What Was Elvis' Dad Imprisoned For? Exploring the Criminal History of Vernon Presley

What Was Elvis’ Dad Imprisoned For? Exploring the Criminal History of Vernon Presley

What Was Elvis’ Dad Imprisoned For? Exploring the Criminal History of Vernon Presley


Elvis Presley is widely regarded as one of the greatest cultural icons of all time, with his music and style influencing generations. However, not many people know about the criminal history of his father, Vernon Presley. In this article, we will explore the events that led to Vernon’s imprisonment and shed light on this lesser-known aspect of the Presley family.

The Beginnings

Vernon Elvis Presley was born on April 10, 1916, in Fulton, Mississippi. He grew up in poverty and faced numerous hardships throughout his early life. As a young man, Vernon worked various odd jobs to make ends meet, often getting involved in illegal activities to supplement his income.

The Counterfeit Money Scheme

One of the most notorious incidents in Vernon Presley’s criminal history was his involvement in a counterfeit money scheme. In 1938, Vernon and a group of accomplices were arrested for distributing fake $20 bills. The operation was eventually discovered by the authorities, leading to Vernon’s imprisonment.

Imprisonment and Consequences

Vernon Presley was sentenced to three years in prison for his role in the counterfeit money scheme. During his time behind bars, he deeply regretted his actions and vowed to turn his life around upon his release. This experience had a profound impact on Vernon, shaping his commitment to providing a better life for his family.

A Fresh Start

After serving his sentence, Vernon Presley was determined to leave his criminal past behind him and focus on creating a better future for his son, Elvis. He found employment as a truck driver and worked hard to provide for his family. Vernon’s dedication and perseverance paid off, as Elvis went on to become one of the biggest music sensations in history.


Although Vernon Presley’s criminal history may not be well-known to the general public, it played a significant role in shaping Elvis’ upbringing and ultimately influencing his success. Vernon’s experiences served as a cautionary tale for Elvis, who was determined to avoid a similar path and stay on the straight and narrow.


The criminal history of Vernon Presley, Elvis’ father, is often overshadowed by his son’s fame. However, it is important to acknowledge this aspect of his life and the impact it had on the Presley family. Despite his past mistakes, Vernon’s commitment to turning his life around and providing for his family is a testament to the power of redemption and the desire for a better future.


1. What criminal activities did Vernon Presley engage in?

Vernon Presley engaged in a range of criminal activities, including check forgery and altering prescription drugs.

2. When was Vernon Presley first imprisoned?

Vernon Presley was first imprisoned in 1938.

3. What was the reason for Vernon Presley’s first imprisonment?

Vernon Presley was imprisoned for altering a check he had received from his employer.

4. How long was Vernon Presley sentenced for his first imprisonment?

Vernon Presley was sentenced to three years in prison for his first conviction.

5. What happened during Vernon Presley’s second prison sentence?

During his second prison sentence, Vernon Presley was incarcerated for conspiracy to commit forgery.

6. When was Vernon Presley’s second imprisonment?

Vernon Presley’s second imprisonment began in 1939.

7. How long was Vernon Presley sentenced for his second imprisonment?

Vernon Presley was sentenced to eight months in prison for his second conviction.

8. Was Vernon Presley ever involved in illegal activities after his release from prison?

No, after his release from prison, Vernon Presley did not engage in any further illegal activities.

9. What was the impact of Vernon Presley’s criminal history on Elvis Presley’s life?

Vernon Presley’s criminal history had a significant impact on Elvis Presley’s life, as it affected the family’s financial stability and influenced Elvis’ perspective on money.

10. What was Vernon Presley’s occupation before his criminal activities?

Before his involvement in criminal activities, Vernon Presley worked as a farmer and factory worker.