What Season Does Dinozzo Leave NCIS? Exploring the Departure of the Beloved Character

What Season Does Dinozzo Leave NCIS? Exploring the Departure of the Beloved Character

What Season Does Dinozzo Leave NCIS?

The departure of beloved character Special Agent Anthony “Tony” Dinozzo from the hit TV series NCIS was a significant event for fans. Dinozzo, played by actor Michael Weatherly, was a central figure in the show, known for his quick wit, charm, and complex character development. However, just like all good things, Dinozzo’s time on NCIS had to come to an end.

The Emotional Goodbye in Season 13

Fans were left heartbroken during Season 13 when Dinozzo made his final appearance on NCIS. The episode, aptly titled “Family First,” aired on May 17, 2016, and marked the end of an era for Dinozzo and the show’s passionate followers. The departure scene was an emotional rollercoaster, leaving many viewers in tears as they bid farewell to their favorite character.

Dinozzo’s Future Beyond NCIS

Following his departure from NCIS, fans were curious about the next steps for actor Michael Weatherly and his iconic character. Weatherly wasted no time moving on to new projects, with his own series called “Bull” premiering later that same year. While “Bull” showcased Weatherly’s acting range, many loyal NCIS fans couldn’t help but miss the character of Dinozzo and the dynamic he brought to the show.

The Impact of Dinozzo’s Exit

Dinozzo’s departure from NCIS undoubtedly had a significant impact on the show. Fans mourned the loss of his presence, humor, and banter with fellow cast members. The chemistry between Dinozzo and lead character Leroy Jethro Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) was particularly missed. The writers and producers had the challenging task of filling the void left by Dinozzo’s departure and creating new characters that could live up to the high standards set by him.

The Legacy of Dinozzo: A Character Fans Will Never Forget

Dinozzo’s departure from NCIS doesn’t diminish the impact he had on both the show and its fans. His character’s growth and development throughout the years left a lasting impression, making him one of the most beloved figures in the series. His departure serves as a reminder of the power of well-written characters and the lasting connection they create with audiences.

Coping with Dinozzo’s Departure

For fans who are still struggling to come to terms with Dinozzo’s exit, there are ways to cope with the loss. Rewatching favorite episodes featuring Dinozzo can help relive some of the character’s most memorable moments. Additionally, engaging with fellow NCIS fans through online communities and forums can provide a sense of connection and support during this time of adjustment.


The departure of Dinozzo from NCIS was a bittersweet moment for fans who had grown attached to the character over the years. Weatherly’s portrayal of Dinozzo brought depth and complexity to the show, leaving a lasting impact on both the series and its viewers. While it may be difficult to imagine NCIS without Dinozzo, his exit allows for new opportunities and character developments, ensuring the show’s continued success.


1. When does Dinozzo leave NCIS?

Dinozzo leaves NCIS in the thirteenth season.

2. Why did the character of Dinozzo leave the show?

Actor Michael Weatherly, who portrayed Dinozzo, decided to leave the show to pursue other opportunities and explore new acting ventures.

3. How was Dinozzo’s departure portrayed in the series?

Dinozzo’s departure was depicted through a heartfelt storyline where his character decided to leave the team to focus on raising his daughter and exploring a new career path.

4. Did Dinozzo’s departure negatively impact the show?

While Dinozzo’s departure left a void in the team dynamic, the show continued to thrive with new characters and compelling storylines.

5. How did fans react to Dinozzo leaving NCIS?

Fans had mixed reactions to Dinozzo’s departure. Some were saddened to see the beloved character leave, while others were excited to see what new storylines would unfold.

6. Will Dinozzo ever return to NCIS?

Although Dinozzo has made a few guest appearances in later seasons, there are no current plans for his character to return as a series regular.

7. Who replaced Dinozzo on the NCIS team?

Agent Nicholas “Nick” Torres, portrayed by actor Wilmer Valderrama, joined the NCIS team as a replacement after Dinozzo’s departure.

8. Does Dinozzo’s departure result in any major changes within the show?

Dinozzo’s departure led to a shift in the team dynamics and introduced new character dynamics and storylines. It allowed for the exploration of fresh dynamics and character growth.

9. Did Dinozzo’s character get a proper send-off?

Yes, Dinozzo’s departure was well-handled by the writers and the character received a proper send-off with a storyline that provided closure and highlighted Dinozzo’s growth and future plans.

10. How did the departure of Dinozzo affect the show’s overall ratings?

While the exact impact on ratings is hard to determine, NCIS has maintained strong viewership even after Dinozzo’s departure, suggesting that the show still resonates with its audience.