What Happens to Their Stuff: Exploring the Fascinating World of Movie Sets in the Wake of 'Instant Dream Home'

What Happens to Their Stuff: Exploring the Fascinating World of Movie Sets in the Wake of ‘Instant Dream Home’

The Fascinating World of Movie Sets: What Happens to Their Stuff?


Movie sets are an essential part of the filmmaking process, creating the perfect backdrop for captivating stories to unfold. But have you ever wondered what happens to all the props, furniture, and other items after the cameras stop rolling? In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of movie sets, specifically focusing on the aftermath of the popular TV show ‘Instant Dream Home’.

1. What is ‘Instant Dream Home’?

‘Instant Dream Home’ is a reality TV show that follows the transformation of dilapidated houses into stunning dream homes in a matter of days. The talented team behind the show works relentlessly to create the perfect living spaces, combining aesthetics and functionality. But once the episode is complete, what happens to all the carefully curated items used to bring the dream homes to life?

2. The Art of Prop Styling

One of the secrets behind the beautiful aesthetics of ‘Instant Dream Home’ lies in the art of prop styling. The team meticulously selects furniture, artwork, and decorative items that enhance the overall design of the house. These props are not just random items; they are carefully chosen to create a cohesive look and feel. After filming, some of these items find a new home on the show, while others go back to their original owners or are returned to rental companies.

3. Recycling and Repurposing

Sustainability is a growing concern in the entertainment industry, and ‘Instant Dream Home’ is no exception. To minimize waste, the production team often chooses sustainable materials and practices. When it comes to the items used on set, recycling and repurposing play a crucial role. Furniture and props that aren’t reused on the show or returned to their owners may be donated to local charities, auctioned for fundraising purposes, or repurposed for future episodes.

4. The Movie Memorabilia Market

Movie sets often feature unique and one-of-a-kind props that hold significant value to collectors and fans. The production team of ‘Instant Dream Home’ understands this, and sometimes they auction off select pieces of furniture or artwork used on the show. This allows fans to own a piece of their favorite TV series while also creating a market for movie memorabilia.

5. The Storage Dilemma

With multiple episodes filmed each season, the storage of furniture and props becomes a logistical challenge. The production team of ‘Instant Dream Home’ often partners with storage companies to securely store the items in between filming. These storage facilities are climate-controlled and ensure the longevity and preservation of the items until they are needed again. Additionally, proper inventory management is crucial to keep track of all the items and prevent loss or damage.


The world of movie sets is not just about creating stunning visuals. It involves careful planning, prop styling, sustainability practices, and thoughtful management of all the items used. ‘Instant Dream Home’ showcases the behind-the-scenes efforts that go into creating dream homes, and what happens to those items once the cameras stop rolling. Whether it’s recycling and repurposing, auctioning off memorabilia, or secure storage, the world of movie sets continues to fascinate and captivate both fans and industry professionals alike.


1. What is the process of building a movie set for a film?

The process of creating a movie set involves designing, constructing, and decorating a set that replicates the desired location for the film. The production team works closely with set designers, art directors, and construction crews to bring the director’s vision to life.

2. How long does it usually take to build a movie set?

The time it takes to construct a movie set varies depending on the scale and complexity of the set. It can take anywhere from several weeks to several months to complete the construction process.

3. What happens to the movie sets after the filming is finished?

After filming is completed, the fate of the movie sets depends on various factors. Some sets may be dismantled and destroyed, while others are stored or repurposed for future productions. Some iconic sets are even preserved and put on display for fans to visit.

4. Are the props and furniture on movie sets real?

The props and furniture used on movie sets can vary. While some items may be real and functional, others are often replicas or props designed specifically for the film. The use of real or replica items depends on the requirements of the script and the production’s budget.

5. How do movie sets contribute to the overall storytelling of a film?

Movie sets play a crucial role in setting the tone, atmosphere, and authenticity of a film. They help transport the audience into the story’s world and provide a visual representation of the characters’ surroundings. Carefully designed sets can enhance the narrative and make the storytelling more immersive.

6. Who is responsible for overseeing the construction of movie sets?

The construction of movie sets is typically overseen by the production designer and art director. They work closely with set designers, construction crews, and other relevant departments to ensure that the sets are built according to the director’s vision and the requirements of the story.

7. Can movie sets be reused for different films?

Yes, movie sets can be reused and repurposed for different films. This practice, known as redressing or reusing sets, can help save time and resources. With some modifications and redecoration, a set can be transformed to suit the needs of a new film, provided the story allows for it.

8. How do movie sets contribute to the local economy?

Movie sets contribute to the local economy by generating employment opportunities and boosting local businesses. The construction of sets requires skilled labor, materials, and services, all of which are sourced locally. Film productions also often bring in crew members and cast who require accommodation, transportation, and other services from the local area.

9. What happens to the set decorations and props after filming?

After filming, the set decorations and props may be kept in storage by the production company for future use. Some items may also be sold or auctioned off, particularly if they hold significant value or are of interest to collectors. Alternatively, certain decorative items may be recycled or donated.

10. Are movie sets always built from scratch?

No, movie sets are not always built from scratch. While some films may require custom-built sets, others may utilize existing locations or modify existing structures to suit their needs. Filmmakers often weigh the benefits of building sets vs. utilizing real locations based on factors such as cost, accessibility, and creative vision.