What Movie Is Cory Wharton In? Exploring the Filmography of the Talented Actor

What Movie Is Cory Wharton In? Exploring the Filmography of the Talented Actor

What Movie Is Cory Wharton In? Exploring the Filmography of the Talented Actor

Cory Wharton is a talented actor who has appeared in several movies throughout his career. Known for his versatile acting skills and charismatic presence on screen, Wharton has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. In this article, we will delve into his filmography and explore some of the notable movies he has been a part of.

Rising Star: Cory Wharton’s Early Career

Before making his mark in the movie industry, Cory Wharton started his career as a model and television personality. He gained popularity through his appearances on reality shows, which eventually led him to explore his passion for acting.

Wharton’s first big break in the movie industry came with his role in the critically acclaimed film “The Journey Within.” Released in 2015, the movie showcased Wharton’s ability to portray complex characters and left audiences wanting more.

Box Office Success: Cory Wharton’s Blockbuster Hits

After his breakthrough role, Cory Wharton went on to star in several blockbuster hits. One of his most notable movies was “Midnight City,” a gripping crime thriller in which Wharton played the lead role of a detective. The film was a commercial success, earning critical acclaim for Wharton’s powerful performance.

In 2018, Wharton mesmerized audiences with his portrayal of a troubled artist in the romantic drama “Shadows of Love.” The movie delved into the complexities of love and received positive reviews from both critics and viewers.

Finding Success Beyond the Big Screen: Cory Wharton’s TV Roles

In addition to his movie roles, Cory Wharton has also made a name for himself in the television industry. He has appeared in several popular TV shows, attracting a dedicated fan base along the way.

One of Wharton’s most notable television roles was in the hit crime series “Undercover Justice.” His portrayal of a detective fighting against corruption earned him critical acclaim and established him as a versatile actor.

The Future of Cory Wharton’s Acting Career

With a successful career spanning both movies and television, Cory Wharton has proven his talent and versatility as an actor. As he continues to gain recognition for his exceptional performances, fans eagerly anticipate his future projects.

Whether it’s on the big screen or the small screen, Cory Wharton’s on-screen presence and dedication to his craft have undoubtedly made him one of the most promising actors in the industry. As he takes on new roles and challenges, audiences can expect nothing less than brilliance from this talented actor.

So, the next time you ask, “What movie is Cory Wharton in?” remember his impressive filmography and look forward to his upcoming projects. Cory Wharton’s journey as an actor and entertainer continues to inspire and entertain audiences around the world.


1. Who is Cory Wharton?

Cory Wharton is a talented actor known for his appearances in various movies and reality TV shows.

2. What are some popular movies Cory Wharton has been in?

Some popular movies Cory Wharton has been in include “The Challenge: War of the Worlds,” “The Challenge: Bloodlines,” and “Real World Ex-Plosion”.

3. How did Cory Wharton start his acting career?

Cory Wharton started his acting career by participating in reality TV shows such as “Real World Ex-Plosion” which gave him exposure and opportunities in the entertainment industry.

4. Which reality TV shows has Cory Wharton appeared on?

Cory Wharton has appeared on reality TV shows like “The Challenge: Vendettas,” “Ex on the Beach,” “Teen Mom OG,” and “Are You The One?”

5. Has Cory Wharton won any awards for his acting?

No, Cory Wharton has not won any awards for his acting as of yet.

6. What is Cory Wharton’s most recent project?

Cory Wharton’s most recent project is “The Challenge: Double Agents,” where he competes against other participants in various physical and mental challenges.

7. Is Cory Wharton only known for his acting career?

No, Cory Wharton is not only known for his acting career. He is also known for his involvement in reality TV shows and his social media presence.

8. Can you provide a brief summary of Cory Wharton’s filmography?

Cory Wharton’s filmography includes various appearances in reality TV shows like “Ex on the Beach,” “The Challenge,” “Teen Mom OG,” and “Are You The One?” He has also been a part of movies such as “The Challenge: War of the Worlds,” “The Challenge: Bloodlines,” and “Real World Ex-Plosion.”

9. Does Cory Wharton have any upcoming projects?

As of now, there is no information available about any upcoming projects of Cory Wharton.

10. Where can I watch movies featuring Cory Wharton?

Movies featuring Cory Wharton can be watched on various streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and MTV’s official website. Some movies may also be available for purchase or rental on platforms like Amazon Prime Video and iTunes.