What Has Emilie de Ravin Been in? Exploring the Filmography of a Talented Actress

What Has Emilie de Ravin Been in? Exploring the Filmography of a Talented Actress

What Has Emilie de Ravin Been in? Exploring the Filmography of a Talented Actress

Emilie de Ravin is a versatile and talented actress known for her memorable performances in film and television. With a career spanning over two decades, de Ravin has showcased her acting prowess in a wide range of genres, captivating audiences with her ability to bring depth and emotion to her characters. In this article, we will explore the filmography of this exceptional actress, highlighting some of her most notable works.

1. Beginnings in Australian Television

Before gaining international recognition, Emilie de Ravin started her acting journey in Australian television. She made her debut in the popular Australian series “BeastMaster” in 2000, where she played the recurring role of The Sorceress. This role served as a stepping stone for de Ravin, paving the way for her future success in the entertainment industry.

2. Breakthrough Role in “Lost”

It was in 2004 that de Ravin achieved widespread fame and acclaim for her role as Claire Littleton in the hit television series “Lost.” Her portrayal of a young pregnant woman stranded on a mysterious island captivated audiences worldwide. De Ravin’s performance in “Lost” showcased her ability to convey vulnerability, strength, and compassion, earning her a dedicated fan base and critical recognition.

3. Transition to Film

Following her success in “Lost,” de Ravin ventured into the world of film, taking on a variety of challenging roles. In 2009, she starred alongside Robert Pattinson in the romantic drama “Remember Me,” solidifying her presence on the big screen. Her ability to create chemistry with her co-stars and deliver emotionally charged performances cemented de Ravin’s reputation as a talented actress.

4. Return to Television

While continuing to thrive in film, de Ravin also made a successful return to television. In 2012, she joined the cast of the supernatural drama series “Once Upon a Time,” portraying the beloved character Belle. Her portrayal of the intelligent and strong-willed princess-turned-librarian captured the hearts of fans, further establishing de Ravin as a versatile actress capable of bringing beloved characters to life.

5. Other Notable Works

Aside from her prominent roles in “Lost” and “Once Upon a Time,” de Ravin has appeared in various other projects that showcase her range as an actress. She starred alongside Robert Downey Jr. in the crime thriller “The Perfect Game” and delivered a powerful performance in the independent film “The Submarine Kid.” Furthermore, she has made guest appearances in popular television shows such as “Roswell” and “The Mentalist,” leaving a lasting impression with her versatile acting skills.


Emilie de Ravin’s filmography is a testament to her talent as an actress. From her early beginnings in Australian television to her breakthrough role in “Lost” and her subsequent success in both film and television, de Ravin has consistently showcased her versatility, leaving a lasting impact on audiences worldwide. With her ability to portray complex and relatable characters, it is no wonder that de Ravin continues to be highly sought after in the entertainment industry. Whether on the small screen or the big screen, de Ravin’s performances are always captivating and memorable.


1. What is Emilie de Ravin best known for?

Emilie de Ravin is best known for her role as Claire Littleton in the popular television series “Lost”.

2. Which other television series has Emilie de Ravin appeared in?

Emilie de Ravin has also appeared in the television series “Once Upon a Time” as Belle French.

3. Did Emilie de Ravin make any appearances in movies?

Yes, Emilie de Ravin has appeared in several movies including “Brick”, “Remember Me”, and “The Hills Have Eyes”.

4. What character did she portray in the movie “Remember Me”?

In the movie “Remember Me”, Emilie de Ravin portrayed the character of Ally Craig, the love interest of the main character.

5. Has Emilie de Ravin received any awards for her performances?

Yes, Emilie de Ravin was nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Actress on Television for her role in “Lost”.

6. What other genres of films has she been a part of?

Apart from drama and thriller films, Emilie de Ravin has also starred in romantic comedies like “Love and Other Troubles”.

7. Has Emilie de Ravin been involved in any television projects other than acting?

Yes, Emilie de Ravin has also directed and produced a few episodes of the television series “Lost”.

8. Did she take a break from acting at any point in her career?

Yes, Emilie de Ravin took a break from acting after the birth of her daughter in 2016.

9. Is she currently working on any upcoming projects?

At the moment, there is no information available about any upcoming projects for Emilie de Ravin.

10. Where is Emilie de Ravin originally from?

Emilie de Ravin is originally from Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia.