What's the Pig's Name in Moana? Meet Moana's Loyal Sidekick

What’s the Pig’s Name in Moana? Meet Moana’s Loyal Sidekick

What’s the Pig’s Name in Moana? Meet Moana’s Loyal Sidekick

The pig’s name in the Disney movie Moana is Pua. Pua is Moana’s loyal sidekick and companion throughout her journey. In this article, we will dive deeper into the character of Pua and explore its significance in the movie.

The Role of Pua in Moana

Pua is introduced as a piglet that Moana encounters on her island. From the moment Moana lays eyes on Pua, there is an instant connection. Pua becomes Moana’s confidant and constant companion, offering support and encouragement throughout her quest. Pua’s unwavering loyalty and adorable nature make it a beloved character in the movie.

Pua’s Importance to Moana’s Journey

Pua’s presence in Moana’s journey symbolizes the importance of companionship and friendship. As Moana faces various challenges and obstacles, Pua is there to provide emotional support and comfort her. Pua’s presence also adds a touch of light-heartedness to the story, balancing out the more intense and serious moments.

The Significance of Pua’s Name

In the Polynesian culture, the name Pua means “flower.” This name choice for the pig character in Moana serves a deeper purpose. Just like a flower brings beauty and joy, Pua brings warmth and happiness to Moana’s adventure. The name also represents the innocence and purity that Pua embodies throughout the movie.

Pua’s Impact on the Audience

Pua quickly became a fan-favorite character among viewers of Moana. Its adorable appearance and heartwarming interactions with Moana resonated with audiences of all ages. Pua’s presence adds an element of cuteness and charm, making it a memorable and lovable sidekick.

Pua Merchandise and Popularity

Due to its popularity, Pua has been featured in various Moana merchandise, including plush toys, clothing, and accessories. Fans of Moana can now own their very own Pua and keep it as a reminder of the heartwarming bond shared between Moana and her loyal pig companion.

In Conclusion

Pua, the pig in Moana, plays a significant role as Moana’s faithful sidekick. Its name, meaning “flower” in the Polynesian culture, reflects its role in bringing beauty, joy, and innocence to Moana’s journey. Pua’s popularity among viewers is understandable, as it adds a touch of cuteness and charm to the movie. Whether it’s on the big screen or in the form of merchandise, Pua continues to captivate the hearts of Moana fans worldwide.


1. What is the name of the pig in Moana?

The name of the pig in Moana is Pua.

2. What is Pua’s role in the movie?

Pua serves as Moana’s loyal sidekick and companion throughout her journey.

3. What is the significance of Pua in Moana’s story?

Pua represents Moana’s connection to her home and her people. He symbolizes companionship and loyalty.

4. How does Pua contribute to the narrative of the movie?

Pua’s presence in the story adds moments of levity and warmth. He also highlights the theme of family and the importance of staying connected to one’s roots.

5. What kind of pig is Pua?

Pua is a small, pot-bellied pig.

6. Does Pua have any special abilities or powers?

No, Pua does not possess any special abilities or powers. He is simply a loyal and supportive companion to Moana.

7. How does Pua help Moana on her journey?

While Pua does not directly contribute to Moana’s journey, his presence serves as a source of comfort and motivation for her. He symbolizes her connection to her home and people, reminding her of her purpose.

8. What are some memorable moments involving Pua in the movie?

Some memorable moments involving Pua include his playful interactions with Moana, his refusal to join her on the sea, and his heartwarming reunion with her at the end of the movie.

9. Is Pua a major character in the movie?

While Pua is not a major character in terms of screen time or direct influence on the plot, he is an important symbol and representation of Moana’s roots and journey.

10. Does Pua have any memorable lines in the movie?

No, Pua does not speak in the movie. He communicates through his actions and expressions, adding to his charm and appeal as a character.