What Song Did Travis Scott Sample in His Hit Track ‘Sicko Mode’?

What Song Did Travis Scott Sample in His Hit Track ‘Sicko Mode’?

Travis Scott’s hit track ‘Sicko Mode’ has been a massive success, captivating listeners with its unique blend of trap beats and mesmerizing production. This song, which was released in 2018 as part of his album ‘Astroworld,’ features an interesting sample that adds to its overall appeal. So, what song did Travis Scott sample in ‘Sicko Mode’? Let’s find out!

The Sample: ‘Gimme The Loot’

The sample used in ‘Sicko Mode’ comes from the iconic rap duo, The Notorious B.I.G., specifically from his track ‘Gimme The Loot.’ ‘Gimme The Loot’ was featured on Biggie’s debut album ‘Ready to Die’, released in 1994. The song itself is known for its gritty lyrics and aggressive delivery, which perfectly complement Travis Scott’s energetic style.

Why Choose ‘Gimme The Loot’?

The choice to sample ‘Gimme The Loot’ in ‘Sicko Mode’ was a strategic one. Travis Scott wanted to pay homage to one of hip-hop’s greatest legends, while also infusing his own creative vision into the track. By incorporating a classic sample, Scott creates a bridge between different eras of rap music, allowing both old and new fans to connect with the song on a deeper level.

The Impact of the Sample

The use of ‘Gimme The Loot’ in ‘Sicko Mode’ not only adds to the overall vibe of the song, but it also creates a sense of nostalgia for fans of The Notorious B.I.G. Additionally, it introduces a new generation of listeners to the legendary artist. This intertwining of past and present helps to solidify the importance of ‘Sicko Mode’ within the hip-hop landscape.

Furthermore, the sample acts as a recognition of the influence and legacy of The Notorious B.I.G., reaffirming his status as one of the pioneers of the genre. By incorporating his work into a contemporary hit, Travis Scott ensures that the impact of The Notorious B.I.G. continues to be felt and celebrated.

Reception and Success

‘Sicko Mode’ has received critical acclaim, with praise directed towards its innovative production and the seamless incorporation of the ‘Gimme The Loot’ sample. The song reached the top of various music charts, including the Billboard Hot 100, and has been certified multi-platinum in several countries.

The success of ‘Sicko Mode’ can be attributed in part to the sample, as it adds a layer of familiarity and relatability for listeners. It serves as a reminder of the timeless quality of The Notorious B.I.G.’s music and showcases Travis Scott’s ability to pay homage to his influences while creating something fresh and exciting.

In Conclusion

Travis Scott’s decision to sample ‘Gimme The Loot’ in ‘Sicko Mode’ was a deliberate choice that has proven to be successful. By incorporating a classic rap track into his own work, Scott not only pays tribute to the past but also creates a unique listening experience for fans. The sample adds depth, nostalgia, and recognition to the song, firmly establishing its place in the music industry as a memorable and influential track.


1. What song did Travis Scott sample in his hit track “Sicko Mode”?

Travis Scott sampled the song “Gimme the Loot” by The Notorious B.I.G. in his hit track “Sicko Mode”.

2. How did Travis Scott incorporate the sample in “Sicko Mode”?

Travis Scott used a chopped and screwed version of “Gimme the Loot” as the main beat in “Sicko Mode”.

3. Why did Travis Scott choose to sample “Gimme the Loot” for “Sicko Mode”?

Travis Scott has stated that he sampled “Gimme the Loot” because he wanted to pay homage to the iconic legacy of The Notorious B.I.G. and blend it with his own sound.

4. Did Travis Scott receive permission to use the sample in “Sicko Mode”?

Yes, Travis Scott obtained the necessary permissions and licensing to use the sample of “Gimme the Loot” in “Sicko Mode”.

5. What other songs have sampled “Gimme the Loot” by The Notorious B.I.G.?

Apart from “Sicko Mode” by Travis Scott, other notable songs that have sampled “Gimme the Loot” include “24 Hours to Live” by Ma$e featuring The LOX, Black Rob, and DMX, and “I Shot Ya (Remix)” by LL Cool J featuring Keith Murray, Prodigy, Fat Joe, and Foxy Brown.

6. How did the inclusion of the sample enhance “Sicko Mode”?

The sample of “Gimme the Loot” adds a vintage and nostalgic element to “Sicko Mode”, giving it a raw and gritty atmosphere that complements the song’s energy and intensity.

7. Are there any other notable samples in “Sicko Mode”?

Yes, “Sicko Mode” also features samples from “Swang” by Trae tha Truth and “Like a Light” by Drake and Kodak Black. These samples contribute to the diverse sonic landscape of the track.

8. How did fans and critics react to the sampling in “Sicko Mode”?

The sampling in “Sicko Mode” was widely praised by fans and critics alike. Many appreciated the clever incorporation of “Gimme the Loot” and felt it added an extra layer of depth to the track.

9. Did “Sicko Mode” achieve commercial success?

Yes, “Sicko Mode” became a massive commercial success, peaking at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and receiving numerous certifications worldwide. The song’s unique elements, including the sampling, contributed to its popularity.

10. Has Travis Scott utilized sampling in his other songs?

Yes, Travis Scott is known for incorporating samples in his music. He has utilized samples from various genres and eras to create his signature sound and deliver unique musical experiences.