What Will Creed 3 Be About? Predicting the Plot and Exciting Expectations for the Next Installment

What Will Creed 3 Be About? Predicting the Plot and Exciting Expectations for the Next Installment

What Will Creed 3 Be About? Predicting the Plot and Exciting Expectations for the Next Installment

The Creed film series, a spin-off from the iconic Rocky franchise, has gained a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim since its debut in 2015. Directed by Ryan Coogler, the first film introduced us to the character of Adonis Creed, played by Michael B. Jordan, the son of legendary boxer Apollo Creed. The sequel, Creed II, continued the story and explored Adonis’ complex relationship with Viktor Drago, the son of his father’s former rival.

With the overwhelming success of the first two films, fans are eagerly anticipating the announcement of Creed 3. While no official plot details have been released, there are several predictions and exciting expectations for the next installment.

The Redemption of Ivan Drago

One of the most compelling storylines that could be explored in Creed 3 is the redemption of Ivan Drago, the once formidable opponent of Apollo Creed. In Creed II, we saw glimpses of Ivan feeling remorse and regret for his past actions. It would be intriguing to see this character arc continue, as Ivan seeks redemption through training and mentoring Adonis. This would not only provide closure for the Drago storyline but also offer a powerful exploration of forgiveness and redemption.

Adonis’ Journey to Becoming a Champion

Throughout the series, we have witnessed Adonis’ growth as a boxer and a person. In Creed 3, it is expected that his journey will continue, as he strives to become a true champion in his own right. This could involve facing new opponents, overcoming personal demons, and solidifying his legacy in the boxing world. As fans, we can anticipate intense training montages, emotional confrontations, and epic boxing matches that will keep us on the edge of our seats.

The Exploration of Adonis’ Personal Life

While the Creed films have primarily focused on Adonis’ boxing career, there is much more to his story than just his fights in the ring. Creed 3 could delve deeper into his personal life, exploring his relationships, family dynamics, and the challenges he faces outside of boxing. This could include further development of his romantic relationship with Bianca, portrayed by Tessa Thompson, and the complexities of balancing his personal and professional aspirations.

The Legacy of Apollo Creed

Apollo Creed, despite his tragic demise in Rocky IV, has continued to be a significant presence in the Creed films. In Creed 3, it is likely that his legacy will play a prominent role, both in Adonis’ journey and in the overall narrative. This could involve flashbacks to Apollo’s past, further exploration of his impact on the boxing world, or even unexpected revelations that shape Adonis’ understanding of his father’s legacy.

Exciting Expectations for Creed 3

As fans eagerly await the release of Creed 3, there are several exciting expectations for the next installment. These include:

  1. The return of key characters from the previous films, such as Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) and Mary Anne Creed (Phylicia Rashad).
  2. An epic and emotionally charged soundtrack, a staple of the Creed series, which perfectly captures the intensity of the boxing world and the personal struggles of the characters.
  3. Innovative and dynamic cinematography, showcasing the brutal beauty of the boxing matches and the emotional depths of the characters.
  4. A thought-provoking exploration of relevant themes beyond the world of boxing, such as identity, family, and societal pressures.
  5. A satisfying and memorable conclusion to the Creed trilogy, which provides closure for the characters and leaves audiences inspired and uplifted.

In summary, while the official plot for Creed 3 has yet to be revealed, there are many exciting predictions and expectations for the next installment. Fans can look forward to the redemption of Ivan Drago, Adonis’ journey to becoming a champion, the exploration of his personal life, and the continued legacy of Apollo Creed. With an anticipated return of beloved characters and the inclusion of thought-provoking themes, Creed 3 is poised to be another thrilling and emotionally resonant addition to the franchise.


1. Will Creed 3 continue the story of Adonis Creed?

Yes, Creed 3 will continue to follow the journey of Adonis Creed as a professional boxer.

2. Are there any hints about the potential opponents Adonis might face in the upcoming film?

While specific opponents have not been revealed, it is expected that Adonis will be up against formidable competition in Creed 3.

3. Will Rocky Balboa still be a part of the Creed series?

Sylvester Stallone, who played Rocky Balboa, has stated that he will not be appearing in Creed 3. However, this may change in the future.

4. Can we expect a lot of intense boxing action in Creed 3?

Yes, Creed 3 is expected to feature intense boxing sequences, as the previous films in the series have emphasized the sport’s excitement and drama.

5. Will the film explore Adonis’ personal life outside of the boxing ring?

It is likely that Creed 3 will continue to delve into Adonis’ personal life, exploring his relationships, challenges, and growth beyond his boxing career.

6. Are there any rumors about a potential love interest for Adonis in the upcoming film?

As of now, there have been no confirmed reports about a new love interest for Adonis in Creed 3. However, the film might introduce a new character in that regard.

7. Will Creed 3 address any unresolved storylines from the previous films?

While it is not confirmed, Creed 3 may address certain unresolved storylines from the previous movies, creating a more cohesive narrative for the series.

8. Are there any speculations about the overall tone of Creed 3?

Given the success of the previous films, it is likely that Creed 3 will maintain a balanced tone, blending intense sports action with heartfelt emotional moments.

9. Any news about the director and screenwriter for Creed 3?

As of now, the director and screenwriter for Creed 3 have not been officially announced. However, fans are excited to see who will helm the next installment.

10. When can we expect Creed 3 to hit the theaters?

The exact release date for Creed 3 has not been confirmed yet. Fans will have to stay tuned for official announcements regarding the film’s premiere.