What is Jake from State Farm's Real Name? Unveiling the Identity of this Iconic Actor

What is Jake from State Farm’s Real Name? Unveiling the Identity of this Iconic Actor

The Mystery of Jake from State Farm’s Real Name

For years, the enigmatic Jake from State Farm has graced our television screens, becoming an iconic figure in the insurance industry. However, one burning question has plagued fans everywhere: what is Jake’s real name? In this article, we delve into the depths of this mystery to unveil the true identity of this beloved character.

The Rise of Jake from State Farm

Jake from State Farm burst onto the scene in 2011 with a now-famous commercial that quickly went viral. In the ad, a concerned husband catches his wife speaking on the phone with Jake, her insurance agent, late at night. The husband, suspicious of the late-night call, asks, “Who are you talking to?” To which the wife casually replies, “Jake from State Farm.”

From that moment on, Jake from State Farm became an instant sensation, captivating viewers with his humorous demeanor and memorable catchphrase, “Uh… khakis.” Fans eagerly awaited new commercials featuring the enigmatic character and started to wonder about the real person behind the name.

Unveiling the Identity

After years of speculation and countless memes, the true identity of Jake from State Farm was finally revealed. In 2020, the insurance company introduced actor Kevin Miles as the new face of Jake. Miles, an experienced actor with a background in comedy, seamlessly stepped into the role, preserving the character’s essence while adding his own personal touch.

However, it’s essential to note that Jake from State Farm is not just a character played by Kevin Miles. He is a symbol, representing and embodying the hardworking, trustworthy insurance agents who are always there to assist customers in times of need.

Behind the Scenes

While Kevin Miles may now be known as the face of Jake from State Farm, it takes an entire team to bring this character to life. From the brilliant writers who craft his witty lines to the skilled makeup artists responsible for his signature red polo shirt, every detail contributes to the persona we know and love.

The marketing team at State Farm Insurance carefully develops each commercial, ensuring that Jake’s character remains consistent and resonates with the audience. Through their efforts, Jake from State Farm has become not only a beloved character but also a symbol of reliability and dependability.

The Legacy of Jake from State Farm

Jake from State Farm has become a pop culture icon, inspiring countless Halloween costumes, parodies, and even a cameo appearance in a popular television show. The character’s enduring popularity speaks to his relatability and the trust he embodies.

While knowing Jake’s real name provides a glimpse behind the curtain, it is the character’s timeless appeal that truly captivates viewers. Whether he is answering insurance-related questions or sharing a light-hearted moment, Jake from State Farm continues to reassure customers that they can trust State Farm to be there when they need them the most.


While Jake from State Farm’s real name is Kevin Miles, it is the character’s persona and the values he represents that truly make him an integral part of State Farm’s brand. Through his humor and reliability, Jake from State Farm has become a beloved figure in the insurance industry, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide. So, next time you see Jake on your screen, remember the hardworking team behind the character and the trust he symbolizes.


1. Who is the actor that plays Jake from State Farm?

The actor that portrays Jake from State Farm is Kevin Miles. He has become widely recognized for his role in the iconic State Farm commercials.

2. What is Jake from State Farm’s real name?

Jake from State Farm’s real name is not disclosed by the actor. He prefers to be addressed as Jake, the character he plays in the commercials.

3. How long has Jake from State Farm been appearing in commercials?

Jake from State Farm has been appearing in State Farm commercials since 2020. He took over the role from the original Jake, who was played by actor Jake Stone.

4. Did Kevin Miles audition for the role of Jake from State Farm?

Yes, Kevin Miles auditioned for the role of Jake from State Farm. He went through the standard audition process and was ultimately chosen for the role due to his portrayal of the character.

5. Why did State Farm choose Kevin Miles as the new Jake?

State Farm chose Kevin Miles as the new Jake because of his remarkable ability to capture the essence of the character. His portrayal of the friendly and helpful persona resonated with the company’s vision for Jake from State Farm.

6. Has Kevin Miles appeared in other TV shows or movies?

No, as of now, Kevin Miles is primarily known for his role as Jake from State Farm. He has not appeared in any significant TV shows or movies apart from the State Farm commercials.

7. Is Jake from State Farm a real insurance agent?

No, Jake from State Farm is not a real insurance agent. He is a fictional character created for State Farm’s advertising campaign to represent their brand and services.

8. How has Jake from State Farm’s popularity impacted the State Farm brand?

Jake from State Farm’s popularity has positively impacted the State Farm brand by increasing their visibility and recognition. His character has become synonymous with helpfulness and friendliness, which aligns with State Farm’s values.

9. Is Kevin Miles married?

Information about Kevin Miles’ personal life, including his marital status, is not publicly disclosed. He prefers to maintain privacy about his personal affairs.

10. Will Kevin Miles continue to portray Jake from State Farm in the future?

As of now, there is no official information regarding Kevin Miles’ future as Jake from State Farm. However, it is likely that he will continue to portray the character as long as the State Farm commercials featuring Jake are in production.