What Is the Name of the Snake in Jungle Book? Unraveling the Identity of This Iconic Reptilian Character

What Is the Name of the Snake in Jungle Book? Unraveling the Identity of This Iconic Reptilian Character

The Enigma of the Snake in Jungle Book: Decoding the Identity of This Memorable Reptilian Character

Throughout the iconic tale of Jungle Book, many captivating characters come to life. From Mowgli’s adventures to the enchanting world of animals, one character in particular has intrigued audiences for generations – the snake. But what is the name of this slithering creature? Unraveling the mystery of the snake’s identity will add depth and understanding to the story.

The Sinister Serpent: Kaa, the Mind-Controlling Python

In the Jungle Book, the snake is portrayed as a cunning and hypnotic creature. Known as Kaa, this memorable character is a python with mesmerizing eyes that can hypnotize its prey. With a silky voice that seduces and lulls its victims, Kaa is feared by many animals in the jungle. Throughout the story, Kaa attempts to hypnotize both Mowgli and other animals, using their trust and vulnerability against them.

The Wisdom of a Mentor: Rikki-tikki-tavi, the Protective Cobra

However, it’s worth noting that Kaa is not the only snake that appears in Jungle Book. Another notable snake character is Rikki-tikki-tavi, a brave and loyal cobra. While Rikki-tikki-tavi may not be as prominent as Kaa, this cunning snake plays a crucial role in protecting Mowgli from imminent danger. Rikki-tikki-tavi is depicted as wise and is known for his courage and loyalty towards the young boy.

Decoding Symbolism: The Importance of Snakes in Jungle Book

The inclusion of snakes in Jungle Book serves a deeper purpose beyond adding excitement to the story. Snakes, particularly Kaa and Rikki-tikki-tavi, symbolize contrasting characteristics and themes. While Kaa represents the deceptive and dangerous aspects of nature, Rikki-tikki-tavi embodies protection, loyalty, and wisdom.

Drawing Parallels: Snakes in Mythology and Folklore

Snakes hold significant symbolism across various cultures and mythologies. In Hindu mythology, the serpent represents both creation and destruction, reflecting the cyclical nature of life. Similarly, snakes are often associated with wisdom and transformation in ancient Greek and Egyptian folklore. By incorporating snakes into Jungle Book, author Rudyard Kipling taps into these ancient archetypes and adds a mythical dimension to the story.


The name of the snake in Jungle Book is Kaa, a python with hypnotic powers. However, it is important to note that there is another snake character, Rikki-tikki-tavi, a protective cobra who plays a vital role in the story. Snakes symbolize contrasting qualities and themes, representing both danger and protection. By exploring the identities and symbolism of these reptilian characters, a deeper understanding of Jungle Book, its themes, and its connection to folklore and mythology can be gained. So next time you read or watch Jungle Book, keep an eye out for these captivating snakes and their significant roles in the story.


1. Who is the snake in the Jungle Book?

The snake in the Jungle Book is named Kaa.

2. What is Kaa’s role in the story?

Kaa is a supporting character in the Jungle Book and is known to be a “good” snake.

3. What species of snake is Kaa?

Kaa is depicted as a Indian python in the Jungle Book.

4. How does Kaa help Mowgli?

Kaa helps Mowgli by rescuing him from some dangerous situations and providing guidance.

5. What are some of Kaa’s abilities?

Kaa is known for his hypnotic eyes and his ability to hypnotize and squeeze his prey.

6. Who voiced Kaa in the animated Disney film?

Sterling Holloway provided the voice of Kaa in the animated Disney film.

7. How does Kaa’s portrayal differ in the Disney film compared to the original book?

In the original book, Kaa is portrayed as a more menacing character, while the Disney film depicts him as more comical.

8. What is Kaa’s significance in Indian mythology?

In Indian mythology, pythons are considered sacred and are associated with certain deities. Kaa’s character may draw inspiration from these beliefs.

9. Does Kaa appear in all adaptations of the Jungle Book?

No, Kaa does not appear in all adaptations of the Jungle Book. Some versions of the story do not include his character.

10. What is Kaa’s famous song in the Disney film?

Kaa’s famous song in the Disney film is “Trust in Me,” where he tries to lull Mowgli into a false sense of security.