What's the Pig's Name on Moana? Meet Pua the Adorable Sidekick in Disney's Animated Film

What’s the Pig’s Name on Moana? Meet Pua the Adorable Sidekick in Disney’s Animated Film

What’s the Pig’s Name on Moana? Meet Pua the Adorable Sidekick in Disney’s Animated Film

If you’re a fan of Disney’s animated film Moana, you’re probably familiar with the lovable sidekick character, Pua the pig. Pua quickly captured the hearts of viewers with his cuteness and endearing personality. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Pua and learn more about his role in the movie.

Who is Pua?

Pua is a small, black-and-white spotted pig who accompanies Moana, the film’s brave and determined protagonist, on her journey across the ocean. He is Moana’s loyal and faithful companion, providing her with support and comfort as she navigates the challenges that come her way.

Despite being a pig, Pua doesn’t fit the stereotype of being filthy or greedy. Instead, he is clean and well-groomed, and his gentle nature makes him a beloved character among fans of all ages.

Pua’s Relationship with Moana

From the moment Moana discovers Pua as a piglet, the two form an instant bond. Pua acts as Moana’s confidant, always by her side to offer comfort and reassurance in difficult times. Their relationship is based on trust and mutual understanding, and their connection is evident throughout the film.

Moana often turns to Pua for support and guidance, especially when faced with tough decisions or moments of self-doubt. As a symbol of innocence and loyalty, Pua represents the unwavering friendship and support that Moana needs on her journey.

Pua’s Importance in the Film

While Pua may not have as much screen time as the main characters, his presence is significant and adds depth to the story. Pua represents the innocence and simplicity of life on Moana’s island, contrasting with the challenges and responsibilities she faces as a future leader.

Additionally, Pua serves as a reminder of Moana’s connection to her community and roots. He symbolizes the importance of staying connected to one’s heritage and finding strength in family and friends.

Popularity and Merchandise

Pua’s adorable appearance and charming personality have made him a fan-favorite character in Moana. This popularity has led to the creation of various Pua-themed merchandise, including plush toys, clothing, and accessories. Fans can now bring home their very own Pua and continue the adventure beyond the screen.

Whether you’re enthralled by Moana’s journey or simply captivated by Pua’s irresistible charm, there is no denying the impact this lovable pig has had on audiences worldwide.

In Conclusion

Pua the pig quickly became a beloved sidekick in Disney’s animated film Moana. His lovable personality, unwavering loyalty, and adorable appearance have endeared him to fans of all ages. As Moana’s loyal companion, Pua provides comfort and support, acting as a symbol of innocence and friendship throughout the film. From his meaningful role in the story to the popularity of Pua-themed merchandise, it’s clear that this little pig has left a lasting impression on audiences around the world.


1. What is the pig’s name in the animated film Moana?


2. Is Pua the main character in Disney’s Moana?

No, Pua is a sidekick character in the film.

3. How does Pua contribute to the story of Moana?

Pua serves as Moana’s loyal and adorable companion.

4. What breed of pig is Pua?

Pua is a pot-bellied pig.

5. Does Pua have any speaking lines in the film?

No, Pua does not have any speaking lines in the film.

6. Why is Pua loved by fans of the movie?

Pua’s cute appearance and playful nature make him endearing to viewers.

7. Who is Pua’s owner in the movie Moana?

Pua is owned by Moana’s family and is particularly close to Moana herself.

8. Does Pua accompany Moana on her journey?

No, Pua stays behind on the island while Moana embarks on her mission.

9. Does Pua encounter any challenges in the film?

Unlike the main characters, Pua does not face any significant challenges in the film.

10. What role does Pua play in the overall storyline of Moana?

Pua’s character provides moments of light-heartedness and companionship to Moana, adding an element of warmth to the film.