What Movies Has John Cena Been In? Exploring the Filmography of the Multi-Talented Wrestler Turned Actor

What Movies Has John Cena Been In? Exploring the Filmography of the Multi-Talented Wrestler Turned Actor

John Cena: From Wrestling to Acting

In recent years, John Cena has become a familiar face in Hollywood. The former professional wrestler, known for his incredible strength and charismatic personality, has successfully transitioned into the world of acting. With his undeniable talent and versatility, Cena has proved that he is more than just a wrestler – he is a true entertainer.

Rising to Fame in the Wrestling World

Before delving into Cena’s filmography, it is important to acknowledge his incredible success in the world of professional wrestling. Cena gained widespread recognition during his tenure in WWE, where he became one of the most popular wrestlers of all time. From his catchphrase “You can’t see me” to his iconic moves in the ring, Cena’s larger-than-life persona captivated audiences around the world.

Breaking into Hollywood

Building on his fame in the wrestling world, Cena made his way to Hollywood. He began his acting career with small roles in movies such as “The Marine” and “12 Rounds,” where he showcased his physicality and action skills. These early films allowed Cena to establish himself as an actor capable of holding his own in intense and thrilling roles.

Exploring Cena’s Filmography

Since his debut in Hollywood, Cena has appeared in a wide range of movies, showcasing his impressive range as an actor. From action-packed blockbusters to heartfelt comedies, Cena has proven his versatility time and time again.

Blockbuster Hits

Cena’s breakout role came in the critically acclaimed film “Trainwreck,” where he played Amy Schumer’s love interest. This role showcased Cena’s comedic timing and charm, which surprised audiences who were accustomed to seeing him in a more serious light.

Following his success in “Trainwreck,” Cena progressed to starring roles in blockbuster hits such as “Bumblebee” and “F9: The Fast Saga.” These films not only showcased Cena’s physicality but also allowed him to display his acting chops in more nuanced roles.

Family-Friendly Entertainment

Cena has also made a name for himself in family-friendly films. His role as the voice of the bull Ferdinand in the animated film of the same name was met with critical acclaim, and he has continued to star in similar films that appeal to audiences of all ages.

In addition to his film roles, Cena is also known for his appearances in various television shows and commercials, further expanding his presence in the entertainment industry.

What to Expect from Cena in the Future

As Cena continues to make his mark in Hollywood, fans of the multi-talented entertainer eagerly anticipate his upcoming projects. Cena has already been cast in highly anticipated movies such as “The Suicide Squad” and “Argylle,” solidifying his position as a sought-after actor.

With each new role, Cena continues to challenge himself, proving that he is not afraid to step out of his comfort zone. As he further explores his acting career, it is clear that Cena’s talent knows no bounds.


John Cena’s journey from wrestling to acting is a testament to his unwavering dedication and undeniable talent. With his impressive filmography and his ability to captivate audiences both in and out of the wrestling ring, Cena has become a true force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. Whether he is delivering a powerful monologue or executing a jaw-dropping wrestling move, Cena’s presence on screen is always a memorable one. As he continues to take on new and exciting roles, it is evident that the multi-talented entertainer is here to stay.


1. What is John Cena’s filmography like?

John Cena has an extensive filmography, with a range of roles in both action and comedy films.

2. When did John Cena make his acting debut?

John Cena made his acting debut in 2006, starring in the action film “The Marine”.

3. In which movie did John Cena share the screen with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?

John Cena shared the screen with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the 2018 action-adventure film “Rampage”.

4. Which movie saw John Cena portraying a tough firefighter?

John Cena portrayed a tough firefighter in the 2019 comedy film “Playing with Fire”.

5. In which animated film did John Cena lend his voice to a bull named Ferdinand?

John Cena lent his voice to the character of Ferdinand the bull in the 2017 animated film “Ferdinand”.

6. Which movie marked John Cena’s transition from wrestling to acting?

John Cena’s transition from wrestling to acting was marked by his role in the 2006 sports drama film “The Marine”.

7. Which film features John Cena as a devoted father taking care of his two kids?

John Cena stars as a devoted father taking care of his two kids in the 2020 comedy film “Daddy’s Home 2”.

8. In which movie does John Cena play a firefighter who joins an elite team of smokejumpers?

John Cena plays a firefighter who joins an elite team of smokejumpers in the 2021 action-comedy film “Vacation Friends”.

9. Which film showcases John Cena’s comedic timing as a high school physical education teacher-turned-secret agent?

John Cena’s comedic timing shines in the 2021 comedy film “Vacation Friends”, where he plays a high school physical education teacher-turned-secret agent.

10. Which movie sees John Cena teaming up with Jackie Chan to take down an international terrorist group?

John Cena teams up with Jackie Chan to take down an international terrorist group in the 2020 action-comedy film “Project X-Traction”.