What NFL Team is Stephen A Smith Rooting For?

What NFL Team is Stephen A Smith Rooting For?

The NFL Team Stephen A. Smith is Rooting For

Stephen A. Smith, a well-known sports commentator and analyst, is a passionate and vocal supporter of the NFL. As a sports enthusiast, he has shared his thoughts and opinions on various teams and players throughout his career. But when it comes to which NFL team he is rooting for, the answer may surprise you.

The New York Giants

Despite being born and raised in New York City, Stephen A. Smith is not a fan of the New York Giants. While he respects the team’s history and achievements, he has made it clear that his loyalty lies elsewhere.

The Philadelphia Eagles

Stephen A. Smith’s favorite NFL team is none other than the Philadelphia Eagles. Growing up in the heart of New York City, it may seem unusual for him to support a team from the rival city of Philadelphia. However, his love for the Eagles runs deep.

Smith has often mentioned his admiration for the passionate fan base of the Eagles. He appreciates the dedication and unwavering support that the team’s fans show, both in good times and bad. Smith has also praised the organization for its commitment to excellence and for consistently fielding competitive teams.

The Carson Wentz Connection

One reason behind Stephen A. Smith’s support for the Philadelphia Eagles is his admiration for former quarterback Carson Wentz. Smith has praised Wentz for his leadership, athleticism, and ability to perform under pressure. He sees Wentz as a key factor in the team’s success and has been vocal in his support of the quarterback.

Smith’s connection with Wentz goes beyond football. Both men are deeply religious and have spoken openly about the role their faith plays in their lives. This shared belief system has created a bond between Smith and Wentz, further solidifying Smith’s loyalty to the Eagles.

Supporting the Underdog

Stephen A. Smith has always had a soft spot for underdog teams, and the Philadelphia Eagles often fit that description. Despite facing setbacks and challenges, the team has managed to achieve success, including winning their first-ever Super Bowl in 2018.

Smith appreciates the resilience and determination of the Eagles, and has been known to lend his support to teams that may be overlooked or underestimated. This aligns with his personal philosophy of rooting for the “little guy” and celebrating the underdogs.

Criticism and Controversy

As with any prominent sports personality, Stephen A. Smith’s support for the Philadelphia Eagles has not been without its fair share of criticism and controversy. Some fans argue that Smith’s bias towards the Eagles affects his objectivity as an analyst, claiming that his opinions are influenced by personal loyalty rather than unbiased analysis.

Smith, on the other hand, defends his support for the Eagles, emphasizing that as a commentator, he is entitled to have his own personal preferences. He maintains that his analysis is based on facts and his extensive knowledge of the game, rather than any personal biases.


While Stephen A. Smith is known for his animated and often polarizing commentary, when it comes to the NFL, his loyalty lies with the Philadelphia Eagles. His support for the team is rooted in their passionate fan base, the leadership of Carson Wentz, and his admiration for underdog stories. Regardless of any criticism he may face, Smith remains unwavering in his support and continues to root for the Eagles both on and off the air.


1. What is Stephen A Smith’s favorite NFL team?

Stephen A Smith is a known fan of the Dallas Cowboys.

2. How did Stephen A Smith become a Cowboys fan?

Smith became a Cowboys fan after being inspired by their star-studded lineup during his childhood.

3. Does Stephen A Smith openly root for the Cowboys on his show?

Yes, Smith openly expresses his support for the Cowboys on ESPN’s “First Take” and other shows.

4. Does Stephen A Smith face criticism for his Cowboys fandom?

As with any sports commentator, Smith does face criticism for his openly biased support of the Cowboys.

5. Has Stephen A Smith ever played for the Dallas Cowboys?

No, Stephen A Smith has never played professional football and is primarily known for his career in sports journalism.

6. Who are some other famous Cowboys fans?

Some other notable Cowboys fans include LeBron James, Jamie Foxx, and Erykah Badu.

7. Does Stephen A Smith root for any other NFL teams?

No, Stephen A Smith’s support for the Cowboys is known to be unwavering, and he doesn’t openly cheer for any other team.

8. What are some of the criticisms Smith faces as a Cowboys fan?

Critics argue that Stephen A Smith’s support for the Cowboys affects his objectivity in analyzing the team’s performance.

9. Does Stephen A Smith attend Cowboys games regularly?

While Stephen A Smith occasionally attends Cowboys games, his busy schedule as a television personality limits his attendance.

10. How do Cowboys fans feel about Stephen A Smith’s support?

Opinions among Cowboys fans are split, with some appreciating Smith’s loyalty and others believing he brings undue scrutiny to the team.