fiancé,” has garnered both fame and controversy during his time on screen. With his unique personality and appearance, Big Ed quickly became a fan favorite and a topic of discussion among viewers. However, his actions and behavior have sparked debates and criticism online, leaving many wondering what is wrong with this controversial character.

The Physical Controversy

One of the main reasons why Big Ed has faced significant backlash is his treatment of his former partner, Rosemarie Vega. The stark contrast in their physical appearances became a focal point of their relationship, with Big Ed often making insensitive remarks and degrading comments about Rosemarie’s appearance. This body shaming behavior has drawn immense criticism from viewers who argue that it is disrespectful and inappropriate.

The Inequality in Power Dynamics

Aside from the physical controversy surrounding Big Ed, there is also a deeper issue of power dynamics within his relationships. Many viewers have accused him of manipulating and taking advantage of Rosemarie’s vulnerability. The significant age difference between the two, as well as Big Ed’s position of financial stability, has led to concerns about a power imbalance in their relationship. This power dynamic has raised questions about the authenticity of their connection and whether it was built on genuine feelings or ulterior motives.

The Contradicting Behavior

Another aspect that has caused viewers to question Big Ed’s character is his contradictory behavior. Throughout the show, he frequently expressed his desire to have children, despite knowing that Rosemarie did not want to have any more kids. This led many to believe that Big Ed was disregarding their fundamental differences in order to fulfill his own desires. Such inconsistency has left viewers questioning his sincerity and genuine intentions.

The Need for Entertainment

While Big Ed’s controversial behavior and actions have received widespread criticism, it is important to remember that reality TV is often driven by drama and entertainment. Producers intentionally choose characters who will spark controversy and engage viewers, as it ultimately fuels ratings and generates buzz. Big Ed’s controversial persona may be a result of a combination of his own actions and the editing process, which highlights certain aspects of his personality for entertainment purposes.

The Impact on Reality TV

The controversies surrounding Big Ed highlight the ethical concerns within the realm of reality TV. The portrayal of characters like him raises questions about the responsibility of production companies in ensuring fairness and respect towards all individuals involved. These controversies also serve as a reminder for viewers to critically engage with the content they consume, separating reality from scripted narratives and questioning the authenticity of what they see on screen.

The Lesson Learned

Big Ed’s character on “90 Day Fiancé” has undoubtedly caused a stir among viewers. His controversial actions and behavior have led to discussions about body shaming, power dynamics, and the ethics of reality TV. While it is essential to address and condemn these behaviors, it is also crucial to use this as an opportunity for reflection and growth. By being aware of the controversies and engaging in meaningful discussions, viewers can better understand the implications of reality TV and demand more responsible and respectful content in the future.


1. Who is Big Ed?

Big Ed is a fictional character who appears on the television show “90 Day Fiancé.”

2. What controversies surround Big Ed?

Big Ed has sparked controversy due to his behavior and treatment of his partner on the show, as well as his appearance and actions off-screen.

3. What is Big Ed known for?

Big Ed is known for his distinctive appearance, including his shorter height and his signature hairstyle. He is also known for his confrontational and sometimes inappropriate behavior towards his partner.

4. What are some criticisms directed towards Big Ed?

Critics have accused Big Ed of being disrespectful and manipulative in his relationship. They have also criticized him for making inappropriate comments about his partner’s appearance.

5. Did Big Ed’s behavior change throughout the show?

While Big Ed faced backlash for his behavior on the show, he did show signs of growth and self-reflection. However, some viewers remain skeptical about the sincerity of his actions.

6. How has Big Ed responded to the controversies?

Big Ed has addressed the controversies surrounding him in interviews and on social media. He has acknowledged some mistakes and apologized for his behavior, but has also defended himself against certain allegations.

7. Why do some people find Big Ed entertaining?

Some viewers find Big Ed’s unconventional appearance and humorous moments entertaining. They see his character as a source of comedic relief in the show’s drama-filled narrative.

8. How has Big Ed’s portrayal affected public perception?

Big Ed’s portrayal on the show has polarized audiences. While some sympathize with him and see potential for personal growth, others view him as problematic and dismissive of his partner’s feelings.

9. Has Big Ed’s controversial reputation impacted his personal life?

Big Ed’s controversial reputation has led to public scrutiny and judgment. It has also affected his personal relationships, as some individuals question his intentions and character.

10. What can we learn from Big Ed’s character?

Big Ed’s character serves as a reminder of the importance of respect, communication, and empathy in relationships. His actions can prompt discussions about healthy behavior and the impact of reality TV on personal lives.