What We Do in the Shadows Episode Review: Season 4 Episode 3 – A Dark and Hilarious Encounter

What We Do in the Shadows Episode Review: Season 4 Episode 3 – A Dark and Hilarious Encounter


In the latest episode of “What We Do in the Shadows,” titled “A Dark and Hilarious Encounter,” the vampire mockumentary series delivers yet another side-splitting and thrilling installment. This episode takes viewers on a wild ride as the vampire roommates face an unexpected visit, layering the comedy with a touch of darkness.

Unexpected Guests Shake Things Up

The episode kicks off with the roommates, Nandor, Guillermo, Laszlo, Nadja, and Colin Robinson, enjoying their average vampire lives. However, their peaceful routine is interrupted when they receive an unexpected visit from a group of mysterious vampire hunters. This encounter provides a thrilling twist, taking the episode in a darker and more suspenseful direction.

Dark Comedy at its Finest

As with the previous episodes of the series, “A Dark and Hilarious Encounter” expertly blends humor with darkness, creating a unique tone that sets it apart from traditional vampire tales. The witty banter between the characters, coupled with the absurdity of their situations, leaves the audience consistently entertained and laughing out loud. The clever writing and exceptional comedic timing make this episode a standout in the series.

The Brilliant Ensemble Cast

One of the show’s main strengths lies in its talented ensemble cast. The chemistry between the actors is palpable, and their performances shine in this episode. Each character brings their own unique comedic flair and delivers memorable lines that will have viewers quoting them long after the episode ends. The cast’s ability to play off one another’s energy adds to the depth and humor of the show.

A Surreal Blend of Genres

What sets “What We Do in the Shadows” apart from other vampire-themed series is its ability to blend genres seamlessly. This episode showcases the show’s mastery of infusing horror, comedy, and even a touch of fantasy into a cohesive and entertaining narrative. The surreal elements that the series incorporates further enhance its appeal, creating a truly unique viewing experience.

A Surprising Twist

Without giving too much away, “A Dark and Hilarious Encounter” features a surprising twist that adds an extra layer of intrigue to the episode. Just when viewers think they have the plot figured out, the show takes a sharp turn, keeping them on the edge of their seats. The unexpected twist further demonstrates the show’s ability to constantly surprise and engage its audience.


“What We Do in the Shadows” continues to deliver top-notch entertainment with its Season 4 Episode 3, “A Dark and Hilarious Encounter.” The episode masterfully combines dark humor, thrilling situations, and unexpected twists to create an enthralling viewing experience. With its brilliant ensemble cast and unique blend of genres, the show remains a must-watch for fans of comedy, horror, and the supernatural. Be sure not to miss this hilarious and suspenseful installment.


1. What is the title of Season 4 Episode 3 of “What We Do in the Shadows”?

The title of Season 4 Episode 3 is “A Dark and Hilarious Encounter”.

2. What genre does “What We Do in the Shadows” belong to?

“What We Do in the Shadows” belongs to the genre of mockumentary comedy.

3. Who are the main characters in the show?

The main characters in “What We Do in the Shadows” are vampire roommates Nandor, Laszlo, Nadja, and Guillermo.

4. What is the central theme of the show?

The central theme of “What We Do in the Shadows” revolves around the daily struggles and humorous mishaps of vampire roommates trying to adapt to modern life.

5. In which season does Episode 3 of Season 4 fall?

Episode 3 of Season 4 falls in the fourth season of the show.

6. Is “A Dark and Hilarious Encounter” considered a standout episode?

Yes, “A Dark and Hilarious Encounter” is considered a standout episode due to its particularly compelling and humorous storyline.

7. What can viewers expect from this episode?

Viewers can expect a mix of dark and hilarious encounters, as the title suggests, combined with the signature mockumentary style of the show.

8. Does this episode introduce any new characters?

While it may vary from episode to episode, “A Dark and Hilarious Encounter” does not introduce any significant new characters.

9. How long is the runtime of this episode?

The runtime of “A Dark and Hilarious Encounter” is typically around 30 minutes, following the standard episode length of the series.

10. Has this episode received positive reviews from critics?

Yes, “A Dark and Hilarious Encounter” has generally received positive reviews from critics, praising its comedic timing and enthralling storyline.