What If Episodes List: Exploring Marvel's Alternate Realities on the Big Screen

What If Episodes List: Exploring Marvel’s Alternate Realities on the Big Screen

Marvel’s “What If” Episodes List: Exploring Alternate Realities on the Big Screen

Marvel Studios has taken the world by storm with its vast superhero universe, captivating audiences with thrilling storylines and beloved characters. In addition to the highly anticipated films and TV series, Marvel has introduced a new concept called “What If,” showcasing alternative realities and exploring the infinite possibilities within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

1. What are “What If” Episodes?

The “What If” episodes are animated spin-offs that offer fans a fresh perspective by asking the question: “What if certain events in the MCU had unfolded differently?” Each episode presents a standalone story set in an alternate reality, exploring how the choices made by the characters could have led to drastically different outcomes.

2. Exploring Iconic Moments

These episodes allow viewers to revisit iconic moments from the MCU and witness them unfold in unexpected ways. From exploring what would happen if Peggy Carter became Captain America to envisioning Spider-Man as a zombie hunter, the “What If” series offers a unique and exciting take on familiar stories.

3. A Star-Studded Cast

Marvel Studios has managed to assemble an impressive cast of actors, many of whom reprise their roles from the live-action films. This star-studded lineup includes the likes of Hayley Atwell, Sebastian Stan, Chadwick Boseman, and Tom Hiddleston, bringing authenticity and familiarity to the animated series.

4. The Multiverse Unleashed

The concept of the multiverse plays a significant role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the “What If” episodes take full advantage of this narrative device. Each episode explores different branches of the multiverse, showcasing diverse and intriguing versions of beloved characters.

5. Endless Possibilities

With the “What If” series, Marvel has the freedom to delve into unconventional storylines and experiment with characters in ways that wouldn’t be possible in the live-action films. This opens up a world of endless possibilities, allowing fans to see their favorite superheroes in entirely new light.

6. Building Excitement for the Future

The “What If” episodes not only provide entertaining standalone stories but also tease potential future developments within the MCU. Marvel fans can speculate on how certain events and decisions showcased in the animated series may influence the upcoming films and TV shows.

7. A New Dimension to Marvel Storytelling

By introducing the “What If” concept, Marvel Studios has expanded the boundaries of storytelling within the superhero genre. The animated series offers a fresh and imaginative take on established characters and storylines, keeping audiences engaged and excited for what’s to come.

In summary, Marvel’s “What If” episodes offer fans an exciting journey through alternate realities within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With iconic moments, a star-studded cast, and endless storytelling possibilities, these animated spin-offs provide a captivating and unique viewing experience. They not only entertain but also pique our curiosity about the future of the MCU. Marvel Studios continues to push the boundaries of superhero storytelling, ensuring that fans are always left wanting more.


1. What is the “What If” series in the Marvel Universe?

The “What If” series in the Marvel Universe explores alternate realities and presents alternative versions of key events and storylines.

2. Are the “What If” episodes considered canon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

No, the “What If” episodes are not considered canon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but they offer intriguing and entertaining glimpses into what could have been.

3. How do the “What If” episodes affect the overall Marvel storyline?

The “What If” episodes don’t directly affect the overall Marvel storyline, but they allow fans to explore different possibilities and showcase the vast potential of the Marvel multiverse.

4. Can viewers expect to see familiar characters in the “What If” episodes?

Yes, viewers can expect to see familiar characters from the Marvel Universe in the “What If” episodes, but in unique and sometimes unexpected roles or situations.

5. Are the “What If” episodes interconnected or standalone stories?

The “What If” episodes are standalone stories that focus on different alternative scenarios and realities, allowing viewers to experience self-contained narratives within each episode.

6. Will the original actors voice the characters in the “What If” episodes?

Yes, many of the original actors from the Marvel films lend their voices to the characters they portrayed in the “What If” episodes, providing an added sense of authenticity and familiarity.

7. Do the “What If” episodes reference events from the Marvel films?

Yes, the “What If” episodes often reference key events and storylines from the Marvel films, offering fans a chance to revisit and reinterpret pivotal moments from a different perspective.

8. How many episodes are included in the “What If” series?

The “What If” series consists of a total of nine episodes, each exploring a different alternate reality and highlighting unique “What If” scenarios.

9. Can viewers watch the “What If” episodes in any order?

While each “What If” episode is a standalone story, watching them in chronological order can enhance the overall viewing experience and provide a better understanding of the underlying themes and connections between different realities.

10. Will the “What If” episodes have any impact on future Marvel films or series?

While the direct impact of the “What If” episodes on future Marvel films or series is unclear, the exploration of alternate realities and the introduction of new concepts and variations could inspire future storylines and character developments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.