What is the Movie Beast About? Exploring the Enigmatic Plot and Captivating Performances

What is the Movie Beast About? Exploring the Enigmatic Plot and Captivating Performances

The Enigmatic Plot of the Movie Beast

Set in a small island community, the movie Beast revolves around the enigmatic plot of a young woman named Moll, who finds herself torn between her oppressive family and a mysterious stranger suspected of committing a series of brutal murders.

Introduction to the Captivating Performances

The movie Beast boasts an array of captivating performances that bring the complex characters to life. Jessie Buckley delivers a mesmerizing portrayal of Moll, showcasing her vulnerability and inner strength amidst the chaos that surrounds her. Johnny Flynn also shines in the role of Pascal, the intriguing outsider who captures Moll’s heart but may also be hiding a dark secret.

Unraveling the Secrets of Moll’s Family

Moll’s family plays a significant role in the movie, adding to the film’s suspenseful atmosphere. Her overbearing mother, portrayed by Geraldine James, constantly belittles Moll and tries to control her every move. Meanwhile, her brother, played by Trystan Gravelle, exhibits an unsettling behavior that adds a layer of mystery to Moll’s tumultuous upbringing.

The Intrigue Surrounding the Series of Murders

One of the central aspects of the movie Beast is the series of murders that occur in the small island community. As Moll becomes more involved with Pascal, she begins to suspect that he may be the perpetrator, causing her to question her feelings for him. The film skillfully builds suspense and keeps the audience guessing until the thrilling climax.

The Exploration of Moll’s Inner Struggles

Throughout the movie, Moll grapples with her own inner demons and desires, making her a complex and relatable character. Her journey of self-discovery and liberation is intricately woven into the film’s narrative, offering a thought-provoking exploration of identity, loyalty, and the lengths we are willing to go for love.

The Impact of the Movie Beast

With its enigmatic plot, captivating performances, and exploration of complex themes, the movie Beast has made a lasting impact on both critics and audiences alike. It serves as a reminder of the power of storytelling and the ability of cinema to provoke emotions, challenge perceptions, and leave a lasting impression.

In conclusion, the movie Beast offers a compelling and suspenseful story that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. With its intriguing plot, mesmerizing performances, and exploration of deep-seated human emotions, it is a must-watch for any cinephile seeking a thought-provoking and immersive experience. So, grab some popcorn, sit back, and prepare to be captivated by the enigma that is Beast.


1. What is the overall plot of the movie Beast?

The movie Beast revolves around a young woman named Moll who becomes infatuated with a mysterious outsider, Pascal. As the community becomes suspicious of Pascal’s past, Moll finds herself torn between her family’s expectations and her growing desire to embrace her own dark side.

2. Who are the main characters in Beast?

The main characters in Beast include Moll, the troubled protagonist; Pascal, the enigmatic outsider; Hilary, Moll’s overbearing mother; and Clifford, Moll’s oppressive family figure.

3. What genre does Beast fall into?

Beast can be categorized as a psychological thriller, intertwining elements of mystery and romance.

4. Is Beast based on a true story?

No, Beast is a fictional film. Although it is not based on true events, it explores universal themes of identity, desire, and societal expectations.

5. Who directed Beast?

Beast was directed by Michael Pearce, a British filmmaker known for his distinct visual style and compelling storytelling.

6. How was the critical reception of Beast?

Beast received positive reviews from critics, praising its atmospheric tension, mesmerizing performances, and thought-provoking narrative. It was considered a breakout film for both the director and lead actress, Jessie Buckley.

7. Does Beast have any notable awards or nominations?

Yes, Beast has been recognized with several awards and nominations, particularly for its screenplay and acting. It won the Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director, or Producer award at the BAFTAs.

8. Where was Beast filmed?

Beast was predominantly filmed on the island of Jersey in the English Channel. The picturesque and isolated setting adds to the atmosphere and tension of the film.

9. Is Beast suitable for all audiences?

Beast contains mature themes, violence, and some disturbing scenes. It is recommended for mature audiences due to its intense and suspenseful nature.

10. What makes Beast a captivating film?

Beast captivates audiences with its intriguing plot, expertly crafted suspense, and superb performances. It explores complex emotions and pushes the boundaries of traditional genre conventions, leaving viewers thoroughly engrossed.