What Show is Chris Rock Currently Starring In?

What Show is Chris Rock Currently Starring In?

What Show is Chris Rock Currently Starring In?

Chris Rock, the renowned American comedian, actor, and writer, is currently starring in a highly anticipated television series called “Fargo”. The show, which is a dark comedy-crime drama anthology, has gained significant attention for its unique storytelling and exceptional performances.

The Plot of Fargo

“Fargo” is inspired by the Coen brothers’ film of the same name. Each season of the show presents a different storyline set in a different era and location, but with the same dark humor and crime themes. The series follows various characters as their lives intertwine in unexpected and often strange ways.

Chris Rock’s Role in Fargo

In “Fargo”, Chris Rock plays the lead role of Loy Cannon, the head of an African American crime syndicate in 1950s Kansas City. The character is depicted as a smart and strategic leader who tries to maintain control amidst a volatile and racially tense environment. Rock’s portrayal has been praised for its depth and complexity, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

Why Chris Rock’s Role is Groundbreaking

Chris Rock’s casting as a lead in “Fargo” is significant as it marks his first major television role in a dramatic series. Known primarily for his comedic talents, Rock’s portrayal of Loy Cannon demonstrates his ability to excel in both comedic and dramatic roles. This groundbreaking performance not only showcases his range as an actor but also challenges traditional stereotypes, providing representation and diversity on screen.

The Reception and Critical Acclaim

“Fargo” has received widespread critical acclaim since its premiere, with many praising the performances, writing, and direction of the show. Chris Rock’s role in particular has garnered positive reviews, with critics commending his nuanced performance and the way he commands the screen.

What Viewers Can Expect from Fargo

Viewers can expect a gripping and suspenseful storyline filled with dark humor and unexpected twists. The show is known for its character-driven narratives and intricate plots, keeping audiences engaged and guessing until the very end. With Chris Rock at the helm, “Fargo” promises to deliver a captivating and memorable viewing experience.


Chris Rock’s current starring role in “Fargo” showcases his versatility as an actor and his ability to captivate audiences in both comedic and dramatic roles. The show itself offers a unique and captivating viewing experience, with a gripping storyline and exceptional performances. Fans of Chris Rock and crime dramas alike should not miss the opportunity to watch this groundbreaking series.


1. What show is Chris Rock currently starring in?

Chris Rock is currently starring in the television series “Fargo”.

2. What role does Chris Rock play in “Fargo”?

In “Fargo”, Chris Rock portrays the character Loy Cannon, the head of an African American crime family.

3. When did Chris Rock join the cast of “Fargo”?

Chris Rock joined the cast of “Fargo” in the fourth season, which premiered on September 27, 2020.

4. What is the premise of “Fargo”?

“Fargo” is an anthology series that follows different storylines each season. Set in different time periods and locations, it explores dark and often comedic tales of crime and human nature.

5. Where does the fourth season of “Fargo” take place?

The fourth season of “Fargo” is set in Kansas City, Missouri, during the 1950s.

6. Is “Fargo” based on a true story?

Although “Fargo” draws inspiration from the 1996 Coen brothers film of the same name, it is not based on true events. The series is entirely fictional.

7. Has Chris Rock won any awards for his performance in “Fargo”?

As of now, the fourth season of “Fargo” is still airing, so award eligibility and outcomes are yet to be determined.

8. Who are some other notable cast members in “Fargo”?

Besides Chris Rock, the fourth season of “Fargo” features a talented ensemble cast including Jason Schwartzman, Ben Whishaw, Jessie Buckley, and Jack Huston.

9. Is “Fargo” a standalone series, or do I need to watch previous seasons?

Each season of “Fargo” tells its own self-contained story, featuring different characters and settings. Thus, you can start watching the series from any season without feeling lost.

10. Where can I watch “Fargo”?

You can watch “Fargo” on the FX network or stream it on platforms such as Hulu or Amazon Prime Video, depending on your region and available subscriptions.