What Movies Does Millie Bobby Brown Act in? A Look at the Rising Star's Filmography

What Movies Does Millie Bobby Brown Act in? A Look at the Rising Star’s Filmography

What Movies Does Millie Bobby Brown Act in?

Millie Bobby Brown is a name that has quickly become synonymous with talent and success in the entertainment industry. At just 17 years old, Brown has already made a significant mark on Hollywood with her impressive acting skills and captivating performances. Let’s take a closer look at her filmography and the movies that have catapulted her to stardom.

1. Stranger Things

No discussion about Millie Bobby Brown’s acting career would be complete without mentioning her breakout role as Eleven in the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things.” This science-fiction horror show became an instant phenomenon when it premiered in 2016 and has since garnered a massive following.

Brown’s portrayal of the mysterious and telekinetic Eleven quickly captured the hearts of viewers around the world. Her ability to convey complex emotions with minimal dialogue and her on-screen chemistry with her co-stars earned her critical acclaim and numerous accolades.

2. Godzilla: King of the Monsters

In 2019, Millie Bobby Brown made her big-screen debut in the monster film “Godzilla: King of the Monsters.” In this action-packed blockbuster, Brown played the role of Madison Russell, the daughter of two Monarch scientists.

Though the movie primarily focuses on the epic battle between Godzilla and various titan creatures, Brown’s performance as a rebellious and determined teenager added depth to the storyline. Her ability to hold her own alongside seasoned actors like Kyle Chandler and Vera Farmiga showcased her talent and versatility.

3. Enola Holmes

One of Brown’s most prominent roles to date is her portrayal of the title character in the Netflix film “Enola Holmes.” Released in 2020, this mystery film follows the adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister, Enola, as she sets out to find her missing mother.

Brown’s performance as the intelligent, witty, and resourceful Enola garnered widespread praise from both critics and audiences. Her ability to carry a film as the lead actress and bring a beloved literary character to life showcased her range and cemented her status as a rising star.

4. Godzilla vs. Kong

In 2021, Millie Bobby Brown reprised her role as Madison Russell in “Godzilla vs. Kong.” This highly anticipated monster film brought together two iconic creatures for an epic showdown.

Brown once again delivered a compelling performance, showcasing her growth as an actress since her debut in the previous Godzilla film. Her character’s determination to uncover the truth and her emotional journey throughout the movie captivated audiences.

5. The Girls I’ve Been

Millie Bobby Brown’s upcoming project is the Netflix film “The Girls I’ve Been,” which is based on Tess Sharpe’s novel of the same name. Brown not only stars in the film but is also serving as an executive producer.

This psychological thriller follows the story of a young con artist who must use her past skills to save herself, her ex-boyfriend, and her new girlfriend from a hostage situation. With Brown’s impressive track record and the intriguing plot, this film is sure to further showcase her range as an actress.

In conclusion, Millie Bobby Brown’s filmography continues to grow, and her talent shows no signs of slowing down. From her breakthrough role in “Stranger Things” to her impressive performances in blockbuster films like “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” and “Enola Holmes,” Brown has proven herself as a rising star in Hollywood.

As fans eagerly await the release of “The Girls I’ve Been,” it’s clear that Millie Bobby Brown’s future in the film industry is bright, and we can expect many more captivating performances from this talented young actress.


1. What was Millie Bobby Brown’s debut film?

Her debut film was “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” released in 2019.

2. In which film did Millie Bobby Brown play the iconic character Eleven?

Millie Bobby Brown played the iconic character Eleven in the Netflix series “Stranger Things”.

3. What was the title of Millie Bobby Brown’s first major film role?

Her first major film role was in “Godzilla: King of the Monsters”.

4. Which movie features Millie Bobby Brown alongside Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes?

Millie Bobby Brown stars alongside Henry Cavill in the film “Enola Holmes”.

5. What is the name of the movie where Millie Bobby Brown portrays Madison Russell?

Millie Bobby Brown portrays Madison Russell in the film “Godzilla vs. Kong”.

6. Which film showcased Millie Bobby Brown’s talent as an executive producer?

Millie Bobby Brown’s talent as an executive producer was showcased in the film “Enola Holmes”.

7. Has Millie Bobby Brown acted in any film adaptations of popular books?

Yes, Millie Bobby Brown has starred in the film adaptations of “The Enola Holmes Mysteries” by Nancy Springer.

8. In which movie did Millie Bobby Brown collaborate with Sally Hawkins?

Millie Bobby Brown collaborated with Sally Hawkins in the movie “Godzilla: King of the Monsters”.

9. What is the name of the upcoming film where Millie Bobby Brown will reprise her role as Madison Russell?

Millie Bobby Brown will reprise her role as Madison Russell in the upcoming film “Godzilla vs. Kong”.

10. Is Millie Bobby Brown primarily known for her television or film work?

Millie Bobby Brown is primarily known for her television work, specifically for her role in “Stranger Things”.