What Movies Did Ronny Cox Act In? Exploring the Filmography of the Talented Actor

What Movies Did Ronny Cox Act In? Exploring the Filmography of the Talented Actor

What Movies Did Ronny Cox Act In? Exploring the Filmography of the Talented Actor

Ronny Cox is a highly talented American actor who has had a diverse and prolific career in the film industry. With his captivating performances and impressive range, Cox has become a recognizable face in both mainstream and independent cinema. In this article, we will take a closer look at the movies that Cox has acted in, highlighting his notable roles and contributions to the world of film.

1. Deliverance (1972)

One of Ronny Cox’s earliest and most memorable roles is in the critically acclaimed film “Deliverance.” Directed by John Boorman, the movie follows the story of four friends who embark on a harrowing canoe trip through the remote wilderness of Georgia. Cox plays the character of Drew Ballinger, a skilled and musically talented man who finds himself in a life-threatening situation along with his friends.

The film’s success:

“Deliverance” received widespread acclaim for its gripping storyline, powerful performances, and haunting portrayal of survival in the face of danger. Cox’s portrayal of Drew Ballinger earned him praise for his ability to convey vulnerability and strength in a complex and challenging role.

2. RoboCop (1987)

In the iconic science fiction film “RoboCop,” Ronny Cox portrays the character of Dick Jones, a corrupt executive at Omni Consumer Products. The movie is set in a dystopian Detroit, where a police officer is brutally murdered and subsequently resurrected as a cyborg law enforcement officer.

Cox’s portrayal of Dick Jones:

Cox delivers a captivating performance as Dick Jones, portraying the character with a mix of charm, ruthlessness, and ambition. His nuanced portrayal of the antagonist adds depth and complexity to the storyline, making him one of the most memorable characters in the film.

3. Total Recall (1990)

In the science fiction action film “Total Recall,” Ronny Cox takes on the role of Vilos Cohaagen, the ruthless and power-hungry administrator of Mars. The movie follows the story of a man who undergoes a memory implant procedure that goes wrong, leading him to question his own identity.

Cox’s portrayal of Vilos Cohaagen:

Once again, Cox showcases his talent for playing compelling antagonists. As Vilos Cohaagen, he brings a commanding presence and a sense of menace to the screen. His performance adds an extra layer of tension and intrigue to the film, making it a memorable experience for audiences.

4. Beverly Hills Cop (1984)

In the action comedy film “Beverly Hills Cop,” Ronny Cox plays the character of Lieutenant Andrew Bogomil, a respected police officer in the Beverly Hills Police Department. The film follows the adventures of a Detroit police detective who travels to Beverly Hills to solve the murder of his best friend.

Cox’s portrayal of Lieutenant Andrew Bogomil:

Cox’s performance as Lieutenant Bogomil adds a touch of professionalism and authority to the film. He effortlessly embodies the character’s dedication to justice and provides a strong supporting role alongside the film’s lead, Eddie Murphy. Cox’s portrayal contributes to the overall success and appeal of the movie.

In addition to these notable roles, Ronny Cox has appeared in numerous other films throughout his career, showcasing his versatility as an actor. Some of his other notable films include “The Onion Field” (1979), “Taps” (1981), “The Beast Within” (1982), and “Murder at 1600” (1997).

In conclusion, Ronny Cox has been a prolific and talented presence in the film industry, leaving a lasting impression with his diverse array of roles. From his early performances in “Deliverance” to his memorable portrayals in “RoboCop,” “Total Recall,” and “Beverly Hills Cop,” Cox has consistently delivered compelling performances that have entertained and captivated audiences. His filmography is a testament to his talent and versatility as an actor, and his contributions to the world of cinema will continue to be appreciated for years to come.


1. What was Ronny Cox’s breakout role in a major motion picture?

Ronny Cox’s breakout role in a major motion picture was his portrayal of Drew, one of the four friends who go on a disastrous canoe trip in the iconic film “Deliverance” (1972).

2. Which science fiction film did Ronny Cox star in alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Ronny Cox starred alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in the science fiction classic “Total Recall” (1990), where he played the memorable villain Vilos Cohaagen.

3. What popular sports movie features Ronny Cox as a coach?

Ronny Cox played the role of Coach Herb Brooks in the inspirational sports film “Miracle” (2004), which tells the true story of the United States men’s hockey team’s triumph at the 1980 Winter Olympics.

4. In which action-packed film franchise did Ronny Cox portray a corporate executive?

Ronny Cox portrayed the character of Richard Dick Jones, a ruthless corporate executive, in the sci-fi action franchise “RoboCop” (1987) and its sequels.

5. Which Academy Award-winning film features Ronny Cox as a supporting character?

Ronny Cox had a supporting role as Senator Robert Jenkins in the Academy Award-winning film “Bound for Glory” (1976), which chronicles the life of folk singer Woody Guthrie.

6. What long-running medical drama series did Ronny Cox guest star in?

Ronny Cox guest-starred in the popular medical drama series “Grey’s Anatomy” (2005-present), playing the character of Dr. Samuel Norbert Avery, an accomplished surgeon.

7. Which action film starred Ronny Cox as a police officer hunting down an escaped convict?

Ronny Cox starred as Lieutenant ‘Hopper’ in the action film “Beverly Hills Cop” (1984), where he is involved in a high-stakes pursuit of the main character, played by Eddie Murphy.

8. In which acclaimed science fiction television series did Ronny Cox have a recurring role?

Ronny Cox had a recurring role as Captain Edward Jellico in the critically acclaimed science fiction series “Star Trek: The Next Generation” (1987-1994).

9. Which thriller film saw Ronny Cox as the main antagonist?

Ronny Cox played the role of John Bookman, the main antagonist, in the thriller film “The Beast Within” (1982), which tells the story of a boy possessed by a malevolent force.

10. What adventure-comedy film features Ronny Cox as a pirate captain?

Ronny Cox portrayed the character of Captain Jack Sparrow’s father, Captain Teague, in the adventure-comedy film “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” (2007) and its sequels.