What is 'How It Ends' About? Exploring the Apocalyptic Thriller and Its Plot

What is ‘How It Ends’ About? Exploring the Apocalyptic Thriller and Its Plot

What is ‘How It Ends’ About? Exploring the Apocalyptic Thriller and Its Plot


‘How It Ends’ is an apocalyptic thriller movie that was released on Netflix in 2018. Directed by David M. Rosenthal and starring Theo James and Forest Whitaker, the film takes viewers on a gripping journey through a post-apocalyptic world. In this article, we will delve into the plot of ‘How It Ends’ and explore the key themes and elements that make it a thrilling watch.

The Plot

The movie revolves around a mysterious environmental catastrophe that plunges the world into chaos. The story follows Will (played by Theo James), a young lawyer who is determined to reach his pregnant girlfriend, Samantha (played by Kat Graham), who lives in Seattle. With the help of his estranged father-in-law, Tom (played by Forest Whitaker), Will embarks on a treacherous journey across the country to rescue Samantha.

A Road Trip Amidst Disaster

As Will and Tom hit the road, they encounter various challenges and dangers that test their survival skills and resolve. From looters to lawlessness, they must navigate through a crumbling society to reunite with Samantha. The journey becomes a race against time as rumors circulate about an impending apocalyptic event that could wipe out humanity.

A Tale of Redemption

While the movie primarily focuses on the mission to find Samantha, it also delves into the complex relationship between Will and Tom. The two men have a history of strained interactions, and this journey becomes an opportunity for them to confront their past and find redemption. Through their shared experiences and the adversity they face together, they begin to rebuild their trust and bridge the gap that separates them.

An Exploration of Human Nature

‘How It Ends’ raises interesting questions about the nature of humanity in times of crisis. As society collapses and chaos ensues, the characters are pushed to their limits and must grapple with their own moral compass. The movie delves into the lengths people are willing to go to survive and the ethical dilemmas they face along the way. It forces viewers to confront their own beliefs about human nature and the choices they would make in a similar situation.

The End: A Twist or Ambiguity?

The conclusion of ‘How It Ends’ has divided audiences, with some finding it satisfying and others craving more closure. Without revealing any spoilers, it is safe to say that the ending leaves room for interpretation and discussion. It allows viewers to ponder the complexities of the human experience and reflect on the choices made by the characters throughout the film.


‘How It Ends’ is a gripping apocalyptic thriller that takes viewers on a suspenseful journey through a world on the brink of collapse. With its compelling plot, exploration of human nature, and thought-provoking ending, the movie offers a unique experience for fans of the genre. Whether you enjoy thrilling road trip adventures, moral dilemmas, or stories of redemption, ‘How It Ends’ provides a captivating experience from start to finish. So, grab some popcorn, sit back, and get ready to be immersed in this thrilling tale of survival and hope.


1. What is “How It Ends” about?

“How It Ends” is an apocalyptic thriller film that follows a man named Will as he tries to reach his pregnant fiancée during a mysterious and catastrophic event.

2. Who are the main characters in “How It Ends”?

The main characters in “How It Ends” are Will, played by Theo James, and Samantha, played by Kat Graham. Other notable characters include Tom, Ricki, and Jeremiah.

3. What is the mysterious event that occurs in the film?

The film does not explicitly reveal the exact nature of the mysterious event. It is left open to interpretation, but it is referred to as a catastrophic event that triggers chaos and destruction.

4. What is the objective of Will in the movie?

Will’s main objective in the movie is to traverse a dangerous and chaotic landscape to reunite with his fiancée, Samantha, who is stranded in Seattle. He is determined to protect her and their unborn child.

5. How does the film portray the apocalypse?

The film portrays the apocalypse as a devastating and lawless situation where societal norms break down. It showcases looting, violence, and desperation as individuals and communities struggle to survive.

6. Are there any supernatural elements in “How It Ends”?

No, “How It Ends” does not incorporate supernatural elements. The focus of the film is primarily on the relationships and survival instincts of the characters amidst the apocalyptic backdrop.

7. Is the film more focused on action or drama?

The film strikes a balance between action and drama. While it features thrilling action sequences, it also delves into the emotional journey of the characters and the strained relationships they encounter along the way.

8. What makes “How It Ends” different from other apocalyptic thrillers?

Unlike some apocalyptic thrillers that provide clear explanations for the cataclysmic events, “How It Ends” deliberately leaves the cause of the apocalypse ambiguous. It places more emphasis on the personal journey of the characters rather than exploring the wider world.

9. Does “How It Ends” have a conclusive ending?

The ending of “How It Ends” has been a subject of debate among viewers. While it does provide some resolution, it also leaves certain aspects open to interpretation, allowing for speculation and discussion.

10. What are some notable themes explored in “How It Ends”?

Some notable themes explored in “How It Ends” include the lengths people will go to protect their loved ones, the breakdown of societal order in times of crisis, and the resilience of human relationships in the face of adversity.