What Happens to Sweets on the Set of Bones?

What Happens to Sweets on the Set of Bones?

What Happens to Sweets on the Set of Bones?

The Role of Sweets in the TV Show “Bones”

In the hit television show “Bones,” the character Dr. Lance Sweets, played by actor John Francis Daley, provides psychological insight into the behaviors and motives of criminals. Sweets, a young FBI agent turned psychologist, assists the team of forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan and FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth in solving complex murder cases. While Sweets’ expertise in psychology is essential for solving crimes, his love for sweets is also quite evident on the set of “Bones.”

Sweets, the Sweet Tooth of “Bones”

One of the defining characteristics of Sweets’ character is his insatiable sweet tooth. This sweet tooth is often highlighted through various scenes in the show, where Sweets can be seen indulging in an assortment of sugary treats. From gummy bears to chocolate bars, Sweets is known for always having candies on hand. But what happens to all those sweets on set?

The Fate of Sweets’ Sweets

Many fans of “Bones” have wondered what happens to all the sweets consumed by Sweets during the filming of each episode. Well, the truth is that most of the sweets we see Sweets devour on screen are not real. The show’s prop department is in charge of supplying Sweets with fake candies that closely resemble the real deal. These imitation sweets are made from materials such as gelatin, sugar substitutes, and food coloring to create a realistic appearance.

Making Sweets’ Sweets

Creating the fake sweets for Sweets involves careful attention to detail. The prop department works closely with the show’s makeup artists to ensure that the fake candies not only look convincing but also taste good. After all, the actors need to be able to eat them on camera without any issues. The team utilizes their creativity and skill to craft visually appealing and tasteful imitations of various candies.

Keeping It Real

While most of the sweets on “Bones” are not real, there are instances when the actors do get to enjoy the real thing. Occasionally, the prop department will provide the actors with genuine candies during certain scenes. However, these real sweets are primarily used for close-up shots or scenes where the actors need to chew or swallow the candies.

A Sweet Treat for the Cast and Crew

After filming a scene involving sweets, it is not uncommon for the cast and crew to enjoy the real candies provided by the prop department. This serves as a little reward for their hard work and dedication to creating an engaging and captivating television show.

In Conclusion

While Dr. Lance Sweets may have an insatiable sweet tooth on the set of “Bones,” most of the candies he consumes are not real. The prop department is responsible for creating realistic replicas of various sweets using ingredients that mimic their appearance and taste. However, the occasional use of real candies adds an extra layer of authenticity to the show. So, the next time you watch an episode of “Bones” and see Sweets enjoying his favorite treats, remember that they may not be as sweet as they appear.


1. What are the sweets used for on the set of Bones?

The sweets are used as props on the set of Bones to create realistic scenes involving crime scenes or forensic investigations.

2. Where do the sweets come from?

The sweets are usually provided by prop masters or set decorators, who source them from local stores or specialized prop suppliers.

3. Are the sweets real or fake?

The sweets used on the set of Bones are typically fake, made from materials like wax or silicone, to ensure they remain consistent throughout filming and under hot studio lights.

4. Why are fake sweets used instead of real ones?

Using fake sweets allows for continuity in the scenes, as real sweets would melt or change appearance over time. Additionally, fake sweets prevent actors from consuming excessive sugar during long shooting hours.

5. Do the actors actually eat the sweets during filming?

No, the actors do not usually eat the sweets during filming, as they are specifically made for visual purposes and may not be safe for consumption.

6. How are the sweets made to look so realistic?

Prop masters and set decorators utilize various techniques to make the fake sweets appear realistic, including intricate painting, molding, and texture details replicating real candies.

7. How do they ensure the fake sweets look appetizing on camera?

The fake sweets are often coated with a glossy finish or sprayed with a food-safe adhesive to give them a fresh and appetizing appearance on camera.

8. Are there any challenges in working with sweets on the set?

One of the main challenges is ensuring the sweets do not melt or deform under the hot studio lights. Additionally, they need to be placed and handled carefully to prevent any breakage during filming.

9. Are there any specific safety precautions taken with the sweets?

Although the fake sweets are not consumable, they are treated as potential allergens on set. Actors and crew members with allergies are informed about the presence of sweets on set to prevent any health risks.

10. What happens to the sweets after filming?

After filming, the fake sweets are usually discarded as they may have been handled multiple times or no longer meet the required standards for future use.