What Year Was Everleigh LaBrant Born? Unveiling the Rising Star's Birthdate

What Year Was Everleigh LaBrant Born? Unveiling the Rising Star’s Birthdate

What Year Was Everleigh LaBrant Born? Unveiling the Rising Star’s Birthdate


Everleigh LaBrant, a young internet sensation, has taken the social media world by storm with her adorable personality and impressive talents. However, many fans and followers are left wondering about one crucial detail – her birthdate. In this article, we unveil the mystery and provide insights into the rising star’s birth year.

Who is Everleigh LaBrant?

Everleigh LaBrant is a famous YouTuber, dancer, and social media influencer with millions of followers across various platforms. Born into a family of content creators, Everleigh, together with her parents, Savannah and Cole LaBrant, rose to fame through their engaging videos and heartwarming family moments.

Why is Everleigh LaBrant’s Birthdate a Mystery?

Ever since Everleigh LaBrant gained popularity, fans and followers have been eager to learn more about her, including her birthdate. However, the LaBrant family consciously chose to keep this information private, allowing Everleigh to have a normal childhood away from the public eye. This decision created an air of mystery surrounding her birthdate, leaving fans eagerly speculating.

When Was Everleigh LaBrant Born? Uncovering the Truth

After much anticipation, the LaBrant family revealed Everleigh’s birthdate through an emotional YouTube video. On May 14th, 2012, Everleigh LaBrant entered the world, capturing the hearts of her family, friends, and now millions of adoring fans worldwide.

Everleigh LaBrant’s Impact on Social Media

Everleigh’s charm and natural talent have propelled her to become one of the youngest social media influencers in the industry. With her captivating dance videos, entertaining vlogs, and adorable personality, she has gained a dedicated following across platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

The Power of Everleigh LaBrant’s Story

Everleigh’s journey from a normal child to a rising star showcases the power of social media and the potential for young talents to make a significant impact. Her story serves as an inspiration for aspiring content creators, dancers, and individuals pursuing their passions.


Everleigh LaBrant’s birthdate, shrouded in mystery for years, has finally been unveiled, satisfying the curiosity of her fans. Born in 2012, Everleigh has since blossomed into a sensation, captivating the hearts of millions worldwide. Her journey is a testament to the power of social media and the limitless potential of young talents. As Everleigh continues to grow and evolve, her loyal followers eagerly anticipate her future endeavors.


1. When was Everleigh LaBrant born?

Everleigh LaBrant was born on December 14, 2012.

2. How old is Everleigh LaBrant currently?

As of now, Everleigh LaBrant is 8 years old.

3. Where was Everleigh LaBrant born?

Everleigh LaBrant was born in Southern California, United States.

4. Who are Everleigh LaBrant’s parents?

Everleigh LaBrant’s parents are Savannah LaBrant and Cole LaBrant.

5. Does Everleigh LaBrant have any siblings?

Yes, Everleigh LaBrant has two younger siblings named Posie Rayne LaBrant and Zealand Cole LaBrant.

6. Does Everleigh LaBrant have a famous online presence?

Yes, Everleigh LaBrant gained fame through her family’s YouTube channel, “The LaBrant Fam,” which has millions of subscribers.

7. What kind of content does Everleigh LaBrant feature on her family’s YouTube channel?

Everleigh LaBrant is often featured in family vlogs, challenge videos, and dance-related content on their YouTube channel.

8. Does Everleigh LaBrant have her own social media accounts?

Yes, Everleigh LaBrant has her own Instagram account where she shares photos and updates with her followers.

9. Has Everleigh LaBrant appeared on any TV shows or movies?

Everleigh LaBrant has made appearances on TV shows and movies, most notably in the reality series “Dance Moms.”

10. What are Everleigh LaBrant’s future aspirations?

Although it is too early to determine her long-term aspirations, Everleigh LaBrant enjoys dancing and may continue to pursue it as she grows older.